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  1. sheet u all right, thanx caps, tell me now how to close the thread?
  2. Nice u making discounts few days after releasing those valentine guns that i bought full price when i could get like 2 of them. I want my g1c difference back, thanx.
  3. why would u spend so much time on balancing shotguns when u can: -use preLO shotguns stats -balance pmg -balance cars? (make some others be more competitive against vegas) -actually take a part or help somehow to prevent griefers atleast in evenst and tournaments/arranged games (yes yes) that that smol commutity tries to make. If u cannot arrange some really interesting events for players, where everyone could take a part instead of just running after some GM on cheats through the whole map.
  4. Man just bring back old shotguns like they were before LO with old hitreg
  5. Better bring back the old shotguns like it was before LO and dont touch it again. Please.
  6. ok, thanx anyway, me dont know either
  7. no i guess not disposal, if they are different. disposal and bombing. If on disposal last who armed/defused won, then on bombing it has to have time for each side to defend. That mis was bombing, we had 6 mins, they their 3.
  8. Got fixed when Well we were playing on 3rd of september. Cannot say that mission name, not Hidden menace for sure, with different defending time, 3*3.
  9. FriendlyFires

    Bomb missions

    Hellow. Fix the bomb-ending missions already. On the final stage, only criminal side is able to arm bomb, enforcer side cannot defuse when its neutral and when its armed. Ez lose, evn tho enfos have more time to defend for some reasons on some missons (6mins against 3 for criminals).
  10. I meant broadcasting ingame. Nobody said about another ffbans. I didn say about name and shame. I mean we should see that EAC is actually blocking someone. Because for example some time after BE there were much less cheaters. Last days werent good for it but still. After EAC it feels like no anticheat at all. Even those cheap cheats silvers showing their heads now. Comon, people are even streaming with that. Not afraid at all. Ofcourse u wont face cheaters sitting here on forum or playing on bronze lol (or maybe will). Is there professional apb player gm? Lex play FC! I guess our anticheat needs some help.
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