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  1. Wow i try to quete you 2 times and all 2 times it didnot wrote. I was writing that Yes we can "Citadel" i don't care about Na Stop making excuses.
  2. i don't see the issue that silvers need to play in silver and can join gold,Gold can play gold and silver districts. The only issue that you need to play as gold with only silvers is you're so called issue? Silvers if are actual silvers will be silvers even afters 20 win streak in bronze and not will be kicked. Gold players obviously have higher skill cap and should be forces to play with theyre own skill capped people. That's why people in Dota who are 4k doesn't play with 2k and cs go who are DMG or above doesn't play with silvers. come on.
  3. I said only from bronze server if you are gold, Are you really that dense? Do you join bronze when Gold? No! Why should you be abble to play when you're silver and after 1,2 games already gold doesn't makes sense. Its Abused dethreating ! Okay for you so polite fgts when you become GOLD in bronze district you get nottification write something like this. Hello dear "[dethreating abbuser]" awesome not dethreting person human being no gender offence to any minorities, you have now become a GOLD threat in bronze district please choose yours treat level district Press OK to dissconect or choose new district have a fnk nice day.
  4. So you try to implement that people here are sane? -.- Look how they post same things over like 7 years... it's definetly mental issue
  5. its not an excuse im not a gold if i get carried why should i or others be punished? Because that's how life work ! you play with yours own skill capped people, silvers. Why punish newbies who don't know even how to use granades. To play vs players who haves 1000hours already ingame. you go 10 to zero and then they quit game and say shit like pw2 trash gold etc.
  6. We already have a lot of suggestions like that. But there must be a reason why it was not changed yet. With Unreal 3.5 we will get a new matchmaking, which maybe fix that problems. Maybe it's not worth the time to change the current system. So let's have a bit more patience. I mean even with new U 3.5 it would only benefit system like this. Theres really no downside to this suggestion. except if you're dethreating.
  7. I suggest when Gold players who dethreat to silver and then joined bronze server and after few games turned Gold again. Would be automatically kiced out off the district as soon he finishes mission and Becomes gold Threat. Simple and pain in the patootie for Dethreaters.
  8. only sollution is if you turn gold being in bronze server you got kicked out of that district. simple
  9. R2- harbinger does 25 damage why? make it doo 30 or atleast sumething its magnum cmon. - No hickupps spikes aka freeze - Balance Ntec - 3.5 unreal - Ban forum trolls. - ingame poll - world peace.
  10. Lol. Here comes more complaining about obvious things again that doesn't help anyone. And here comes useless data from steam again. They post this kind of crap to bump up theyre ego and forum post "counter" so sad. so bad. git gut.
  11. What? Ntec is clearly OP not even need to be good at this game or bad.
  12. Trust me even if they do people will still say, no the older was better because theyre people.
  13. Sorry friend, i have my own rules No to. A: stray dogs or cats. B: Befriend fail trolls.
  14. Diffirent people have diffirent preferences and play styles. Some people need to l2p and they use wepons like Yukon,nano,Condor. etc. And they suck so much that they making this kind of cult i have this or that. Think about it like apple products.
  15. Atleast we have proper education and less heart diseases. lel On a serious note didn't you learn sarcasm in Harvard? i'm suggesting you
  16. I just hope you thanked your mom for buying it for you. And my car and my dog and she even got me a wife. Thanks cap.
  17. You are just Old go back to yours 1930's It's innovation century, flat screens,LED, etc Let young people enjoy theyre privilegies.
  18. NO it's not. Its riddicious that people ask Developers of games that they should lower graphic or whatever so the people could play with shitty pc's Why? why should i enjoy downgrading so peasants could play it 30fps in they're crapconsoles. Look at how they ruined Warthunder with Old pc setings what didnt render gras tress ETC and people used this to theyre advantages! nonononon.
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