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  1. Maybe some bugged spam filter. but i doubt it. It used to randomly appear when joining a district.
  2. Summary: The initial spawn points for districts appear on the ingame map. Description: The spawn points that appear on the spawn select screen are also visible on the ingame district map when you press M Steps to Reproduce: Spawn into the game and press M to bring up the district map. When trying to click on one: How many times have you recreated this bug: 2/2 times. Expected Results: The spawn points should only be visible on the spawn selection screen, not the district map.
  3. Yeah, i had that with an asylum role on my alt one time. Seems like it just toggles a random role but doesn't actually affect the role.
  4. Sometimes random roles will toggle after patches, might be some derpy code. It usually doesn't actually do anything however, the role should still be at whatever level it was last at. Simply a display bug.
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