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  1. Is that you on two accounts or something? .. Ok if you can't give a reasonable explanation to the quite contradicting statements you both make that's fine. Of course the current server needs to be restricted still, you could even hire a gm with the money you will be making with the new server.
  2. So you have nothing to say on that? Are you implying having an unrestricted server will have no positive impact on the current server? How so? The problems there will get worse with a server dedicated to that stuff?
  3. This is true but at the very start it wasn't enforced in a way you see today. If you claim otherwise I'd start doubting you being there... the key point to take is you do not have to play there if you don't want to, you might even see less of what you complain about on your "current" favorite server because people do not play at two servers at once. Still most of the population I'm talking about isn't currently in the 300 player pool. This idea makes the current server more "fun" for those people you want to protect, do you see the irony in the statement you make? Merged. Again, don't have to play there. The extra server will have people griefing and what not, which will include people you currently complain about having an impact on the current server and they will be able to go ham on this one so it's really a win/win with extra money for all. It's mostly about cheating now in this thread but I agree it's more than that, griefing, insulting, uncomfortable clothes and symbols, music. The works.
  4. added server, extra, anyone with a complaint just stay on the current one just ignore the new and biggest server apb has ever seen (more or less like how it was on rtw start) when you say "cheat" on here it always becomes a battle between "closet don't talk" and "back to the old days" (and this is currently true for every game out there = name me one where that isn't true, one) Merged. nobody will play on the current server, we can discuss why but it's useless an unrestricted server will have every roach you can imagine on it Merged. You are insinuating since the first post and ignored everything else, and are still going, I'm not going to hammer on that it's useless we've seen 13 years of it. Let's just say a bad silver will always be a bad silver no matter what. The pop is so low because people are restricted in what they can do on a server that has people ignoring these same rules. And not just cheating, everything I listed. Unrestrict the game to what it made big in the first place, everything done after has declined it. (didn't even want to get into this, but sure whatever) And again, you can stay on your 15 pop district server and just ignore the biggest server apb has ever seen since release. No problem! This one is extra. And extra cash yes. Basically everything we all need. Curious how you could entangle that into the current problems, but again you can stay playing there even with this added. You might even see less of what you are complaining about on the currents server because usually roaches don't play on two servers at the same time.
  5. No I want every longing creative old-school and new-school gamer, creator and developer to have a place to go in the endless sea of gated, linear, online mess they call gaming today. I want to play with the gloves off. All gloves. I want to show you a world forgotten. Maybe leashed is the better word in current times. This is the only game that has the only company and quite possibly the only dedicated community that can provide it at our current time. I want to open it up. I want to unleash this game and play it until the wheels fall off from the mess and money it makes everyone
  6. make a whole lot of $$$ with a game, company and community that can do this
  7. cherry picking and jumping on it; every game has cheaters. every single game bots, cheats, rmt, it's everywhere online there is not a single game without it.. apb has nothing to do with that, this topic is about unleashing what is apb in total and you can always play on the old server, you don't have to join ... nice quick jump on the oldest topic that is not going anywhere in any game, not now not in another 13 years no matter how many endless other online games release.. it is a non-topic but still has to be added in an unrestricted apb server. if you could just see beyond this one topic and what you are holding in your hand, apb is made to be unleashed the game is that good and it will deliver because it is more than this one little thing you want to hammer on. take off those blinders
  8. this is crazy idea but this is stuff of history making ..... think before dismissing or white-knighting and even if you shut it down later the publicity and learning will be historical even in apb history you have the only game that can do this you have the only game that is ready for this: add one server, this server publicly unrestricted unrestricted chat unrestricted grief unrestricted cheat unrestricted icons unrestricted clothing unrestricted voip unrestricted market unrestricted all Premium only but unrestricted server (no free rides but no rerolls needed either). Fresh server all at start, no account transfer (keep what you have now 100% separate and available) this will grow be the biggest mess on the internet in no time this will be so big this server alone will cover your development costs the only thing you will do is update the code / game to completely-insane server-breaking goat-like hacks that make it impossible for anyone to do anything, nobody needs that but people will find ways if unleashed let it run for as long as it can, APB will make history once more you will be known everywhere and even if it has to be shut down in the future the publicity, profit, experience, fun, all will be priceless and we all will still have what we have now i know it's insane, but this is who we are.. use it and unleash it on the internet. this will be (temporary) bigger than 2.0 and will pay for 2.0 this will grow so fast nothing in gaming history was able to do this, apb, you and this community are the only ones who can make this happen there will be nothing else like it for a long time and it will make you the most until you have 2.0 ready, this will pay for everything, including new ceo cars
  9. About as hard as it is to have an admin in this game.
  10. No, not even half of it. And just look at this thread, disgusting.
  11. Because you might get close, lucky and shoot a ff'd vet in the face. ... basically.
  12. Dumb nerfs because some fuzzybunny buttbuddy cheaters keep crying; "screeeee we are getting killed once in a blue moon". And all that while keeping talk about the elephant in the room a taboo. Having cheaters "support" your game development, giving them mod-alts on the forum. Yeah, this is a zombiefied version of gamersfirst, if that even was possible, but here we have it. Cheaters game 100%. Nothing changed. Nothing will. Attracking new players with this swamp? Funniest joke in 2019. The engine upgrade is a close second, copy pasting old content seems hard enough already. Hahahahahahahahaha. SKILLZ BRO, DEAD GAME!
  13. Wasp, hands down. It's insane. Just stay inside.
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