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  1. I have old account like 5-8 years, but! How somes people know, 4games was close, and innova servers was off, my old person (HugoAllywero), and, I write 1 time and take a questuen, "How I can take my person back" they say that, if you want take person, you need go there (site) and I go there, but there I needed a mail to which the account was linked, but it turns out that the mail was frozen and the password was forgotten, like all the data about this mail, and now the actual question is where I am writing here and what I need to do, if the password from Michael was forgotten, and when you try to recover it, they request a huge amount of information, which I naturally don’t remember!
  2. I would like to return my old account from an innova server, but I wrote a long time ago in support, and you know what? they answered after 6 months, and of course, at that time I didn’t play this anymore, and didn’t go to the mail at all, who knows how to return accounts, please write !!
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