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  1. Its not exactly harder to use. It's just that the hit boxes lag behind the character enough that, along with the pellet changes, makes the JG, NFAS, and Ogre much more forgiving to use. The SG-21 suffers just as much as the CSG does despite having wide spread. Pellet count may also have an impact on things since the CSG and SG-21 have 21 pellets, where the JG and NFAS have like 12, so the damage gets way more divided with higher pellets.
  2. A LOT has changed from shotguns back when the CSG was first released. Pellet spread, damage, fire rate, Cooling Jacket... In no way are they the same thing like they were back in 2011. Currently shotguns have this pellet change that makes missed pellets increase the damage of pellets that hit your target. It's the most annoying thing and has actually ruined shotguns as they're now even less reliable, except the NFAS which reaped the rewards that change was supposed to bring.
  3. It sucks patootie on all shotguns though.
  4. But... but those entirely delete the upper head... Your character is literally a Dullahan at all times. APB is populated by Dullahans.
  5. Tree model is the same, it just looks super weird cause of the lighting and LODs being super low in Live.
  6. Although the Pre-LO shotguns needed to be changed, they were still factually better than what we currently have. Shotgun pellets should not gain the damage of the pellets that missed the target, that's just plain dumb.
  7. Doesn't matter at all really, i tested it prior to even making my post. The AAEPD rockets explode at 100m. They do 0 damage to anything beyond 107.5m and deal max damage up to 102m.
  8. Genuinely curious as to what im supposed to be looking at here. There's actually nothing even wrong with the stats themselves, the issue with the NFAS 12 stems from the pellet changes.
  9. It was never removed since it was never actually added, just an internal test.
  10. I dont remember the specifics, i think it was originally like 5m radius for max damage and then it was nerfed to like 1m. Its currently at 2.5m max damage radius. The AAEPD cant even reach 110m with its explosion radius. Every rocket detonates at 100m and deals damage up to 107.5m. Will barely blow up a Jericho at 102m.
  11. Cooling Jacket does, HB3 i dont think does enough to be noticeable, not sure why you'd use it anyways.
  12. Mod that the Flare Gun has, all it does is make physical projectiles tag people in a 60m radius. Christmas gungame AAEPD uses it. OPGL benefits from all 3 slots though, OSMAW is the only thing that doesn't and there's really nothing to add to the OSMAW as a 3rd option.
  13. Magpull, Savage, Extended Mag... I dont remember the other RTW mods but that's just a few that worked. I know a few people were contemplating if Improved Rifling increased rocket range as well back in the day. Only mods that work on it now are Bando, 3PS, and Flaregun Ammo.
  14. Still the same, unless you haven't tried it post radius nerf.
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