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  1. Your first mistake since the stat bars on weapons are manually input values and not actually based on weapon stats directly.
  2. Its there cause it'll be used when the game goes Live, but for now the Steam setting is only tied into 1.20. I believe steam can only be tied into one version of a game at a time.
  3. Yeah, not the same game and i don't think they connect to the same servers either. (I think its the same locations but the units and everything is whats different.) Steam login doesn't work either if thats what you're trying
  4. Servers are currently On. Could be your connection settings.
  5. The City Hall display point is duplicated onto one of the other sides of the building. Front Location: Duplicate Location:
  6. Just bumping this for any new players who haven't done red pumpkins yet.
  7. Feel like you're confusing the N-TEC 5 with the STAR 556. The N-TEC has always been out of line, but the STAR is considered the only balanced gun in the game. Not only labeled a jack of all trades (literally) but it does a bit of everything without being god awful or particularly strong. Only real issue with the STAR is its moist sounding audio, otherwise a perfect gun.
  8. The RFP was a result of early tests and just general learning of how things should go. Though i do not know why the RFP has been stuck in its current state for over a year. Lost track of how many times it was brought up and swept. It's not anyone in particulars fault however.
  9. Should tell them to get a 45AP. Direct upgrade over the RFP.
  10. Hate to break it to you but the RFP has been hot trash for over a year now. It's the farthest thing from a meta weapon right now.
  11. There's always less recoil in marksmen than there is from the hip. That's due to a pair of dampener stats which are hidden on the DB.
  12. Interesting. Must be what that other stat i was looking at then. Scoped has less marksmen dampening but also has a shorter recoil time. Actually appreciate that, thanks.
  13. Don't believe anything written on the ARMAS page. Mind that that hasn't been updated since 2014 and contains LARGELY out of date information.
  14. From what i know of, the Scoped has more recoil in both directions than the normal N-tec. Though it has a slightly longer range curve than the normal n-tec as well. At the very least it used to have a longer range curve. Curve information is not easily available.
  15. Late to the party but Lilpiggy is correct. Stamina damage does not affect a guns ability to stun. Following your logic means the OCA Nano shouldn't be able to stun, or the DMR as both of these weapons do more health damage than stamina damage. There's a simple flag that determines if a weapon can stun or not, nothing more nothing less.
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