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  1. If I did my math correctly it ranked in the top 9.33%(repeating of course) percentile of reasons why the game is dead. My source wishes to remain anonymous.
  2. It's almost like allowing silvers to farm new players literally killed the game. If only people have been posting about this for years so both G1 and LO could have done something. "HiGh RaTiNg DoEsNt MeAn YoUrE gOoD"
  3. You could have milked this game much harder if you wiped it. Oh well.
  4. Because silvers that DT are garbage and have been playing the last few years against new players so their skill level never improved.
  5. I mean idk what you're expecting from testers from a dead game. I can bet you the testers barely even play the game as is. Seems kind of pointless to even have testing be a closed thing.
  6. It's like eating spicy food. Great for the moment, but the next day you regret it and forget about it for awhile til you feel like it's worth it to try again.
  7. Or they bought APB$ from a site and stupidly used the same login info.
  8. Imagine having 3 max ranks on your team and still crying. Dead pvp games dont work. Either you play no one or you play against people much better than you or worse than you. Still think they should have wiped the game and made us all start over again. Lost the chance for a fresh competitive game. Oh well.
  9. I disagree. People would could back, but only to realize how shit it is and leave a week later.
  10. You play a different game until phasing comes out like the rest of us.
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