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  1. plz no gungame...you have evrything u need to make original missions or event maybe make something with the bounty system ... make backup available in 2vs2 mission ... launch a real tutorial mod for newbie..give staaba to crim...give real reward for lvl up roles ( i enjoy havin a chrome skin for lvl 15 sniper role ôO ) but not a GG where all other will wait 20min more to have a opposition ... (my favorite mission is to find something in my mail box) you have a forum..ask people ...maybe press B for backup !!!!!
  2. macros are a non-subject, no matter what you think there is no way to stop them ... sad but true that's why it's useless to talk about it. and it’s probably not because they’re harmless: D ( i can evoke 2000-2010 on CS ) dedicated to the 3 SPCT'coment i see (The day we put assholes in orbit, you're not done spinning!) Are forum TOS different for some ? Maybe the toxicity start with people who are supposed to promote and support the game ... Is there someone in this box who clean junks, and offside post etc ? tons of useless messages to read ...i won t, sry
  3. maybe we will have some things in our mailbox, (JT,trial weap,car ... ) just for those who don t care about unicorn symbol
  4. Nice gift u give for all the trouble in Europe ... i didn t really see the transition
  5. for those who played role-playing games in the 90s CyberPunk will be a great thing
  6. so where are we? - personally 1 month that I couldn't play ( citadel ) - no news from admin - are server problems in europe real, or are they just excuses - plans have change ?
  7. all server just crashd common error was stuck with "char in use" they all restarted 5min after (it was after maintenance)
  8. RIOT dies and rfp is the new deadly weap ? don t have to aim well, shotgun and rfp ... does pc jump in console "arcade" mod ?
  9. to much currency & "market" maybe kill G1C and make JT the only money ... and create an ingame "ARMA market" store and so, buy directly JT with ingame or real money
  10. i maybe miss smthg, but receivd nothing -_-
  11. gg !! 2020 will be cyberpunk year ( for those who have plyed some AD&D ,stormbringer, Cthulhu, cyberpunk in the 80's ... dats a big thing) maybe san paro could have some texture reskin,,, i always felt like i was in night city in some case ( cyberpunk's nightcity ) some resemblance ? gg again for new content !
  12. a new pandora box, can be the bigest fail of LO .. or not so in fact we will have 2 social district , marina and the "action" district where we wait for mission, and than jumpin in a noman's land ?
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