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  1. Thial

    Hacker testimonial

    Explosives are not real weapons.
  2. Thial

    Hacker testimonial

    Even with my experience from many years of playing apb I still can't fully distinguish really good closet cheaters. Some people have it configured really well and they know how to play to not reveal themselves. Even some old veterans think that I'm cheating while I was always the cleanest mofo in this game which even further proves that it's not that easy. If you are talking about blatant shawcopters or people with bronze movement and game sense but godlike aim then yes I would agree.
  3. Thial

    Hacker testimonial

    This can't be real. First him mentioning shooting at people past 100m because he can see them with wh while you can't shoot past 100 meters. Then his 800 hours skill and being able to tell who exactly is cheating ? 800 hours is nothing in apb and definitely not enough experience to be able to fully distinguish every cheater from a legit pro with thousands of hours.
  4. You can watch the vid which I linked in my first post.
  5. Thial

    Grenade launcher

    And if you play on lower graphics they become completely invisible.
  6. Thial

    Grenade launcher

    All I want them to do to explosives is to introduce trails to opgl projectiles. You just can't see the damn things.
  7. What kind of imperfections ?? If you use free spin, what kind of uncomfortable grip do you have ? You just spin your wheel once every 10-15 seconds just as you would press a macro button. After that all you do is hold the mouse normally and focus on tracking. The free spin wheel is able to execute more than 1000 clicks in just 5 seconds therefore in worst case scenario if you used let's say oscar you would have 15ms slower ttk than the perfect one which still would be very hard to reproduce by clicking LMB + you would be 100% consistent with it. Also as I said it 100 times you don't actually need to learn any guns. All you need to do is shoot at people within the weapon's effective range / at the range where bloom won't affect your effectiveness and the wheel takes care of the perfect RoF for you and that in itself is cheating imo no matter what arguments you will use. Normally it takes months to master all the guns and even after that you still need to put effort into clicking properly yet a simple trick let's you bypass one of the fundamental mechanics of the game. Exactly the same thing as macro does. And as @Dopefish said. If it didn't give you advantages people simply wouldn't use it yet there's a massive amount of people using the wheel currently, even streamers.
  8. Thial

    Joker SR15 Carabine needs a nerf.

    Carbine OP ? What ?
  9. It's not about being able to pull off 100 / 120 fps. It's about the random stuttering and other performance issues. It's relatively easy to get 120fps but the stability is a whole different topic. And it's those random stutters / fps drops that make you lose.
  10. There will be no need for 50v50 instances if we will get proper cross district matchmaking. The transition will be almost seamless. The way it would look for you is that everyone from your current district disappears and suddenly new players from the target district appear just as it is in many MMOs currently.
  11. My point is that with weapons which already have tiny recoil, if you reduce the recoil by say 5% that's like no difference at all.
  12. The recoil reduction is so small that they could as well just remove the mod and you wouldn't feel the difference.
  13. Bullet tracers were broken for a very long time therefore removed from the game. They might come back with the engine upgrade. For example silenced weapons have no point of existing right now since the silencer mod was supposed to remove bullet tracers.
  14. Thial

    We need...T R E N C H C O A T S

    Relax. Let them do an engine upgrade first and take care of other bugs / issues. Matt already said that they will be updating the looks of current clothing and adding more. Trench coat is a very generic item. I'm 100% certain that it will be added in the future.