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  1. Yeah, that's a huge mixture of things. It improves performance due to just how old and raggedy APB is. Some of it is also just preference. 2.1 however can actually use a lot of "space" that modern hardware gives though. So you should see more of your hardware being used compared to Live.
  2. I suppose this is to be expected since the official recommended hardware for APB hasn't been updated since 2009. Hell are you gonna do with a 8800GT with 512MB of VRAM?
  3. I could be mis-remembering but i recall Reloaded making it so you can't actually turn off particles/smoke, only turn it down. Could be wrong though, that was years ago.
  4. They're planned for Tier 3 iirc, so at the most they'd unlock 3 slot vehicles, which we already have. Gumball and Aletta are Tier S which is above Tier 5, because thanks Reloaded... Honestly i don't know what they have planned for them. As far as i recall they were supposed to be their own thing and wouldn't affect unlocks, but things can change. So no idea.
  5. If you're talking about the Power JMBs, those are the same thing as the normal JMBs but with the Green tier removed. There isn't a difference. The only unique one was the Power JMB9 with the FFA 3 slot but that's not slated for anything at the moment.
  6. That's false due to the new contacts placement in the tier system.
  7. Term you're looking for is "export", not "ninjaripper". But to answer your question, yes. They'll be taking your outfit from Live and exporting it into a baked contact. So you should NOT use images of stuff you no longer have. All outfits submitted should be current, otherwise you'd have to remake it or make something new. Only way that works.
  8. The Joker store changes are straight up sex. LO just hitting it out the park.
  9. My question here though is that, since APB runs on Dx11, Doesn't that post some kind of problem? Figured a game would need to be on Dx12 to take use of Windows Dx12 features.
  10. Its either 50, 100, or 150 per game depending on where you place. Game runs about 10 times in a 1 hour span so you can get around 1000 JT per game or so. It'll vary heavily per person.
  11. Free and easy JT though. Anyone who cares about racking up JT should care about gungame since you can make like 1000 in only 30mins to an hour.
  12. Would honestly just like to see the STK reduced by 1 making it 10stk. Just makes it a slightly worse M-1922 gun at that point. Also some adjustment to the per shot bloom so CJ doesn't actively make it worse.
  13. The Mountie guns are made from scratch. the M9 was just a placeholder and later swapped to the RFP.
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