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  1. I'm fairly confident in predicting that the next step APB takes will be onto it's own shoe laces before falling flat on it's face. I don't doubt that Matt had good intentions for the game but I don't think he ever really understood what made it tick, nearly all the gameplay changes made by LO made the game less appealing to me to the point where I just gave up playing. I have no hope for the future of this game and see no evidence that LO have learned anything from their numerous mistakes. Please stop flogging this horse it's already dead.
  2. Not much need for a roadmap when there's only one road in town and heads straight towards a cliff edge.
  3. https://steamcharts.com/app/113400 I knew things were bad, but holy cow, you can ltterally see from the population drop where they removed threat segregation. This is just plain embarrassing, everything they try and do just kills the game a little more, it's like a death of a thousand cuts - or more precisely a death of a thousand blunders.. At this point they may aswell try reverting every single change they've ever made to the game, it couldn't be any worse than this.
  4. My point exactly, the people who want to solo and those that want to group are two entirely different demographics, APB used to be able to cater to both, but with the current low population they tend to get shoved into matches together and it's really not satisfying for either side.
  5. Why should I as a solo player who just wants to get on and have a bit of casual fun with a bunch of randoms be forced to go up against you and your tryhard buddies match after match after match ?
  6. I always thought that having seperate servers for solo and grouped players would solve a lot of this game's problems, but not any longer because hardly anyone plays now, whatever might have worked in the past is just unfeasible now, the game is in terminal decline.
  7. Adding any kind of PVE or offline content to this game is just not possible, they can't even upgrade the engine so how do you think they'd manage to add a feature like this. do you even understand how games work ?
  8. I wouldn't exactly call it saved, it is now an objectively worse experience than it was before, that's not how you save something. For most folks the game may aswell have been shut down as indicated by the rapidly declining playerbase. What are LO going to do next ? save the game by selling it to Gamigo ?
  9. Not really sure if there's much call for APB Pachinko machines......
  10. The only good decision you could make now is to shut the game down, who's going to buy a game just to shut it down ?
  11. Can't say I'm shocked or even mildly surprised by this turn of events, LO threw up so many red flags during their first few months with this game that it was only a matter of time. The only thing that really surprises me is that it took LO this long to realise the inevitable, says it all really. Maybe they shoulda stuck to making Barbie games for 5yr olds .
  12. Epic would never pay good money for this pile of broken trash. It'll be sold off cheap and then left in maintenance mode to milk the last little bit of cash from the playerbase before being shut down once and for all, this is why I said Gamigo because this is exactly the sort of thing they do.
  13. How to save APB ? Simple: you can't, the game is dead and buried. prove me wrong.
  14. This game isn't still running, it's got 2 broken legs and can barely manage to crawl let alone run.
  15. There's word salad then there's this ..... word puree ? word soup ? whatever it is it made my head hurt.
  16. Yeah the console ports were a big mistake, I knew it was gonna be bad when they announced that Deep Silver would be the publisher. The thing is I think APB was already in a state of decline by then, the console port was a last desperate attempt to try and keep the game relevant.
  17. G1 were a long, long way from being perfect but let's not forget that they took an entirely dead game and gave it a new lease of life, LO took a dying game and buried it.
  18. That's some insane logic. By not banning cheaters they drive away any legit players that might give the game a try, meaning the active player base will only dwindle over time until there are only cheaters left. Maybe they should give everyone a wall hack and aimbot to level the playing field....
  19. Whether he needs the money or not it still doesn't bode well for APB because he lacks basic competence. LO have achieved virtually nothing during their tenure of APB except for making some aspects of the game noticeably worse.
  20. Damn, you're right , 3.5 years with virtually nothing to show for it, that's just depressing. At this point I really don't think it matters if he gives up or not. For what it's worth I'd really like to see this game make a comeback considering the amount of money I've spent on it over the years, I just don't see LO making that happen.
  21. Sad to say this but given the amount of progress we've seen over the last 2.5 years since LO took over it's not looking good, all they've managed to achieve during this time is to get the assets to load into the editor, they've also managed to release a failed game mode and break weapons balance. Not exactly what I'd call a resounding success by any metric, a lot of people seem mesmerised by the fact that Matt Scott posts updates, however I say judge a man not by his words but by his actions, with this in mind LO have been an utter failure, why any of you still have faith in this company is a mystery to me. Matt isn't keeping this game alive purely from the goodness of his heart, he's doing it because he knows if this fails he'll be off to McD's to flip burgers.
  22. How can it be a misfire if it has a ton of players and makes the devs fat stacks of cash ? It may not be played in the intended manner, but who really cares about that ?
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