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  1. What. Also do keep in mind that RP weren't the only ones working on APBs new engine until maybe 3 years in. They cranked out a lot in about a 2 year span from what i can tell. Props to them for their efforts.
  2. I didn't know you could get those rims on the Growl. Have to see what i can do with those myself.
  3. Mind you as time progresses, the "average" PC does too. I know for some years 8GB of RAM and 2-4GB of VRAM was the norm and now 16GB of RAM and 6GB VRAM is more a norm, those numbers of course increasing as time goes on. On top of that, the game already can load the player at max res and other characters/models at half res if you want it to. So telling the game to render my character with 2048 and others at 1024 is hugely feasible. 2048 res and doubling the character poly count probably is somewhere near the bottom of LOs list of wants with 3.5 (or 4). Though I'm sure that's a LONG ways away as well as requiring A LOT of work to do. Least of our current problems though.
  4. Those are very unlikely to change in the near future as that would no doubt require a huge system change to how the character/vehicle editors work. They never were changed back when RP was porting everything since they were focused on time.
  5. Vehicles have seemed to get a smidge more bouncy, normal Vegas now has suspension, can't do wheelies in any vehicle. Otherwise the same as Live PC. Can't say much about OTW2 however, it's just a port of console, if you played console you know that OTW2 is just a prettier version of that with M/KB.
  6. I'm surprised that out of everything, we have a near 1:1 version of consoles, or otherwise current LIVE that is playable for the most part. But I do like the current bug of where character editors (Body and Clothing) display the character as solid black. Was fun making Skitty without being able to see her. As Matt had stated before, Its based on the console version, and since you can't do wheelies on console, I'm 99.9% sure that you can't on the new PC version. This is subject to change however depending on what LO wants to do. At least the normal Vegas was given suspension.
  7. First place reward for being in the Autumn Assault event that was going on earlier. Was made since getting the weapon skin was pretty difficult and they ended up giving it to everyone and made a title for those who actually won.
  8. I actually had to stop because APB's content is limiting, the only way to pass that is by redoing things from scratch. Ultimately i chose to make scratch stuff for GTA V instead of APB but you never know, i might scratch make something for APB. Thinking of doing the Jericho but for now, im content with what I've made so far.
  9. Surprised to see someone posting my old renders, save for one the Bridget made. Looking back on it though, god there's so much cringe, important cringe but cringe none the less. Fortunately I've stopped doing APB renders all together though I've kept story scenes on one of my back burners. Need to get Maya again. Just click on the link in my sig for my most recent car porn renders. Can never have enough lights.
  10. SkittyM


    Always was amusing watching people try and pass out ideas such as "anti-cheat tiers" or some other nonsense. I do hope there are plans on the table for doing something with the skill gap though.
  11. SkittyM

    New SPCT team

    I can only guess that you hsve never taken the time to actually get to know me or those around me. Thats fine though, it is the internet after all.
  12. SkittyM

    New SPCT team

    I would guess Discord was just an easier medium to get everyone together on. Weird but i guess this is the new age.
  13. SkittyM

    New SPCT team

    You're right, im not average, im below average and am very well known for being a terrible shot.
  14. SkittyM

    New SPCT team

    SPCT being public was something we kinda pushed for after Lixil had wanted to make it all private and some things we didn't agree with. Really it was more of a "It worked during RP, so why not?" thing. Also Matt agreed with us though his opinion on the NDA was mildly amusing. I have a Ryzen 7 1800X and GTA 1070 SC, would never touch an AMD GPU but im sure APB will run fine on both. I think the main thing is kicking the rest of the graphical load off the CPU and letting it spread load over multiple cores. That was something RP was trying to fix on console as i recall.
  15. SkittyM

    New SPCT team

    Wanted to be an SPCT since i was 5 tbh. Yay.