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  1. Oof no s9+ and my otterbox has saved my phone from destruction more times than I can count.
  2. Can they not just upgrade APB to 4.0 without calling it APB2?
  3. Matt: Don't over react Everyone: *over reacts* Correct me if I'm wrong, but all they did was sell the name. So now the Unit Game can make a mobile APB game without having to deal with license issues or pay royalties to LO. LO still owns APB and Unit Game has zero ownership over the game itself. So nothing has changed for us. The only thing we're gonna see is them making a mobile game which could promote APB even more if the game takes off. Probably even direct links to APB from the mobile game. So instead of us seeing cheap knock off facebook ads of images stolen from APB we will get an actual authentic APB mobile game.
  4. Hopefully they add the option to split up district chats or filter languages like ff14 has. You would pick what your primary language is example being EN, SP, JP, RU etc. Then under channel settings you can filter out people that have certain languages checked for their account. One of the biggest issues with Intl. servers is toxicity towards people speaking a different language than them whether it be because one language is full of spammers or because they just feel left out. Knowing how hard LO is trying to cut down on the toxicity this could be super helpful if implemented right.
  5. Yes, but theres a point to it. The fact that this game is third person makes it almost impossible for someone attacking to win a gun fight unless the defender potato's. Grenades flush people out and away from strong corners. If grenades were weaker it would be more beneficial to tank the grenade and just gun the attacker down. How it is now is when they throw a grenade you throw one as well but at the area they need to come through. All grenades are is area denial and it's great that it works that way. They are powerful, but need to remain so or attacking will be so much harder.
  6. Imo. Best way to balance it would be to put 5 star on hold until mission ends. Atm it punishes a good player.
  7. I read this as Citadel and Nekrova merge and was like "Well that's cool I guess" then read it again and was like OH FUCK YES. Jericho leggo!
  8. To be faaaiiiirrrr. Matt could be a sick dart thrower. Good dart throwers can hit targets blind folded by memory. He just looks like someone who would be good at darts.
  9. Similar yeah. Met gf 2 years ago on a mobile game called idle poring. Moving in with her next month. People knock on long distance because it ain't the norm. You meant Tanto and Sarulen right? Lmao they were the ones that got married.
  10. Last time I went in it was literally everyone using the rfp and killing people easily at sniper range. If we dont get anything from testing it I'm not going to sit through that boring hell again. If we're going this direction with secondaries just say fuck it and let people equip two primaries. The rfp was basically an OBIR.
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