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  1. lmao even Overwatch with hundreds of thousands of active players can't make matchmaking not shit. Imagine trying to make it good with a whopping max total of 80 people... and its usually way less than that. The issue is the population of the game.
  2. I still think it's a good idea. It's never going to fully stop cheaters, but if it prevents even one cheater from going through the effort of finding a workaround then it's a good idea. Would probably be a super quick idea to implement given there's likely other APIs that handle all that work, but then it'll cost LO money on a game that makes.... negative money?
  3. This game would be long gone without LO. Thank you for keeping this game alive I can complain just like anybody else about the current state of the game, but the reality is I appreciate it's being worked on.
  4. I don't think anyone looking at an abandoned video game that cost over 100 million to produce is going to have an easy time sifting through the code and getting it to work properly. The amount of knotted spaghetti in that codebase, I don't even want to know. I admire LO for at least trying, but I am not optimistic.
  5. Its 100% obvious that the PMG needs a nerf if you try the OCA. They nerfed the OCA, but left the PMG the same. To me that doesn't make sense at all. Now the PMG is much better than the OCA, instead of them being pretty similar. The PMG is a really strong gun thats easy to use, the range on it should be nerfed IMO.
  6. Nice. But nobody going to mention that Asylum is still called Abington towers in the advanced tab even though that map hasn't been used in 7 years... Really not fixing the REAL issues
  7. I think anyone that has played this game for any long amount of time can immediately tell when match making is unfair. Usually one team will have one gold and two silvers vs. two gold's. The two gold's are the ones able to call for backup. It should be the other way around. This game goes not treat the equvilancy of bronze/silver/gold properly I'll still end up being placed against a group of golds that curbstomps me, it would be nice if the game could recognize this and still allow you to call for backup. It's absolutely not fun to play the game when you're completely out matched and have no chance of winning. Maybe the game could factor in rank as well. A rank 20 is obviously going to be at a disadvantage compared to a 255. Even if the R20 has better aim, a 255 will have a plethora of weapon and character mods that simply make it easier to win. Either way balancing a game with such a low population is a serious challenge, my first start would be detecting how even the gameplay is objective wise, and dynamically deciding whether backup is needed?
  8. I used to main the CSG before the shotgun rework, now it feels extremely inconsistant and terrible so I never use it anymore.
  9. Yep, so in any of these situations, if there is a car spawner extremely far away, you will spawn there
  10. It would only work in a way that we get rid of worlds in general, and each district has it's own location (EU / US districts). Then users could switch to the EU servers when the US ones are empty. Would be hell for the devs to do and they got bigger fish to fry right now
  11. If you get teamkilled, the game will autospawn you in a friendly vehicle. This does not take into account how far away the vehicle is, and I've seen multiple times people spawn 1000m away because they got teamkilled and there was a friendly vehicle in that location.
  12. Every time I launch the game through the APB launcher, the launcher will crash saying "1 file download failed Binaries\BattlEye\BEServiceprogram:StatusDownload" This happens on my laptop, my desktop, and my friends desktop. I don't understand how this isn't a larger widespread issue. The only way to play the game (after using the launcher to update) is to launch APBprogram through the binaries folder in the game files. This has been going on since the epidemic update I believe, maybe an update or two before that. Before you ask, I have re-installed and tried to repair the game. I have also reinstalled BattlEye. Nothing seems to fix this issue. This is really bad for those who are new to the game and don't know they can still play by running without the launcher.
  13. Am I the only one that thinks there was no problem with shotguns to begin with, and the change should be reverted?
  14. The remote detonator has no cooldown. The 4x4 Firebomb has a 2 minute cooldown, because car explosives are annoying and easy to use. The remote detonator is way easier to use, and I feel like it would be fair for it to have the same cooldown as the meteor attachment. Any thoughts? Honestly it probably wouldn't change too much, but it can be incredibly annoying in certain missions when all a person does is suicide bomb you each time they respawn.
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    Vehicle Mods

  16. The grenades for the OPGL are the size of a pea, yet they do the most amount of damage of any grenade in the game. I think a fair and reasonable nerf for the OPGL would be allowing players to actually be able to see the grenades easier, every other legendary nade launcher is easy to see and they're not annoying, but it is extremely frustrating to have the most powerful grenade to be almost impossible to see while travelling through the air, and while on the ground. Would like to see other player's thoughts on this.
  17. If you have music playback on foot disabled, it will play on foot if you are in a vehicle that gets blown up.
  18. Would be a great idea, only problem I could think of is griefing
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