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  1. Funny that people call toxicity a "criticism". But it sure does affect motivation we really dont know what theyre dealing with. Maybe theyre getting familiar with the code base. I can only imagine its very bad written with old patootie 2011 practices.
  2. Can you people stop complaining about Little orbit's progress? Youre being toxic af and expecting them to "listen"? I imagine if they wanted to read all these topics complaining about how slow and unorganized they are, how will that affect them? How to filter the " suggestions" out of the negativity you make ? Theyre humans who can be affected by negative energy. You all need to be postive and just give them a break. I think theyre doing a good job. And we need to WAIT for major changes. Even though the game is totally fucked up but we know when they fix a lot of major things all of us will go back. So no need to talk about it dying.
  3. Not sure if im allowed to post this here. Im tired of playing solo.. So if theres a discord server for active players i would like to join it.
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