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  1. Depends? shredder? how about do eater? ogre? Yukon? ehem pay to? and the f8ing worst CONDOR
  2. srsly what the heck with the random freeze ? im teleporting like some dope hacker already been /w hackz cheeathzz stuuped hackor niib ps... turning option to disable multhi threading helps lower stuttering a little bit.
  3. Nah i don't see any contribution except tears and trash from you.
  4. You what mate? yours specs?!? CPU: Xeon X5690 4.75GHz; RAM: 24GB DDR3-1900 9-9-9-24; GPU: GTX 1080 Brah my Fx 8350 and R9 290 on ultra gives me betven 92 and 140 fps. -.- The only problem this games has is F@$!@$ screen freezing over some time
  5. I think the marktplace restriction is still needed for some situations. About the taxes I share the same opinion: Now without taxes there will be a huge amount of new money each day. except you can't trade offline, duh.
  6. Im worried if they touch my ogre in a bad way i really enjoyed my ogre the way it was before you don’t think they are going to downgrade it right? I hope they are, in my opinion all shoguns over range more than 15 meters should be uselles. This graph shows you maximum damage in maximum range of theyre perpective. More range more uselles gun is. kinda simple. ps. meaning that closer range than shown is 2 shot to kill.
  7. hurr durr maybe because of detoration of " Meteres " Per damage.
  8. crappy physx what lags. i wish we had the ability to disable it.
  9. Are yours cars for invalids? Okay let's add Opel astra then.
  10. I really don't think that adding more ranks to a small pop game will make it more balanced. Removing ranking system would benefit more.
  11. No look at Aukcion named (removed name) fake name she makes tons of weapons with numbers like 111111111 or 777777777 22222222 etc
  12. We need traffic lights fix because, i don't want to wait on red lights all the game.
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