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  1. Wow, das klingt ja wirklich nach einer netten Community.
  2. I don't want to say that your opinion is bullshoot, but I do not agree with it.
  3. Obviously you did not understand me. Instead you feel attacked and confirm what I wrote yesterday. So I refrain from further discussion and wish you a nice day.
  4. "Fart in a jar" would be great. So crims could stun nasty enforcers.
  5. This is what I mean. You act so omniscient and you don't even realize how it makes you look like a fool.
  6. 3D glasses are so ugly. I would give them away for free.
  7. Viel Erfolg. Gibt es bei euch denn auch HartzIV?
  8. A few weeks ago I got 18 downvotes because I wrote that I miss tiggs and everything was better before. So what? I think you're just not able to take criticism and feel attacked very quickly. Your biggest mistake is that you show this weakness as well. If I were you I would avoid this forum.
  9. This change will certainly help to save this almost dead game.
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