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  1. What's with all of those accounts with no prior posts suddenly defending the guy ? But yeah I totally agree that to get banned the case had to be ongoing for a long time where he was probably being inspected in the game and what not for a while. I know many people who have trolled once in a while but none of them got any warnings and none of them got banned so his case had to be very severe as it was also confirmed by many people here who knew him in the game. Also as others have stated by making this thread and being salty he has given LO every reason not to unban him since it's all a joke to him and he's not sorry one bit so he would 99.9% continue to be toxic and would grief. Not to mention the pathetic attempts to insult others where he thinks that he's actually funny and edgy not realizing that he's only making a clown out of himself . I f*cking hate griefers so it's nice to see that they are being punished.
  2. Nothing will work as long as the population is so low. Even if you will have a brand new matchmaking if there will be no adequate people to match against you, you will be matched against those "r255 tryhards" as you call them. You do realize that you can just go to a bronze district if you are struggling vs golds but if you will keep settling for less you will never improve ? Just watching how top golds are playing will make you better. Also you can beat veterans with your most basic weapons no problem, even without any mods. The first pistol FBW can destroy the best players if you know how to use it.
  3. Thial

    Cyrillic is a problem

    People should be able to message each other in their native alphabet but using any kind of special characters in names should be strictly forbidden. Names should be limited to the ASCII encoding. The names could only contain special characters if we had some kind of a right click report functionality in the game.
  4. trash talking is literally being a toxic person which I bet has contributed to him being banned since LO can access the chat logs and they could probably see a long going case of toxicity and griefing. Some people have also confirmed that they know how he's behaving in the game. Looking at his responses is enough to confirm that hypothesis, nothing but denial and trying to disprove people who are right by calling them snowflakes or by making some edgy comments to avoid having to comment on the valid points or shifting the blame on LO or other people who did similar things but didn't get banned. Same story as with all of those ffbans kids who were all innocent but banned 10 times each.
  5. We both know that you did read it. You can't help yourself when something is directed at you. You are literally sitting here all day responding to every post directed at you. How can you even deny anything at this point is beyond me. Edit: It goes back to what I was saying about making edgy comments. When someone is making valid points your defense is an edgy comment or calling people snowflakes or other shit because you know that they are right so there's nothing that you could possibly say to disprove them, your last response is also a proof of that. And if you think that nobody is noticing those things then damn bro you're gonna have a hard life.
  6. Your denial is quite fascinating. First you are admitting to doing bad things and in literally the next sentence you are asking why did you get banned ? You have admitted to being banned and warned before, to griefing and TKing, now to trash talking (which is btw a form of toxicity unlike what you are saying). You are also clearly salty af since you have made this thread and you are responding to literally every single post which is targeting you in any way while also trying to disprove being salty by trying to make edgy jokes and calling people snowflakes while you are literally the only snowflake here. Everyone except for you has made valid arguments why you deserve a ban according to ToS and other factors yet all you are doing is trying to offend people back, shame LO for being biased and shift the blame. Time to grow up bro, you are not impressing nor fooling anyone here.
  7. Getting banned for breaking the rules. Can you believe that ?? Life is unfair. If that will make you feel better file reports on people who were griefing pound. Still won't get you unbanned. I'm also sure that shaming LO publicly will help a lot. Just as others have said or probably even the mod which supposedly has talked to you, contact support. Also I don't think that LO is biased in any way. It's like saying that many people were speeding on a highway but the police has caught you so they have to be biased.
  8. Don't worry being edgy won't hide the fact how salty you really are. The sheer fact that you've made this thread speaks for itself lmao.
  9. You might have or might have not. Still doesn't disprove what I've said.
  10. What has bias to do with mods not being online or being busy with more important things ? You are not the first, nor the last person who got perm banned, they have more interesting things to do.
  11. wait so you got temp banned / warned before and now you are surprised that you got perm banned ?
  12. Haven't really heard of temp bans in APB not to mention bans are not broadcasted publicly so you wouldn't know either unless all of your buddies are griefers too and they were being temp banned in the past so now you are salty because you got perm banned instead or you were temp banned once and now got perm banned. If the first one is the case then you deserve a perm ban for trying to be a smartass. If it's the second then a temp ban was a warning and now you have crossed the line again.
  13. So my assumption of you griefing for the lolz and people reporting you for it and then LO banning you is false. I see.
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