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  1. Honestly hadn't thought of this idea but now that you mention it, it sounds pretty solid. All of RTWs weapons already have this in their description though they may need a bit of updating. Weapons RP has added are either "functionally identical" or just have random lore, seems to depend on when the weapon was made. I'll try writing up some revise weapon descriptions for those that don't have them and see where that goes.
  2. its 10m from the origin point of the character. Most games typically measure accuracy as X diameter at Y distance from the player origin.
  3. Only issue with presets is theres nobody to make them and it would definitely be a few months (after a pass was even thought up) before someone could make them. I sorta only see weapons working if maybe its a variant, like the CBMPs or Raptor 45, VBR, etc. Consumables are sorta in a weird spot though im not against having them be in the pass if their current implementation sticks around. New thought, what if basic versions of weapons were always free and available from contacts and customized tactikool versions were paid?
  4. My only problem with an APB battlepass thing would be; what would be in it? I feel that a battlepass would be entirely pointless if the items aren't unique or limited time in some way which kinda goes against what APB has been. Emphasis on "kinda" cause i didn't forget the older seasonal events. Those having one time rewards was super mixed.
  5. For the record, LO doesn't "not care" about APB. Without a doubt its impossible to get money for APB at this point from investors or anyone so it makes entire sense they'd focus on things that could earn them money (in general). Frankly i hope its successful enough to get APB to 1.30 at least. The "all in" approach to NFTs is without a doubt a terrible idea with crypto and NFTs crashing at the moment. Guessing it was a decent idea that released too late to be fixed.
  6. Got that one backwards, silenced snipers are effective till about 83m, then they start losing damage. Normal snipers will lose damage at 90m save for the DMR
  7. In fairness, i never ever took "q1 2014" as an actual release date for anything. I saw it as a "we'll have something done internally by Q1 2014", which in fairness, they did have whatever they were internally doing done by then. Old blog posts i think imply that development started likely in early-mid 2013 however. I do feel that if LO had continued development on that UE4 version of APB, we'd probably at least have a playable Financial/Waterfront by now. Just my wishful thinking however since they'd have to start from scratch mostly.
  8. Just learn DAZ or something, everyone else is doing it. Let the APB models get some sleep, they're 15 years old and need a nap, permanently.
  9. I think a part of why it took so long was cause while a number of us (including LO) were thinking it wouldn't work, we still wanted to see it work. The only thing i personally know is 3D art stuff and world building so i can only really compare it to wanting to create something and digging yourself into a deep rut of ideas and then having to actually back pedal on a lot of them because they simply do not work. Though you realize that much later in that process. Not sure how to really elaborate on it really, my explaining skills are terrible. ON THE OTHER HAND HOWEVER. This change doesn't mean LO is only focusing on just technical stuff. It's still too early to tell but from what i'm aware of, their content plans and other game improvement ideas are still on the table... Somewhere... The ultimate question though is when does any of this happen.
  10. This doesn't appear to have been mentioned in a blog post anywhere which is maybe why it was missed, possibly in one of the streamed Q&As somewhere but the whole UE4 idea was scrapped within a year of it starting. Nothing of it exists and it was really nothing more than a pipe dream/idea of Matts to begin with. 1.3 will be the current version of the engine. What they're gonna be doing is changing out a bunch of internals and upgrading them from 32bit to 64bit. Your timeline is somewhat wrong, 1.20 started in either 2017 or 2016. Engine work iirc started in early 2014 or late 2013. As of i guess this week, nothing is gonna happen with 3.5/2.x as its been put on hold basically indefinitely. Frankly one can maybe think of this as a half win, we're not getting the engine but considering the engine was someone elses work to begin with (as in, not exclusively Reloadeds work like a lot of people think it is), this seems like a much more manageable goal. Kinda hope we see something of it this year.
  11. Honestly curious why people refer to this gun. It was bad from the beginning and you never see it ingame. It's also one single preset out of i think 6? Sales have to be Below Zero for the last 6 years on it.
  12. Whisper was originally like this. Although it has 50m range, the accuracy is so bad that you typically wont hit anything beyond probably 30m. Part of RPs weird p2w nonsense from back in the day.
  13. Wait, does 2.0 (console) not use an updated version of vivox? Or did you guys update it once 2.1 started?
  14. May or may not be self driving, so you don't need one of those.
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