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  1. as always, you are very constructive ... or? ah but wait, don't you really know what we can do with macros? ... I think you know ... either you use them, or you troll, or ...
  2. I played both ... silver and bronze Personally, I don't care, but I feel a decision taken without consultation, and especially without countermeasures. silver was the festival of macro / double click / mouse wheel hero / soft cheater / and easy team here we are propelled into this world, newbie and veterans for me : - search for an auto teamate as long as there is not at least 5 players in each side (currently, the gold does not take backup to keep the advantage) - extra HP for greens and bronzes - fix the rifles to prevent macro (I don't know how, maybe nerves them the time to find a viable solution) (and don't tell me that macros are detected ...) I know the big plan is the famous "phasing" thing but a little antiroxx would be welcome
  3. Stalker 2 is comin... stalker was out in 2009 (some games with great potential, can't die ( hope so ))
  4. finally stalker 2 is comin, 10 years we were waitin !!,,,,ho wait, not the good forum, sry
  5. I've seen admin in district past month, but was just chillin ^^
  6. hi A concept that could give renewed interest in the new version of the game: Backing the game to a blockchain and a cryptocurrency type #FUN token or other ... It seems that counter strike has embarked on this adventure by allowing players to win #BTC ...
  7. i agree, u can reduce it...and particulary after the 4th or 5th shot for having played counter strike for many years, I saw macro files which made several hundred lines of codes ... bunny hop, unscope.(no ! you can't bunny on apb ).,. but the games are certainly not comparable it's already quite annoying to know that some do macro on rifles ...
  8. not only... some use it to have "no recoil"
  9. Nice, hope we will have a real roadmap with some date in a few, and more media plz ... (for those who cry again about DT, read again what "phasing" is about...) https://will.io/apb/ player base don t move much ...
  10. frankly, if tomorrow I saw a minecraft block in the middle of San paro ... it wouldn't shock me...but my RTX don t understand at all how it s still possible and crash evryday... I need to use a windows 95 compatibility to use ingame mailbox and editor, and to change weapon or mod, you have to load an atari emulator... what is good is that the game can fit on a few floppy disks (joke) i understand that most uses macro, with so much ghost shot, packet loss... i some time feel like mouse button doesn't work at all, till game crash and i realize that, yes i ve a 2020 pc and not a 56k internet speed, and proudly can play 100GB game with nice 50gb update... maybe all this is just a question of ambition about the game and the means to achieve it (yeap, i know ...bad english.... i lost some packet)
  11. it s quite evryday ... lag and packet loss but who care ? you should ask why people don't come and post to the forum when there is a problem... let's say that the forum is not really perceived as a welcoming place
  12. hope they won t change mechanic evry month ... leveling is quite useless, we should gain some "exotic" weap after lvl 200 here, i only see CAP40... we will see more player with it ... after the nabmaker, the nabatac... now the nabCAP ... just spray and kill
  13. just can t login ... tested with steam :::>error code 9 and password :::::::::::>error code 11004 (and yes ^^ i know my password) okok...i missed some informations ... my bad
  14. plz no gungame...you have evrything u need to make original missions or event maybe make something with the bounty system ... make backup available in 2vs2 mission ... launch a real tutorial mod for newbie..give staaba to crim...give real reward for lvl up roles ( i enjoy havin a chrome skin for lvl 15 sniper role ôO ) but not a GG where all other will wait 20min more to have a opposition ... (my favorite mission is to find something in my mail box) you have a forum..ask people ...maybe press B for backup !!!!!
  15. macros are a non-subject, no matter what you think there is no way to stop them ... sad but true that's why it's useless to talk about it. and it’s probably not because they’re harmless: D ( i can evoke 2000-2010 on CS ) dedicated to the 3 SPCT'coment i see (The day we put assholes in orbit, you're not done spinning!) Are forum TOS different for some ? Maybe the toxicity start with people who are supposed to promote and support the game ... Is there someone in this box who clean junks, and offside post etc ? tons of useless messages to read ...i won t, sry
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