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  1. That's like saying "lets just get rid of roles, let the heavy use a sniper. Let the medic use the chain gun, let the healer wear plate and cast fireballs, let the rouge mass heal and bless , and don't forget to let them use holy smite... You want to be able to play any (and all roles) in any game? There are reasons that there are roles in games, to not understand that, well you are too young to be playing APB, if you want to use LTL, then play and Enf. If you want to ram raid, play a crim.
  2. "some do cheat that's why anti cheats exist and why APB has a new one to continue to ban cheating , but 60% are cheating by your numbers? I highly doubt 60% are cheating I honestly also doubt you understand business gaming practices and why your objectives are flawed." Actually it is much higher as there are only a few players reminding the cheaters that are cheating, that is a lot of the cheaters do not understand they are cheating as they are not bothering to read the EULA or rules. Of you think that there are a low amount of cheaters, or that the number of cheaters are inflated then simply look at the bannable cheat types, think of your last to matches: Hacks: Did the enemy or some one on or team, pre-fire, track players through walls, spawn on top of you or out of range of where the spawns should be. Snap in midfire to a new target. Always know where you are. Hacks is the use of modified game files. Bots: Did the enemy or some one on or team, See a player swap a gun from one hand fire switch to other hand fire repeat. Stand then fire, squat, stand then fire ... repeat. Grab an item run/jump fire catch.. repeat "fast carry and item". Jump shoot, jump shoot... repeat. Drop their case and swap weapons in under 2 seconds. Bots are the use of a macro or ANY thing that mimics a macro Glitches: Did the enemy or some one on or team, place an obj some place it can not be reached normally, Destroy an enemy objective do that they can not complete the objective. Use Bots to gain access to areas they shouldn't be able to reach (top of roofs). Glitches are the use of other cheats and exploits to gain an unfair advantage. Exploits: Did the enemy or some one on or team, group with a cheater. Use the mechanics of the game to jump a car onto a roof so the OBJ is unreachable. Have a friend or clan member ghost, block the objective, interfere in any way such as ramming your vehicles. Or in any way influence the match externally. Have an enemy or team mate dethreat, team kill while there is OP, prevent there team from completing the objectives. While glitching uses, or is a byproduct, of exploits. Exploiting is using any thing that gave you an unfair advantage that you did not /report. While being matched with a cheater is not avoidable and is not exploiting as long as you /report the cheat. Grouping with one is a direct exploit of their cheats, not /reporting the cheat is double cheating. There are many more examples of players cheating, but this is the main one players forget: If you see a cheater that benefits you and do not /report it you are exploiting. Now remember your last 10 matches, how many of those had no player doing any thing from the list of bannable cheats? That will give you a baseline of just how bad the cheating epidemic really is. Some years back one of the lead Devs estimated that the pop of cheats was at 90% because there was 30% of the player base that did not know the rules and assumed that only cheats were hackers. The 10% not cheating were the players playing by the rules and /reporting the cheaters. So even if LO are putting the report system on the back burner, If you believe you do not cheat answer one question, are you /reporting cheaters? If not then you are cheating (exploiting). OH, as far as the business model, I understand very well. Cheating is bad for business and will affect the bottom line. Game Developers create games to make money. That is their job and how they can continue to exist. Cheaters are the equivalent of a shoplifter as they are stealing from the company and turning away customers. Why LO are not making cheating their number one (1) concern shows that they do not have any long term goals or plans to save the game. That being said, I was there dancing in social when the RTWcb ended, I was there dancing in social when RTW closed the severs and hopefully LO will allow us to go out dancing in social when they have sucked out every penny they could. The funny thing is, it is just a matter of adding or activating some lines of code to remove 80% of all the cheats. Moving to a new version of the engine may make the game better looking, however it doesn't fix anything.
  3. ! hour a go the silver server had a peak of 20 enfs 18 crims. and it had been flowing around there for a few hours. Then a group of cheats got on, and within half an hour the crim pop dropped to 3 crims as people were tired of fighting the same cheats over and over. Some tried to quit the missions when pitted with the cheats but then a cheat clan came on an the only option was fight the cheats or quit the game, I left when it was 3 vrs me. No new engine or even fancy content will bring players back or retain them until the cheat epidemic is fixed. LO look at the server stats, when you see it die of it is because a group(s) of cheats have logged on and ran off the human players. Start using the /report system and actually ban the cheats or give up on the game as it is headed down the same rode as combat arms. The cheaters attitudes in not "I'll stop cheating when the new stuff is out" it is and I am quoting several "who cares if I cheat in a dying game, LO doesn't care if i cheat as long as I pump a few bucks into them" Right now LO seems to be more worried about putting a fancy dress on a old pig thinking the the pig will be the bell of the ball and every one will return. Yes you will loose a lot of current income by removing the cheaters , however as is you are losing more human players and the ability to get more players. Ban the cheats by making examples of some of the worst cheats and loose 60% of the current player base. Or continue ignoring the cheat epidemic and have no one to show off the new dress too. look at the sever stats and run the numbers.
  4. yes hopefully it will help wake up the exploiters and botters. So they understand that cheating in any form is banable.
  5. by putting them on your friends list. When they were banned you got a notification something like "player" does not exist. Also note I said the good old RTW days. there a report was handled withing a few days, how do I know.. because they no longer existed after a few days of being reported. GF restored the /report system and examined and banned for 1 day, before removing the GMs working the /report because the GMS handling it stated that the cheating was happening by 70-80% of the pop. It was going to hit them in the pocket books immediately, so they decided to die slowly from the cheater cancer.
  6. banning people for using ingame functions is the opposite of following the rules lmao no its not when the "function" is an exploit. and is posted by gms as a Rule.
  7. nope it was a GM following the rules. 0 tolerance for cheats, and it said on the GM rule post "the use of a macro or anything that mimics a macro" was to be banned. Back then they banned for 2 hours anyone that cheated in any form. but you would have to be a RTW player to remember the golden days. sure they would reroll but all of their stuff on the first account was gone. the issue is that the "entitled" kids think they deserve to cheats and will admit it then call you salty for trying to make them play in the rules.
  8. ROFL... Ok, you first have to remember what the banned cheats types are: 1: Hacks 2:Exploits 3:Bots (from the GM post, any macro or anything that mimics a macro} BE only deals with hacks (modified game files) BE can not detect the other 99% of cheats. Exploits: such as Greys (ghosting), glitching items, grouping with a cheater, fast carry a heavy, etc... (anything or action that is taking advantage of flaws in the game (programming, content or models) Bots: the use of a macro or anything that mimics a macro. I remember back in the early days, after 3 warnings, /report ing a player that had bound their fire button to the mouse wheel. A GM whispered me and after explaining what the guy was doing, the GM banned the guy for 2 hours telling him to unbind all macros and if he ever was caught again using bots, the ban would be permanent. That player is still around today and never and any cheats since. Warning bans work, and should be used more for non-hack cheaters as most be leave that only hacks are cheats.
  9. while its good to make a detailed road map, unless "handle the cheater epidemic" is number 1 on the list the rest of the plans will not matter. there are literally 1000s of games that the devs had great plans for, but because they did not handle the cheaters, the games died. Think back to any "great game concept" that died in the last 8 years, all were because of cheaters. Think of any game that players are still playing and all have "you cheat, you are perma banned" enforced rules. Before little Orbit took over the servers had maybe 20 players on 4 servers. Sure half of the current player base are the unbanned cheats, but the other half are the players that came back on the promise that you would handle the cheater epidemic. The only way to get to half way on your roadmap is to move the cheat issue to #1 on your list.
  10. there is no 100% anticheat is the point, with /report and vid you can see who is cheating. all you have to do is look at the vids out there and you see the cheaters bragging. Back with RTW, the GM sis their job and watch the /report ed and saw for them selves that they were indeed cheating. little orbit needs to lose their fear that they will loose too many players if they ban all the cheaters because just like every other game, the cheaters will kill the game and drive away new players. there are more sub 50 re-rolled cheats than ever before. all of the old cheat clans have come back stronger and are openly recruiting cheaters. Back when the GMs held to the rule : grouping with a cheater is exploiting the cheaters' cheats and would ban clans the problem did not exist.
  11. If you are truly trying to remove all cheaters then why have you removed the /report system? 90% of all that posted about being unfairly banned use the same excuse "I am not hacking" completely forgetting that ALL cheats not just hacks are bannable. there are three listed cheat types that cheaters are banned for: 1: bots 2: exploits and of course 3: hacks. While battle eye can catch hacks it can not catch the more used cheats such as: Ghosting: when an enemy player has a clan mate, not in the fight , (grey) help them by blocking the obj, ramming cars, etc... This can only be caught using the /report system. Walling: Such as a vip tracking and avoiding the enemy though buildings or even on the map changing direction to avoid being intercepted. (remember that only the vip is lit) Quick carry: Running with a heavy item by using a bot to switch between fire and grab. Quick switch: Switching between rhand fire to lhand fire repeat every shot (remember that all macros or anything that mimics a macro is banned) Quick switch spawn case bot: switching the weapon load out through the use of bot. Can switch from a hvr to an shaw in under 1 sec. Fast run without mods: player have no mods loaded yet run 2x faster than with fragile mounted. Snap: players jumping out of cars or open doors with no recovery time, snapping on and insta firing These cheats I observed within a 2 hour play. Which would never be caught or banned by battle eye. Not to mention that the GMs are not aware with the rules. I talked to a GM in game am pointed out that there was a team of cheats, all in the same clan. He said that only one of them was cheating. Then I pointed out the rule "Grouping with a cheater is exploiting the cheaters' cheats. thus once a cheater is banned all of the players that were grouping were also banned as they were cheating by exploit. He looked up the rule and said that it seamed "harsh". Which is the point, until cheats fear being banned they will continue to cheat. If you truly want to remove cheaters the you must ban ALL cheaters, those that claimed to be falsely banned were cheating, they were not hacking. The only way to clean up the game is to restore the ability to /report. and a place to submit videos of the non-hack cheats. Those that were complaining that they being told to stop cheating or be reported need to under stand that all cheats, not just hacks can be banned. The complainers were likely cheating, not hacking but instead exploring or bottling. I can not count the time I had to msg a ghost "stop blocking the OBJ or be reported"
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