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  1. I really appreciate the opportunity to spend all those worthless joker tokens that I've accumulated over the years, however I do wonder how this is going to affect ARMAS sales. also not sure if allowing players to purchase a permanent OSMAW is really a good thing, you can't even get one of those with real money.
  2. If you are ramraiding and have over 30k in your pocket you are doing it wrong. When I was ramraiding intensively I could pull in about 1.5 mil a day with premium but I would never have a big stash.
  3. Only problem with that is that the game is failing even harder since they took over, every time they introduce wide ranging changes to the game even more people leave.
  4. That sounds awful, how would N5/P5 work ? Are they trying to turn this game into some sort of damned safe space ? APB's greatest draw for me is all the random chaos you can encounter in the space of a mission, there's no other game like it. I really hate the direction LO are taking this game in, not one of their ideas has made me think "wow this is awesome", it's almost like after over a year at the helm they still don't understand what makes this game tick.
  5. Car bomb is an essential mod for bronze district, how else can I blow up scrubs who decide to go for a joyride in my vegas 4x4 instead of playing the mission.
  6. I must admit I think this looking quite nice, I'm digging the updated textures and meshes and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when the shaders and lighting have been tweaked.
  7. Rank means nothing other than the fact that you've been playing for a long time it doesn't automatically mean you're skilled at the game. I'm a 255 but I went bronze the other day and no I wasn't dethreating.
  8. Not sure if you're just trolling (although I stongly suspect you are) but this is an utterly ridiculous arguement. Nobody stays green for more than a couple of missions, I once made a character just to test this, I didn't get a single kill yet after just a handful of missions I was silver. Golds in bronze are just cancer pure and simple and it's killing this game. Anyway we all know that golds hate being teamed with lower skilled players because they are such a bunch of tryhards.
  9. What version of Win10 do you have ? From what I've read you only get control over what updeates to install and when if you have the enterprise edition.
  10. From what I've been reading the spyware reinstalls itself everytime there's an update.... et2a : Even if you can rid yourself of the pesky spyware it still doesn't address the issue of future monetisation. At this point I no longer trust M$ or indeed any major corporation in the tech industry.
  11. Do you realise how many limericks you've just destroyed. roses are red and violets are purple, btw where's the facepalm emoji when you need it...............
  12. google translate is poor at best, but what other option do we have ?
  13. except you never can get rid of all the garbage, Win 10 is spyware pure and simple. The fact that M$ are teating Win 10 as a service rather than an OS is more than enough to give me cause for concern. I strongly suspect they'll bring in yearly subscription fees before long, they aren't planning on releasing another version of Windows after Win 10 and they'll have to monetise it somehow. Once using Win 7 is no longer a viable option I'll be switching to Linux.
  14. Sadly finding out that Cyberpunk would be Win 10 only pretty much killed it for me.
  15. Well I doubt it's just you. However I remember hearing that APB was a cheat infested sewer long before I even started to play, years before FFbans was a thing, so to me at least seeing all those bans made me feel like G1 were at the bare minimum trying to address the issue.
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