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  1. Oh jees, you guys found the ghost of Christmas past.
  2. Considering what is capable of happening in the game, its kind of a valid question. It sounds stupid but once you've seen some shit, don't sound so stupid no more.
  3. So we can confirm this downtime is to do with the district changes and such?
  4. It was previously stated that removing the wind up timers turns them into rapid fire grenade launchers. They would be straight upgrades to the OPGL without it, aside from the Deep Impact anyways.
  5. Literally no. Contrary to what one might think, a buff to its fire rate makes the gun less entertaining and amusing.
  6. Technically since its ingame content, it is proper APB merch? Like it is but it also isn't.
  7. The event to get them has been around every year. The achievements themselves are coded to unlock under certain conditions, the condition requirement for all of the old hidden achievements is Null so they're literally unobtainable except for the Anarchy achievements. It's far more logical to just get rid of them entirely or merge them into a year round achievement set.
  8. The problem isn't hidden achievements, especially since games with hidden achievements still have them as visible, just set up as unknowns. In APBs case, you literally wont even know about the achievement until you some how obtain it. That' wasn't my point on achievements being hidden at all however, the point was that since they exist in APB themselves, there's no point in them being on steam, you can not obtain them in any way on your own account, so they simply shouldn't exist on steam as there's absolutely no way to unlock them.
  9. Not everyone wants to constantly shell out APB$ every 10 days.
  10. If you're asking about an actual space suit clothing item, no. Preset items with the symbols shown on them, yes.
  11. They wouldn't. For what its worth, the achievements are always there, just hidden from view... Because Reloaded Reasons. Honestly though, they genuinely don't belong on steam unless you redo them so they are instead something you can get every year.
  12. Actually, the current APB DB has the chance values of getting them. However, as previously stated its random as all hell. Got Chrome Nanos on both my Enf and Crim within a week and haven't seen anything since, and that was back in 2016.
  13. That audio sample had me rollin. 10/10.
  14. Its not exactly harder to use. It's just that the hit boxes lag behind the character enough that, along with the pellet changes, makes the JG, NFAS, and Ogre much more forgiving to use. The SG-21 suffers just as much as the CSG does despite having wide spread. Pellet count may also have an impact on things since the CSG and SG-21 have 21 pellets, where the JG and NFAS have like 12, so the damage gets way more divided with higher pellets.
  15. A LOT has changed from shotguns back when the CSG was first released. Pellet spread, damage, fire rate, Cooling Jacket... In no way are they the same thing like they were back in 2011. Currently shotguns have this pellet change that makes missed pellets increase the damage of pellets that hit your target. It's the most annoying thing and has actually ruined shotguns as they're now even less reliable, except the NFAS which reaped the rewards that change was supposed to bring.
  16. It sucks patootie on all shotguns though.
  17. But... but those entirely delete the upper head... Your character is literally a Dullahan at all times. APB is populated by Dullahans.
  18. Tree model is the same, it just looks super weird cause of the lighting and LODs being super low in Live.
  19. Although the Pre-LO shotguns needed to be changed, they were still factually better than what we currently have. Shotgun pellets should not gain the damage of the pellets that missed the target, that's just plain dumb.
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