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  1. SK4LP

    alien invasion car

    I would have preferred a Nvidia car it would have augured a future full of possibilities ( can t start apb with geforce now on pc and shield ) a green truck 3 mod for me plz !
  2. SK4LP

    OSCAR how-to?

    most time, if u see a riffle user; it s a macro user specially those who use wheel up and down to shoot ... they see themselves as a skilld player
  3. u tell nothing about ur Fps, how much u have ? (check smooth framerate for max 60fps wich is enough) u just talk about lag spike, we can only tell u to check ur internet connection (i ve an i5-4570 / 16Gb ram / gtx 670 ---> 100-120 fps |||| 4g lte router (cat9)--> 20ms )
  4. SK4LP


    so, you can t filter chatlog with some keyword ?? -_-' like "http" ... But, what is done with chatlogs ? are they saved somewhere or u just delet it ?
  5. 2fa make game crash ... thx but i will wait ....2fa disable
  6. SK4LP

    Citadel down?

    citadel crashd today somethg new ?
  7. What i just would like to know when i m offline :: how many ppl are in each district ... dats all maybe some other thgs : (an offline database) list of clan and ppl/clan number of active lvl 255
  8. SK4LP

    Matchmaking and Threat

    rank have no place in matchmakin ? like time pasted in game ? like global kill ? like number of char on account ? like bein in an "easy team" ( i ve nothing against facing low lvl newbie,,, but they should find the B key,, i need 3 or 4 of dem to not find this borrin ... ) lvl up, is part of the game... and faction/clan should have more place
  9. "motorcycle" i want a 4 mod green planet truck !!!
  10. SK4LP

    Matchmaking and Threat

    enough on citadel ... gold flood silver district ... but, yeah (lel) prblm are dethreaters ...
  11. topic moved to "Bugs and Tech Issues" ... well no, can t do that
  12. SK4LP

    Matchmaking and Threat

    or 1 vs 3 ...or 4
  13. nice video, but no triggerbot here...btw, here we see some bronze district gameplay
  14. SK4LP

    Matchmaking and Threat

    we gonna loose some sides of the MMO part ... (I would have preferred , new lvl and mission, for clan only, (a hardcore gamer sandbox)) What make some goin to bronze and dethreatin, wasn t the will to be a "king of the hill" ... but essentially the fact they want more fun ... hope clan who play in an "east team" mod, will have a malus on new "team balance" back to macro user and mouse wheel shooter ....