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  1. Looking back at this thread has made me realize why Reloaded's holiday events were a bit more enjoyable. A lot of stuff was tied to roles which just meant grinding for the special stuff, so winning an event wasn't so important. But the problem with that is that there currently isn't enough population (On Jericho at least) for that to always work. I still like the idea of a winner to get truly unique rewards, but some kind of roll over system should be implemented for future use. That way repeat winners aren't a big deal cause then 2nd place gets the reward and so on.
  2. Won once out of random luck but it was rather annoying watching the same people win over and over on Jericho. Really think that everyone who was on should just get the skin, it kinda does devalue it as a unique thing but there's other weapons skins that can take its place in the future, I'm sure. Before you do though, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the skins color pallet. The random red mixed with orange/white doesn't work at all, may as well have just left it black, or some dark brown. Really just some autumny color so its visually pleasing like most other skins.
  3. Really they should just make the whole line Yellow ( so it blends out from the background) and make it a clickable drop down menu instead of something that opens an overlay like it used to.
  4. So, why is the premium day counter removed? How am i supposed to know how many days i have left now?
  5. Some would call me a legend, taking the fall for others and streaming it... We'll see. Hoping the APb event will be good as well.
  6. Hmmm, to play APB on the 30th, or Fallout 76... Probably both, Tuesday will be fun.
  7. That's only if you already own the vest. If you don't own either, these items are useless as there's only two items in the entire game that they work with. I'm more looking at this from a new player perspective.
  8. More threads = more attention. Seriously though, when i noticed this it activated my almonds so much.
  9. So, was looking at ARMAS and i noticed the Armored groin pad and shoulder pads were debundled and on sale. Normally not a problem until you realize that these items require other items to be used. And since it doesn't say that it comes with either vest, why bother selling an item that requires another item to be worn, but the item required is sold in another pack with all the pieces so you'd basically be buying the same item twice and wasting G1C? Or having to wait for the Featured section to cycle to one of the vests. Who thought this was a good idea?
  10. SkittyM

    OTW Patch Notes 1.19.7 (1022)

    I agree with this. Already trained by the old system to resupply before you reached 100 rounds left so hearing the game could auto-resupply from the get go hurt a lot. Viva la OBT!
  11. SkittyM

    Realtime Worlds character migrations

    It was though i guess it was something that could still be done if you hadn't? It never ever came up after Reloaded stopped doing it. I would guess this means they're deleting the RTW character database to make room and such? My only though as it was something you had to do through Support back in the day and it was never automated, i think?
  12. Radar tower fix when though?
  13. Avoid comparing the SG-21 to any other shotgun. It's not design with the idea of going head on with anything. It's more for team support or popping out of cover. Not to mention 858 damage is still absurdly high for a shotgun in APB, lowering the TTK could put it at S1 Manic status, and fuck that shit.
  14. The SG-21's fire rate is fine, what they actually need to do is revert the damage and range nerfs they did to it.
  15. Ah, I've only used the Coroner on OTW and I thought it was god awful, it's just outclassed in literally every area by another gun. It's TERRIBLE. The IRS is an automatic sniper, one of a kind. The recoil mechanic is its only problem but past that, even with it really, it's not a bad sniper. The Coroner is a semi-auto rifle of some sort for no real reason so it's really just bad all around. Can try either from the JT store now so, wooo? Still hate that they mad everything available in 3 slot.