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  1. should have an "antiroxx system" gold get fragile mod green and bronze get extra hp (and remove the ability to "abandonmission" (favorite gold trick to stay gold ;D))
  2. you should give some weapon for reward...maybe more ppl would play this event ^^
  3. SK4LP


    start the launcher and after write the file ^^
  4. ^^ maybe in 2 sections someone will react should try in a third one in a few
  5. if the playerbase is the problem one thing which could fix atm, is just to make backup on auto mode until we have a minus of 5vs5 or 6vs6 ... and after let balance work and remove all dis non sens 1vs1 or 2vs2 mission .... i love this 1vs1 15min vip mission ^^
  6. SK4LP


    Game down ? can t connect on gamerfirst -> "APB Services are offline." on will.io/apb/ ---> ppl are plying on login screen ---> code 8 so ?
  7. it just show dev don t play this game... must be blind to not see how much unfair it is
  8. Can u plz Matt, make a video of u playin your own game ! like if u were a newbie starting , and discoverin it maybe in dis way u ll see how broken the game is now, and how removin district in a name of 20 US player and a few forum troll made things badier hello in advance to all troll around here for their constructiv messages maybe u should give or sell the game to a a real video game company ... "little orbit : Putting Players First" ...
  9. as always, you are very constructive ... or? ah but wait, don't you really know what we can do with macros? ... I think you know ... either you use them, or you troll, or ...
  10. I played both ... silver and bronze Personally, I don't care, but I feel a decision taken without consultation, and especially without countermeasures. silver was the festival of macro / double click / mouse wheel hero / soft cheater / and easy team here we are propelled into this world, newbie and veterans for me : - search for an auto teamate as long as there is not at least 5 players in each side (currently, the gold does not take backup to keep the advantage) - extra HP for greens and bronzes - fix the rifles to prevent macro (I don't know how, maybe nerves them the time to find a viable solution) (and don't tell me that macros are detected ...) I know the big plan is the famous "phasing" thing but a little antiroxx would be welcome
  11. Stalker 2 is comin... stalker was out in 2009 (some games with great potential, can't die ( hope so ))
  12. finally stalker 2 is comin, 10 years we were waitin !!,,,,ho wait, not the good forum, sry
  13. I've seen admin in district past month, but was just chillin ^^
  14. hi A concept that could give renewed interest in the new version of the game: Backing the game to a blockchain and a cryptocurrency type #FUN token or other ... It seems that counter strike has embarked on this adventure by allowing players to win #BTC ...
  15. i agree, u can reduce it...and particulary after the 4th or 5th shot for having played counter strike for many years, I saw macro files which made several hundred lines of codes ... bunny hop, unscope.(no ! you can't bunny on apb ).,. but the games are certainly not comparable it's already quite annoying to know that some do macro on rifles ...
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