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  1. Entirely obscure thing but if we merge our accounts, is it possible the console weapon skins could be made account wide? Would be neat to have my xbox weapon skin on PC. Its technically an xbox anyways
  2. Normally i'd look at it like that but the 1.30 thing was... special? Not sure how to word that as consoles are currently on 2.0 and the plan was to do up 1.30 and later port that to consoles. Some may look at this as 2.0 is canceled but 1.30 could still happen.
  3. Perhaps its obvious but for those that want plain text, does this mean that the console port of 1.30 is off the table? Or is the current console 2.0 build just being sunset and the port of 1.30 could appear in the future?
  4. Only trade off here is that it takes R* months to years to fix any vehicle issues, assuming they even bother fixing them in the first place.
  5. Funny thing is Financial and Waterfront are incredibly far apart. Just covering that distance would be the same as making a whole new map the size of Waterfront/Financial.
  6. Not sure where you pulled that info from but Midtown was never half done. RTW started on it and converted it into Financial so there's no Midtown to speak of. Even if it was half done, it would be a few years before we even got it due to APBs ancient tools.
  7. Actually something i mentioned to a dev last month, lol. Likely making it tie into the in-vehicle accuracy modifier and tweaking it for heavy weapons. Heavy weapons, more so AV centered ones, are rather strong when car surfing and they arguably shouldn't be.
  8. Coywolf outclasses the Mikro for the most part. The Vaquero/Mikro speed buffs helped in that area at least but, the Coywolf is just a 4 door Mikro with less "character". Stiffest suspension in the game though the car also feels heavier than it should be (for a "rally" car anyways). Had actually compared the Coywolf stats to the Vaquero and Mikro and the Coywolf is literally a 4 door Vaqero, statistically. Most, if not all, of the tuning concerns stem from making cars that don't entirely outclass existing cars. Can actually upgrade the Calabria and Veo without issue as those would sit as side options to the Mikro/Vaquero but the Ravan and Cosenza would actually just be better cause 4 seats instead of two.
  9. Actually considered this a while ago, maybe even adding in wide body options for cars that are purely cosmetic but are a completely different vehicle due to technical limitations. The only issue i can see is that we don't need another 5 Coywolfs. In some ways the result may over-saturate things, but i suppose that depends on how you look at how the vehicles should perform. You'd probably have to buff the base vehicles HP so you have proper tradeoffs and don't end up with a bunch of meta mobiles like the coywolf is.
  10. People used the M-1922 until RP went in some entirely jank direction and gave it a recoil curve. It was pretty unfun to use after that and you just never saw the thing ever again. LO Couldn't find the original recoil values so instead its curve got adjusted to make it more usable but it still sucks. Honestly i don't remember an accuracy nerf but, i do know its had a few changes before RP started throwing curves on half the guns so im unsure. The recoil was the main thing balancing it out (kinda like the SHAW but not obnoxious to control) and the gun was mainly meant to be used in marksmen, not from the hip. The 'Hazardous' was one of the first legendary weapons and had just never been touched since. It should be updated with maybe its own unique mod if one can be figured out but that's stuff for much later. I have no idea how it has terrible range and accuracy when its effective range is 30m, like the other SMGs, and its more accurate in marksmen than some SMGs . The "braced position" is just flavor text referring to the high recoil it had and is a bit outdated. I guess in concept a "braced position" just means to take cover and use marksmen. While most SMGs can be used from the hip, some are a bit more geared for marksmen (ACES, Curse, Manic.) and the M-1922 is one of those. HS3 and muzzlebrake i think were two of the de-facto mods you would use on it, i know HS3 was at least originally.
  11. The ACES Rifle is an assault rifle and kinda *should* overshadow it in a way. Curse needs some adjustments but its mainly an SMG that caters to players that ADS. M-1922 is largely fine other than it needs its original recoil back. What mods. Its an SMG and has always been considered an SMG.
  12. The current state of the fr0g puts it at 15m, that's sorta what the damage buff and range buff were about. The biggest issue with the fr0g is that its literally a better FBW but minus the range/mag size. We tested a flat 20m upgrade and it was basically an FBW replacement. The current version is better but obviously not what people (or some of us in SPCT) want but, we can't also make the gun an FBW upgrade. I'd actually like a more properly versatile FR0G that's somewhere with the FBW and 45 AP but that requires doing more with the gun than a simple range buff. Changing the FBW is sort of an option but its a perfectly fine gun, so why change it really.
  13. Soon, it will be Beacon time baby!
  14. Depends on when you tested and i guess where. Sorta wish i had dev tools to see what the car was doing but between the top speed increase and the gear speed increase i genuinely didn't perceive a difference in the Vaquero's behavior. Kinda wish i had done some before/after clips
  15. I haven't noticed anything overly different in my testing, vaquero has sorta always stalled out in 5th gear then down shifting to 4th and continuing its stall. I kinda ignored the other gear speed values but i doubt those will change anything (though next time i'll mention and see if updating the other gear speeds does anything to the vehicle). The Vaquero and Mikro are basically identical in terms of power output/speed so the issue likely lies in the audio engine itself and possibly the Vaquero audio files specifically.
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