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  1. You can check the consistency of clicks and the intervals. Most macros are literally click, wait 0.1s click, wait 0.1s. Nobody and I mean nobody clicks with perfect consistency either, we all mess up the rhythm, no matter how good you are. You can't really ban someone off of that alone unless the data is really obvious but in cases against some closet cheaters it can serve as a good indicator or an additional piece of evidence that someone is cheating. I have encountered so many macro users in random groups I was invited to that it's scary.
  2. You literally said to buff fire rates by 2 or 3 times across the board. If that doesn't sound like making an smg out of every gun then I don't know what does.
  3. You are essentially asking for every weapon to become a laser smg and for people to become bullet sponges so that you can just have more focus on tracking people rather than just killing them. That would just kill the gun variety, the fun and probably the game. All we need is to buff the non meta guns so that every gun becomes meta.
  4. The whole progression/role/reward system needs an overhaul as it's super outdated and doesn't match the pace of modern games at all anymore.
  5. You can't just upgrade a game. First of all UE3.5 and UE5 are two completely different things. You would need to design the whole game from scratch. Sure you have the art assets and the sounds but you have to build everything from scratch on new UE5 systems. This is especially horrible when you are doing it on existing legacy code as you first have to put all of the systems apart to understand their design which includes everything from handling of weapons, movement in the game, mission systems, networking, resource management etc and then you need to translate it onto the new systems. Yes you can do a new game rather quickly but then it wouldn't be APB anymore. Translating a legacy project to a new engine is super tedious and the only way to have the game keep the exact same feel and mechanics.
  6. I'm interested in how FairFight will operate alongside of EAC. As we know from the past some unfair bans were issued due to FairFight and also incompetence of G1. The line between top tier skill and cheating is extremely slim where a lot of people were fine tuning their cheats to make themselves look like top tier players or they were adding slight aim assist or they were using esp in a way where there were no hints that they are doing it. Therefore I'm interested to see if we'll be having another wave of incorrect bans or will we be seeing actual cheaters being removed and the game slowly regaining its playerbase.
  7. not still, dead means nobody is playing anymore, there are around 700 people playing therefore it's nearly dead. Words mean things.
  8. Thinking that everyone is cheating is also delusional. I literally had people come to my stream and harass me saying that they have hours of footage proving that I'm cheating. Yet I have never been banned after thousands of hackusations and reports. I wonder why. There are plenty of other veterans who have experienced the same exact thing because people are simply delusional. They see cheaters everywhere. Sure there are tons of cheaters in every game but there are also tons of players who can be insanely good and fully legit. Ignoring that is what it means to be truly ignorant. It's easy to slander people and call everyone cheaters. It's much harder to admit that you are just shit at the game and others are much better.
  9. The real banger was the old login screen before G1 ruined it
  10. Yeah I do know that you can either fine tune everything to seem fully legit or just use cheats to assist with different things. I guess that I just don't like playing with the mindset that people are cheating as having that mindset only leads to being frustrated and playing worse or even quitting the game which I did in 2019 as I just got tired of putting in a lot of effort and so many people effortlessly running around with skill.exe
  11. All I have seen was blatant 4man cheating groups being gone. Good legit players were still being hackusated just as always. That's why I don't think that anything will change. Even with the best anti cheat people will still accuse everyone of cheating. It's just human nature.
  12. While it might be true that people did cheat I feel like the veterans who are left and who wanted to be in SPCT are still here out of their love for the game. That's why I just find it unlikely that they would cheat. Also like I said there's really nothing to gain from it at this point unless someone would be just super sweaty. In general I would assume that the current SPCT have at least few thousand hours in the game which is enough time to cultivate fully legit god tier skill. During my prime after around 2-2.5k hours I was playing so well and I was doing such things that I would ban myself tbh. My flicks were so accurate and my tracking was so consistent that it was scary. But it was the effect of me putting a lot of effort in which I'm sure other veterans were doing as well. Back in the day people were super into being as good as possible, training in aimtastic or csgo. Improving their muscle memory, reviewing their gameplay etc. So if the current SPCT are the remnants of that time then I'm not surprised why people would hackusate them. But of course it's possible that I'm completely wrong and people are in fact running around with macros and triggerbots.
  13. The exact same issue exists with heavy item missions. If by any chance your car gets destroyed in the middle of the street it's over. The items will be just stuck there with both teams infinitely respawning with volcanos and shit and every car brought close to the items being destroyed.
  14. You are welcome to speculate. I just find it unlikely that SPCT would risk their position to cheat in a nearly dead game. If APB was mega active and popular then yeah sure you could get some clout of it but now ? What would even be the purpose of cheating ? Also I'm just tired of people throwing hackusations left and right without any evidence whatsoever which are aimed at veterans. The majority of people hackusate literally anyone who kills them and it takes no effort at all to slander people. Providing evidence on the other hand could expose that they are just shit at the game.
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