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  1. It will be but if you didn't make the symbol, you don't have that luxury.
  2. You can if you know how to use photoshop, but otherwise yes. However the OPs question had nothing to do with editing it. If you managed to export the textures, you'd notice they're 256x500 and the colors are off. Though its common knowledge the vector data is saved separately. That's stored on the server side but the resulting image from that data is stored on the client after its processed.
  3. There is a file, all symbols made in the designer are flattened into a single texture for use. Same way characters are made. Ninjaripper will get you kicked from the game if you try to enter a district. The only option you have is to put it up on a billboard and take an image of it. If you know some Photoshop you should be able to trace it and cut it out. You'll still need to use your character however since the tattoo system in APB is unique to characters in how it handles colors.
  4. 4GB of RAM is the maximum limit of 32 Bit programs. APB is 32 Bit and as such will only use up to 4GB of RAM. Nobody uses 32Bit anymore however so you should definitely have more than 4GB of RAM in your system in todays world, assuming you have a 64Bit OS. Have been the specs for APB for the last 10 years, though if you're asking about APB 2.1, those specs are unknown at this time.
  5. It gets fixed when it gets fixed. There's no way to put an actual date on when things get fixed.
  6. As Speed had stated, the performance issues more stem the threads being unbalanced. IIRC buildings are super low poly at i think 10 tris per face?(that was so long ago) Most issues at this very moment stem from lighting and a couple under-the-hood elements.
  7. I wouldn't call those random, but are more like holdovers from some of the original mission designs which i believe were meant to be more GTA esque. Could still be recycled for more mission variety. The time of day requirement could give some insight into why most of the RTW guns had flashlights on them, the OBIR(or was it the N-TEC?) being the only one with a presumably working one.
  8. The leggings are customizable but Males get one or two preset items that are made from already existing stuff, which is why they're presets. Not sure when this will be fixed but you can try support in the mean time.
  9. The system tries to find the best available matches according to who is actively in the mission, so if a player leaves then they aren't factored into the match making. Very rarely does someone leave the moment you get opp. Usually what happens is when the person leaves, it quickly pulls the best matching players in BECAUSE someone left and its now a "fair" game between the two groups whereas before the person left it wasn't.
  10. They should be under normal clothing, but if you didn't get them. Contact support. Some of the rewards are a little derpy and don't correctly unlock.
  11. It's supposed to be hard however it is rather difficult if you can't manage the duck and weave tactic for 6-7 straight minutes. Unfortunately the event was launched right before the holidays (which wasn't intentional afaik) so there isn't really any way to get changes pushed out. On the plus side, the only thing you're missing out on are the titles since all the rewards will be coming to ARMAS.
  12. If your character is Female you're looking for Fairy Dress, if its Male you're looking for Fairy Leggings. Both are customizable. I believe only males get a preset top, but i have no idea what its called, should be somewhere in the "F" range.
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