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  1. I would honestly shorten the actual progression time for the Specialist tier at the very least. Getting to the 15 level Boss contacts and maxing them out is actually fine, but good lord are the specialists a huge grind for a single level. Not only is it a long patootie grind, but you only get 1 item per level, it's straight trash. Only issue with this is that it reduces the reason to level up contacts. You have to make a metric ton more content just to fill in those empty spaces. Weapon mods are the only thing that could be moved to roles along with weapon themed accessories(Skins, clothing, etc.). Though weapon roles need a serious revamp. Some of the better looking guns (JG Tac, OCA Stock, N-TEC 5 Stock,) are locked behind an additional level. You unlock 3 slot guns at Level 15 but the "cooler" guns require an extra 10,000 kills to get which is dumb. Outside of Sniper, the total 20,000 kills needed for max level is fine but the rewards need to be condensed down into lower levels, likely throwing in more guns, skins, or clothing to unlock in the higher levels or something.
  2. The thing about gun game is that it doesn't really have a timer on it. It ends the moment someone gets a kill with the final weapon tier. Them going by fast is more of a good thing since it means more JT in the allotted time.
  3. I'm gonna guess that the spawn issue wasn't fixed? Only issue i have with this event. Still play it anyways, just... Bruh.
  4. Not possible and even on 2,1 its super unlikely. Way to much of a performance hit. This i can agree with.
  5. Because it doesn't really need to be mentioned? It's not important enough of a change to warrant a note.
  6. It's been in the game but was never released. its just a 2 slot OCA SD. Basically what i said, it don't work.
  7. Inb4 the tears for Radar tower being disabled.
  8. Looks better than it used to tbh, but also keep in mind, RPs lighting was seriously that bad. Wrong light types, lights being full dynamic instead of partially, awful color grading, lights showing where they shouldn't. Do mind that there's a lot more happening than what Matt might show. Gotta get those character editors looking right.
  9. It isn't that APB on UE4 isn't going to exist, its that managing two projects at once is too much, so they pushed it aside. In some years LO might announce an engine upgrade to UE4 or even UE5 if that becomes a thing. For the time being however, there is no work being done with the UE4 version of APB. It'll no doubt happen since even APB 2.1 is running on depreciated stuff, get what you get though.
  10. Pretty sure they're saving AO and Shadow maps for when they get scene lighting done. They already spent forever doing lighting maps.
  11. That would be wrong. That sentence is literally business speak for "We can't do this so we're going to shelve it until later." No where does it state that LO GAVE Unit Game anything other than the rights to the core APB title. LO could be sitting on what little data there is for UE4 regarding APB but it also could've been outright scrapped.
  12. This has less to do with APB and more to do with just development in general. Keep in mind that you gain nothing at all if you hype up something and can't deliver or it not happening as promised. LO does in fact get proper feedback on things as they do actively read the forums and even the discord server, just note that not everything is feasible. Core reason they don't talk much is because its virtually crunch time. Nearly all resources go into APB 2.1 with some "crucial" quick stuff dropping in on Live.
  13. Literally what. The NFAS will barely kill something at 15m with 1 mag.
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