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  1. Nothing since it's already 2020 and the upgrade is still not done. The game is already pretty much dead with only veterans playing and the problems go far far deeper than the upgrade itself. Better performance won't fix anything since most people are running rigs with 2080Ti anyway where performance was never an issue. Shitty servers, non existent matchmaking, phasing, active gms and many many more are the real issues. People need to understand that the engine itself won't change anything.
  2. @MattScott @Lixil I hope that this will possible to get in the future as I'm one of many RTX gpu owners who can't even play the game without crashing all the time.
  3. The problem is that people are mistaking it for a grindable system. It's just supposed to be a side reward for a long term commitment. Not a system where you can grind a free perm gun each week. LO would have to close down shop and APB would perish if that was the case since everyone would start grinding for free guns instead of buying them and supporting the company.
  4. If you have really spent that much then you should have the majority of the guns anyway.
  5. Exactly, the only people crying here are teenagers who are too lazy to move their patootie from in front of a computer and think that they are entitled to everything for free. Everyone else has a job and no problem buying armas stuff whatsoever. There are plenty of part time job opportunities everywhere and those who want to work and make some money will always find something.
  6. Absolutely not true. The majority of the best meta guns are the free ones. The majority of armas weapons are just reskins. There is absolutely no need to have armas guns at all. Except for maybe a fang. They do lose quite a lot since the guns are not that cheap. Say 200 players will get a 2500 g1c weapon. That's $5000 in lost potential revenue (never to be seen again since the gun is permanent) just from a single item and not a big amount of people buying it. That's a nice amount of money when it comes to upkeeping the game servers and the other services.
  7. Bro get over it. Nothing will change. LO is already losing money by implementing this feature. Why on earth would they damage their business further ? It was not possible at all to get free guns before and you are basically arguing so that you can get even more free guns because it's not enough for you. JT farming was made simpler and now you literally get JT no matter what you are doing in APB. Before you could only farm JT from FC and nobody had a problem but as soon as free weapons are involved it's not enough. Also you are mad because veterans were able to purchase weapons day 1. Well yeah it's not like they got JT out of nowhere. They were farming for many months too. Now it's much easier so you have literally nothing to complain about.
  8. No that's just your opinion because you want to get more armas guns for free. Additionally you are not supposed to grind it, that's the whole reason why JT were added to mission rewards too. You will eventually get free permanent guns regardless of what you'll be doing in APB, no grinding involved.
  9. The whole point of the system is to just give you an additional way to spend your JT. People were farming JT without a problem for years but as soon as a way to obtain free permanent weapons is added suddenly complaining begins.
  10. That's good. Be grateful that you can get ARMAS weapons for free at all. Up until now everyone was paying for theirs with real money. Beggars can't be choosers as they say.
  11. It doesn't matter how long it's gonna take + 1.5-3 months is not that long anyway. Just do other things apart from playing APB and you'll be fine. It's only supposed to be an additional reward for loyal players not a proper system which is going to be abused to get free permanent weapons which normally cost real money. Not only you are able to get a permanent weapon for free you also now get JT from missions so it's way easier to farm. Not so long ago you couldn't get any permanent weapons at all. LO was trying to do something nice and people are already complaining and they want more. Maybe they should take it away if people are not satisfied. I sincerely hope that LO won't listen to those complaints as not only it would damage their business but it would also be a stab in the back to all of those who have been supporting LO financially including myself.
  12. Give someone a finger and they will bite your arm off. There was nothing like this in the past so you should be happy. This system doesn't exist so you can quickly get everything for free. LO would be losing money that way. It's so you can get rewarded for playing the game for a long time.
  13. Yes I never argued the fact that the mod works but if you don't see a visible difference that can automatically mean that you are relying on what ifs. "Maybe it will benefit me, maybe it won't, I hope it will." Going down that road imo it's just not worth wasting a mod slot for something which doesn't provide a visible, consistent and certain advantage. That's why I'm generally recommending utility mods like MP3 and Tagger/3-PS since they are changing your gun in a considerable way which can actually benefit you. I often feel like the majority of people use RS3 on OSCAR because of placebo or because someone told them that it's good and not because they have actually tested it. Yes that is definitely true although the main reason why you would use the lean quickscope ADS over strafe hipfire is the speed and hitbox exposure time. Those things can go a long way when facing the top players. In top level matches every bit of health as well as every bit of dealt damage matters. Quoting myself: Definitely true. The main reason for a heated argument is that people are trying to spread misinformation saying that RS3 is great for OSCAR while it does basically nothing. Nothing visible at the very least. As you can probably see nobody has provided any sort of proof to their RS3 good / ADS bad claims. Maybe if we will get CS:GO like debug hit markers we will be able to revisit the topic. Also the fact that people are trying to disprove the viability of ADS on OSCAR due to unknown to me reasons. Probably just ego or just wanting to win the argument.
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