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  1. I realise it's almost impossible to get a fair match with so few players, I'd just settle for something other than 2v2's or even 1v1's, it's so boring.
  2. Don't worry about LO folks they'll do ok, once they've finished killing APB they can go back to making Disney games for 3 yr olds.
  3. Given the utter shit show that has been the release of Riot I dread to think what state the engine upgrade will be in.
  4. Why ? Every player that plays Riot is one less in the already underpopulated mission districts. With any luck Riot will just fade away and LO can concentrate their efforts on the main game.
  5. They can't exactly force it on us, most people will just play missions and fightclub as normal and riot will be left to rot.
  6. It's complete trash, but at least most people are still playing in the mission districts, so hopefully it won't have much impact on the main game .
  7. Splitting the playerbase will kill APB stone dead at this point, there's barely enough players on Citadel to fill a couple of districts at peak times and Citadel has the biggest population. Riot will be a total disaster mark my words. I don't doubt that we need new content but we need proper content not trash like this.
  8. I didn't think I was giving G1 that much credit to be honest. They did resurrect the game after EA dropped it, and they did keep the game alive for several years, these are facts and that's pretty much all I said. I'd like to see LO do better, I really would - I'm just not all that optimistic considering what I've witnessed over the last year or so. I'll keep on playing though until APB is finally dead or I find something better.
  9. Isn't that what everyone here is asking for though ? patch now and fix it later.
  10. say what you want about G1 but they did bring this game back from the dead, and kept it alive for a few more years, I don't have much faith in LO doing the same.
  11. Can't say I'm shocked or even slightly surprised by this news, this is just par for the course by now. I've been saying right from the start that LO have been very unprofessional in their attitude towards this game. I guess when making Disney games for 3 yr olds it's easy to pick up some bad habits as it's not exactly the most discerning audience. Right now I have to say I wish we could have G1 back, they had more than their fair share of faults but at least they could release a patch without screwing it up.
  12. LOL since when were video games played by respectable honorable human beings ? Funniest thing I've heard this year. sometimes you just gotta live in the real world and accept things for what they are, idealism will get you nowhere.
  13. Not to mention fuel for your car, donuts for enforcers and crack for crims, it doesn't bear thinking about really.
  14. sounds to me like someone is just looking at the latest trends and ticking boxes, we'll be getting crafting and survival elements next ..........
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