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  1. LO made a new rule, call out a griefer or hacker publicly and it's an offense. I heard a GM claim it also counts for in-game chat and Youtube uploads
  2. I didn't read your first one thoroughly. Okay well my griefer was crashing into my car before mission, during mission, and even crashed into the car for the mission to prevent me from finishing it, then went on to blow my cars up with his car, and I ended up losing the mission. You think they're going to find that acceptable, and then ban me from APB for name and shame if I put it up on YouTube? Kinda sounds like they're letting the game get ruined, in which case why even buy it? Won't they ban me for name-and-shame?
  3. I was on a mission and he was not, that counts? Also, submitting to Youtube will be labeled "name and shame" and then I'll be the one in trouble, right?
  4. When the video is compressed that low, you cant even see the names of the players in the video. I want to create a download link so they can get a decent quality video, but the problem is that they haven't even responded to any past reports and I have no idea if they are even reading them, so the link will probably expire. I feel like re-submitting a new link every 7 days just because the harassment from these players has become overwhelming, but I'd REALLY like to know if LO or G1st are even paying attention to these griefer reports.
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