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  1. Can only do it with the CSG/SG-21. Really just the CSG. Shot in the foot, but still walking.
  2. I do wanna point out regarding the reserve ammo changes that those were not intended to affect balance but was actually clean up from Reloaded due to the fact most of these guns were based on other guns (FAR based on the STAR/N-TEC 5, SBSR based on DMR, etc) and due to the changes to those guns, the reserve ammo pool resulted in half mags for the final mag in reserve. Not really something people run into i guess but it was something that was reviewed and changed to keep that element inline with other guns. TL;DR: 4 or 5 reserve mags is better and more logical than 4.7 or 5.3 reserve mags. Will likely be adjusted accordingly when/if we revisit these guns "Eventually".
  3. Those two locked weapon slots are probably more likely to just be deleted than unlocked. Pretty sure they were planned because RTW had more equipment lined up (blow torch, police badges) but that never happened and they still wanted to encourage team based play so they just stayed locked. Would make game play rather bland if players could carry 5 types of equipment and leave the spare 2-3 extras alone.
  4. None of the snipers can really hit hard at 100m besides the DMR. More so the ISSR-B cause its capped to 83m when other snipers are capped at 90m. I get your point though.
  5. Might feel like a mess but its refreshing. Playing 100 kills for 7 years straight is mind numbing. Only issue it has anyways is that its too long. Still no idea why RP just perma locked Baylan like they did.
  6. Item holds used to be a thing in Baylan, you had single point hold with no bases, and then multi-point hold with bases. Adding an FFA mission requires a lot of code changes however since that's and entirely different system from what FC missions use.
  7. Since i have to pick, Territory control simply cause its something different. 100 kills for the last five years is brain murdering. But if we're gonna go for that, its gotta be shorter as 2000pts for 15 mins is rather lengthy, but that's more of an issue on NA since Baylan is virtually always dead. It would honestly be worth while to get the rotation coding re-implemented asap.
  8. Think of it like a button that would lead you to the items entry on the APB DB. Though instead it sent you to a whole APB specific site packed with features like leader boards, progression tracking, etc. Think its planned to be removed in the future.
  9. Basically, Medium Ammo box will be removed. Large ammo box is being renamed and swapped to use the Medium model while still technically being a large box. Basically the large box gains additional mobility. Tough luck for anyone who bought the medium one.
  10. Excuse you, i paid tree fiddy to have that dismissed.
  11. Yeah, that's a huge mixture of things. It improves performance due to just how old and raggedy APB is. Some of it is also just preference. 2.1 however can actually use a lot of "space" that modern hardware gives though. So you should see more of your hardware being used compared to Live.
  12. I suppose this is to be expected since the official recommended hardware for APB hasn't been updated since 2009. Hell are you gonna do with a 8800GT with 512MB of VRAM?
  13. I could be mis-remembering but i recall Reloaded making it so you can't actually turn off particles/smoke, only turn it down. Could be wrong though, that was years ago.
  14. They're planned for Tier 3 iirc, so at the most they'd unlock 3 slot vehicles, which we already have. Gumball and Aletta are Tier S which is above Tier 5, because thanks Reloaded... Honestly i don't know what they have planned for them. As far as i recall they were supposed to be their own thing and wouldn't affect unlocks, but things can change. So no idea.
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