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  1. Are we getting a search bar in our in-game emails soon?
  2. Listen! This isn't a suggestion. This is just a poll. If you are a programmer, game designer, someone who has insight in game development please weigh in and give your professional opinion on which of these options are better. As a casual or competitive player, please weigh in on what you'd like to see and rather wait or have the patience for ... Completely wipe all of APB:R and rebuild (specifically) APB:R? or Continue on our current path for hoping Little Orbits careful restoration of our favorite game. Regardless, I am sure all wanna keep the art style/San Paro plot that we have now, right? Let's be civil about this, chaps. What would you like to see? Heck, maybe LO might be miraculously doing this behind the scenes, keeping us only occupied with careful additions/changes to the current game. Or maybe, since LO is just a LLC, this has been a 4-5 year plot by tiggs. Giving new hope to just continue the struggle. PHRESH
  3. I will keep using this image for every statement ever made on these forums.
  4. APB is immortal. It sits on the golden throne, maybe unable to progress, but also unable to fully die. We will play this game even past 2020, because you will play this game past 2020. You will always spend your blood to grease the gears of APB.
  5. Oh no, I've actually based my life on them. I went into the woods, cut down a tree and made a bible-grade book out of it. Then on each page drew with feather and ink all the bars of the weapon stats. For days I sat in a concrete room, surrounded by candles and wine, looking and studying trying to understand the bars. The bars had become my prison. They entrapped my mind, and I became warped. Everything, every object in IRL became a series of bars. I had become weaved with the weapon stats. Slowly, I fell into darkness never to return. Yes, this post is essentially useless, but let my death be a motivating factor and a remembrance that the bars/stats need to be accurately portrayed on the weapon description.
  6. The player base could be having more fun doing IRL law work or criminal activities. Also the real life game mechanics are fluid.
  7. Hello. This is Tinger, the Vehicular Mobile Radar production company. We are now issuing a recall on all mobile radars. Please contact our local stores and dealerships for refunds or repurchasing opportunities. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.
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