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  1. u must review ur u must review ur geography the point is not to make a "main language" but chan for each thx
  2. can we have now more chan on citadel by country/language english is not the main language in "europa"
  3. SK4LP

    Suggestion for Mailbox

    Up we need a mailbox 2.0 and something to do with all dis junk mail we have some 3 day weap we ll never use... maybe capacity to give them to other player or to sell them back to contact can t deal with thousands mails
  4. SK4LP

    Fragile needs a buff

    i always use dis mod maybe just modulate the " -14% " in an other point of vue evry ppl who don t have the right threat in the district they are should have health bonuses or penalties ( in case phasing does not work ^^ )
  5. (on Citadel) we should have language channel .... general chan, is sometimes hard to follow or in dis case a newbie chan most of us reply to newbie, and help them
  6. I would have preferred a Nvidia car it would have augured a future full of possibilities ( can t start apb with geforce now on pc and shield ) a green truck 3 mod for me plz !
  7. most time, if u see a riffle user; it s a macro user specially those who use wheel up and down to shoot ... they see themselves as a skilld player
  8. u tell nothing about ur Fps, how much u have ? (check smooth framerate for max 60fps wich is enough) u just talk about lag spike, we can only tell u to check ur internet connection (i ve an i5-4570 / 16Gb ram / gtx 670 ---> 100-120 fps |||| 4g lte router (cat9)--> 20ms )
  9. so, you can t filter chatlog with some keyword ?? -_-' like "http" ... But, what is done with chatlogs ? are they saved somewhere or u just delet it ?
  10. 2fa make game crash ... thx but i will wait ....2fa disable
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