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  1. Imagine having 3 max ranks on your team and still crying. Dead pvp games dont work. Either you play no one or you play against people much better than you or worse than you. Still think they should have wiped the game and made us all start over again. Lost the chance for a fresh competitive game. Oh well.
  2. I disagree. People would could back, but only to realize how shit it is and leave a week later.
  3. You play a different game until phasing comes out like the rest of us.
  4. I prefer Maplestory 2's meret market. You customize cash shop clothing then you can sell your designs for their IRL ingame currency. So if they did that here you'd pay a fee of g1c to put your customized item up on the g1c market and then if a player likes your design they can buy it with g1c. You get some g1c back and LO still makes a profit from it. Win win. I actually made hundreds of $ of ingame currency selling Goku/Vegeta outfits and Backpacks with cute shit on it. Girlfriend wanted GIR so I made her this monstrosity lmao. Surprisingly I sold like 4 sets.
  5. I'll tell you hwat I'm gonna be maining ALIG when they drop.
  6. Yeah one of the most pathetic type of people are the ones that snipe and try to sell popular names. Someone bought Jeff on our WoW classic server for 500$.
  7. As much as OP is a troll 99% of the time idk why yall are being so salty about this. More customization freedom is better. Only reason I can see them not allowing it is if causes internal issues, but if it's just for clipping and looking off who cares? Seems like most of you are just attacking OP rather than his suggestion which isnt a bad one.
  8. Yeah if anything just make it a passive skill for all players at this point. Car surfing being locked behind 195 is just silly. It was a cool concept when it first came out, but I'd welcome it being a passive so I can equip my HL3 again.
  9. I mean if by not easy to learn you mean timing your shots then sure, but imo any 12 year old can learn how to handle it with a basic understanding of how weapons work in this game.
  10. Yeah but it almost completely fills his whole neckbeard turbo virgin cosplay. Hes just lacking a pony tail.
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