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  1. I think anyone that has played this game for any long amount of time can immediately tell when match making is unfair. Usually one team will have one gold and two silvers vs. two gold's. The two gold's are the ones able to call for backup. It should be the other way around. This game goes not treat the equvilancy of bronze/silver/gold properly I'll still end up being placed against a group of golds that curbstomps me, it would be nice if the game could recognize this and still allow you to call for backup. It's absolutely not fun to play the game when you're completely out matched and have no chance of winning. Maybe the game could factor in rank as well. A rank 20 is obviously going to be at a disadvantage compared to a 255. Even if the R20 has better aim, a 255 will have a plethora of weapon and character mods that simply make it easier to win. Either way balancing a game with such a low population is a serious challenge, my first start would be detecting how even the gameplay is objective wise, and dynamically deciding whether backup is needed?
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