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  1. I'm not using any online apps, I wrote my own app which lets me input strings / hex strings / images and displays decoded outputs in as many encodings as I will implement. I have found many 4 char / 12 char values obviously but they are not special in any way. Seeing how "obnoxious" the first part was I don't think they would go to such lengths as encoding secret messages in image files etc. I don't think it's one of those Cicada 3301 style mysteries. Most likely they will simply add something new which will lead to another piece of the code. One thing you could still try is checking which files got updated. There might be a clue in a file name / content.
  2. I have dug through all of the website scripts and http requests and tried getting hex strings out of the images used on their website and then decoding that with ascii, utf8 and base64 but found nothing interesting. Maybe they haven't released everything yet. I will try few more things.
  3. Scoreboards alone aren't much proof. I've been getting scores like 60 kills 5 deaths myself by camping corners with a csg. It's really not that hard. Just use /report or record a video and then also add some scoreboard screenshots.
  4. It's not about whether or not they will reroll. It's about LO working with BE to increase the detection rate and speed. Even if they will reroll (which they will do) they will be getting caught faster and faster over time. I wouldn't bother myself with it. There aren't that many cheaters to begin with right now. Also about the false ban conspiracy. Not to brag or anything but I've been playing since 2014 and sometimes I've been doing such plays that it would look like cheating even to me if I would watch a recording of it so there were countless opportunities for other players to report me. I've been also hackusated countless times like many other people here, even by really good players. Yet I was never banned a single time. I was really waiting to be falsely banned multiple times since so many people were spreading this conspiracy about being falsely banned that it almost seemed like it's real but despite all the hackusations and everything nothing ever happened to me nor to my friends who were also really good players. I'm not saying that there are no false bans at all but imo 99% of the false ban claims are lies which usually come from notorious rerollers.
  5. Not everyone cheats, some people are just good.
  6. If you don't cheat you have nothing to be worried about. I've been hackusated countless times since 2014 and I never got falsely banned.
  7. Good riddance. The cleaning before the engine upgrade.
  8. Spending 60 euro can get me 3 perm account wide guns. Not bad.
  9. Even with my experience from many years of playing apb I still can't fully distinguish really good closet cheaters. Some people have it configured really well and they know how to play to not reveal themselves. Even some old veterans think that I'm cheating while I was always the cleanest mofo in this game which even further proves that it's not that easy. If you are talking about blatant shawcopters or people with bronze movement and game sense but godlike aim then yes I would agree.
  10. This can't be real. First him mentioning shooting at people past 100m because he can see them with wh while you can't shoot past 100 meters. Then his 800 hours skill and being able to tell who exactly is cheating ? 800 hours is nothing in apb and definitely not enough experience to be able to fully distinguish every cheater from a legit pro with thousands of hours.
  11. You can watch the vid which I linked in my first post.
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