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  1. I know I've started a couple of threads in the past that have been quite crticial of LO, but credit where credit's due, -January 2019 was the first month since June 2018 where the game's playerbase grew by any significant amount, it had dropped off quite significantly after that time and then just flatlined for quite a while, this is according to Steam Charts (which may not be totally accurate but it's good enough) . Anyhow I thought this was worth a mention, with any luck it's more than just some kind of seasonal annomaly.
  2. 1 v 1's and 2 v 2's are the worst, I've been having too many of both just recently. A better matchmaking system can't come soon enough.
  3. I have no idea what I just read, Can a human being really be this stupid or are they just trolling ? .... a sad day for all humanity, we're reaching the bottom of the barrel folks.
  4. TheDogCatcher

    LO is doing a great job.

    say what you want but this game is dead as shit now - there's not even one full district on citadel when there used to be several even when G1 was at their lowest.
  5. TheDogCatcher

    LO is doing a great job.

    Honestly by this point I think they are totally clueless, this game will be dead within the year.
  6. TheDogCatcher

    Pet peeves of APB.

    This is why we have remote detonators.
  7. TheDogCatcher

    The end of 2018 is near

    Considering that the APB population is now at it's lowest point ever ( even worse than the last days of G1 ), if they rush the engine update out to please the fans and it turns out to be full of bugs ( which is a very real possibility ) it could very well be the last nail in the coffin for this game. That's why I'm playing as much as possible at the moment because I can't see the game lasting much longer if this downward trend continues.
  8. I have to agree that the prices on the ARMAS store are extortionate, especially given the current low population of the game - there's no guarantee that APB will even still be around in another year, I for one would not feel confident in making a purchase for that kind of money given the current state of the game. I have spent quite a lot on APB in the past but even then only during sales, the population was much healthier back then so I felt more confident knowing I'd get my money's worth from my purchases.
  9. TheDogCatcher

    SBSR coroner and IRS

    The IRS doesn't seem to be listed in the store under snipers, am I missing something ? The only place I see it is as part of the death and taxes bundle. The SBSR however is listed under semi auto rifles. If I recall correctly it was like this under the old ARMAS aswell. Is this and oversight ? is it possible buy and IRS without buying the bundle ? if so how ?
  10. TheDogCatcher

    Nice WORK Support

    I don't doubt it, but this doesn't in any way negate what I said. There's always going to be hackusations but now a higher proportion of them are likely to be valid or at the very least those making the claims are more likely to be paranoid, it's a matter of perception, if you unban thousands of cheaters legit players are going to be more suspicious.
  11. TheDogCatcher

    Nice WORK Support

    maybe just maybe if they hadn't unbanned all the cheaters support wouldn't now be swamped with loads of complaints about people cheating .... just a thought.
  12. Totally agree, It's like they can't accept that their bad idea was bad and so they give in partially but they still can't let go completely. Honestly if I was in charge of LO I'd be giving the balance guy his marching orders, this person obviously has no idea what they are doing . The big problem with messing with mods is that they can have so many potentially unexpected consequences due to the wide variety of weapons they can be used on, so without an intimate knowledge of all weapons in the game it becomes really easy to screw things up, this should be bleedin obvious to anyone doing this kind of work.
  13. TheDogCatcher

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    I don't think balance is perfect , there are still a few useless weapons (mostly legendaries), but it is in a reasonably good state - proably the best it's been since I started playing (assuming they are going to revert the IR3 changes). There are definately other aspects of the game that are in far more need of attention.
  14. TheDogCatcher

    voice actors

    It's obviously beans, have you never seen Blazing Saddles ?
  15. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    yep I'm just waiting for the howling mob with their pitchforks to come out and downvote me.