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  1. TheDogCatcher

    New Downside Suggestion For Improved Rifling

    I don't think balance is perfect , there are still a few useless weapons (mostly legendaries), but it is in a reasonably good state - proably the best it's been since I started playing (assuming they are going to revert the IR3 changes). There are definately other aspects of the game that are in far more need of attention.
  2. TheDogCatcher

    voice actors

    It's obviously beans, have you never seen Blazing Saddles ?
  3. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    yep I'm just waiting for the howling mob with their pitchforks to come out and downvote me.
  4. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    The reason why I don't think returning players will stick around is based on my experience of older games I've played that have been remastered or whatever. It usually goes something like this : there's a load of hype with people getting all excited over updated graphics improved netcode or just the fact that they'll be able to play these games on newer systems. Then the game is released and lots of people are playing but after a couple of weeks they start to drift away again as they realise it's just the same old same old with a shiny new coat of paint, and eventually what you are left with is a few die hards who never left in the first place and a few new players who didn't get to play the game the first time around. I really don't see why APB would be any different in this respect, it's the new blood that will determine if this game lives or dies.
  5. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    I honestly don't see many people who say they are waiting for the Engine Update coming back for long, the fundamental gameplay won't change, they'll probably have a quick look and then move on again. I honestly think LO should concentrate on attracting new players, there is a constant trickle of them even now it's just that they don't stick around because they instantly get jumped on by more experienced players, we could easily have double the population we have now (if not more) if the game was more friendly to noobies.
  6. TheDogCatcher

    Lower 195 mods equip level next patch

    Rerolls would have a field day with this.
  7. TheDogCatcher

    Usefulness of Light Machine Guns

    Reduce recoil on N-SSW / Vas C2 ? ..... lol
  8. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    For me the two biggest issues are dethreaters and cheats with dethreaters being by far the biggest problem right now, it's at epidemic proportions and it's destroying any chance you have of attracting new players, this absolutely must be dealt with.
  9. TheDogCatcher

    Community Discussion Topics

    If this were in any way true why do games developers employ testers most of whom have never written a line of code in their life ? If you have to attack the people making the comments rather than adressing the points they make you've already lost the debate. Players can identify problems with games they have an intimate knowledge of even if their proposed solutions don't make much sense from a programming perspective.
  10. TheDogCatcher

    fix your anti cheat?

    I don't believe a single person has been banned, if they had there would be the usual I wasn't cheating 'honest' threads popping up all over the place and there isn't therefore there have been no bans.
  11. Honestly I'm split on this, they have done some undoubtedly good things such as the trading system and Battleye, but their balance changes have been a real mixed bag some things have been good but others have been disasterous, then they've done stuff like the unbans which in my opinion was a terrible idea. I am however hopeful that moving forward things will improve provided they learn from their mistakes, for now I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt but only time will tell.
  12. TheDogCatcher

    Seriously LO you need to up your game.

    So in other words short term gain for long term pain, doesn't sound like a very good strategy really.
  13. TheDogCatcher

    This fourm is a mess

    Constructive criticism from concerned players is one of the most vital tools a developer has at it's disposal when it comes to making improvements to a game. A developer who doesn't listen to the concerns of it's players doesn't last very long. Not all criticisms are valid but it's still better to be able to discuss things freely and openly, look at the changes made to shotguns, they were bad, people were leaving the game , we complained, LO listened and things were fixed.
  14. TheDogCatcher


    Cross district matchmaking sounds like a terrible idea, with the load times this game has you'd spend more time loading districts than playing in them, so unless UE 3.5 improves this aspect dramatically I think it would drive more players away than poor the matchmaking.
  15. TheDogCatcher

    To do or not to do (MIDTOWN)

    that depth of field looks horrific.