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  1. About as hard as it is to have an admin in this game.
  2. No, not even half of it. And just look at this thread, disgusting.
  3. Because you might get close, lucky and shoot a ff'd vet in the face. ... basically.
  4. Dumb nerfs because some fuzzybunny buttbuddy cheaters keep crying; "screeeee we are getting killed once in a blue moon". And all that while keeping talk about the elephant in the room a taboo. Having cheaters "support" your game development, giving them mod-alts on the forum. Yeah, this is a zombiefied version of gamersfirst, if that even was possible, but here we have it. Cheaters game 100%. Nothing changed. Nothing will. Attracking new players with this swamp? Funniest joke in 2019. The engine upgrade is a close second, copy pasting old content seems hard enough already. Hahahahahahahahaha. SKILLZ BRO, DEAD GAME!
  5. Wasp, hands down. It's insane. Just stay inside.
  6. As long as the teams that are starting are kind of balanced and we are not talking rage cheaters here, who cares really, it's game. Now if the teams are very unbalanced from the start THAT sure is an issue. Yes THAT is complete bullshoot. Sure you should care about cheating but be reasonable; (1) rage cheating should be an instant EAC catch, if it can't do that why even use anything. (2) NO bias with certain players, if buttbuddy can closet in your game so should erpweeaboo. People will cheat if they want, whatever LO does, whatever ANY game company does, Keep. Starting. Teams. Balanced. !!!!!!! And finally Matt did more for this game than you ever will, how about you go out and rescue a game in distress, have some guts!
  7. Put contacts in Fight Club & RIOT. Make progression on them much slower in these modes, but put them there as well already, new(er) players need more ways to catch up. Just do it! Don't be so conservative with the main game, try stuff! Maybe you are going full speed on the engine update now, which would be amazing, but please after that, just try such stuff. It cannot hurt the game, people will play the modes they like anyway. Also it would add way more initiative to go Premium in these modes,etc, etc, etc. DO IT, try stuff! It's your game now!!
  8. Talking about cheaters is toxic. Talking about fake skill is toxic. Talking about bad people is toxic. "Fucking silvers." Right? Talking about a clown and his shitshow.
  9. Leveling contacts in Waterfront can be troublesome, even on peak hours, not even considering that some players have different times and schedules. Some important modifications, weapons, etc etc, are locked behind these contacts. Because you have to level both Financial and Waterfront contacts to even progress towards +195 modifications, weapons, etc etc, a lot of stuff from Waterfront and indirectly Financial is gated like this. Pre-making enforcer & criminal level boosting groups are currently a valid tactic for Waterfront, which isn't fun or possible for just all, or even in the spirit of the game, it's just a player made solution. To be quite honest even for Financial contacts or an APB with overflowing districts the suggestion following below wouldn't be an offensive or counter-productive thing to do; people will still have roles, achievements, farming, threat, designing, etc, as designations to play the game. Premium would still be preferred to progress what isn't skipped (XP), earn APB$ money, customization boosts and extras, activated abilities cooldown, the Armas discount and even Armas trials. In fact being able to skip some of the contacts might make people who want to spend money on your game play and spend more. Play how you like, make more alt re-roll characters, etc. And all of it would just be optional to purchase for customers. So here it is; Please consider adding contact level boosters / contact skippers to Armas. And duh you don't have to introduce these ridiculously cheap, I'd say just make them competitive with buying premium time. Heck, you could even limit the amount you can buy per account. It would be pay to progress contacts, not pay to win and could be a valid new source of income for Armas. Please consider adding something like this. Thanks.
  10. Yes please let us level waterfront contacts in fight club or something. Or any contact in fight club as an alternative, for the sake of variation. Or put level boosters on Armas so we can skip contacts / levels. Anything, you have to get lucky to level in Waterfront.
  11. More than half of the so called survey offers wanted your cellphone number and would charge you more than you'd ever get in g1c from those offers, Those that did not try to scam you, wanted a lot of private information from you, including real contact information. The people I knew that completed offers, filled them out with rubbish information to get the free g1c. It was for people who had xx89 g1c and needed xx99 g1c to buy something. (Which does suck let's agree with that )
  12. Just remove all weapons except ntec. Who needs any viable counter-tactics in a game anyway? Nobody that's who. And hey if we could get aim-assist on that ntec the whole game will be balanced.
  13. Feeling OP's post. @Kreedz People currently feel quite comfortable in showing off their stuff, for example if they have a speed-hack. No secret here, so to repeat the record once more; for a speed-hack to go undetected by a running battleye, is complete BS... so we can openly state here that there must a way to disable / bypass the battleye we have now. From there on we can explain why we see too much cheaters. Yes this is bad, but it also cannot go unnoticed. I dare to say we can be damn sure LO takes notice of this. Battleye probably knows as well. The game engine update might be needed to get the fully updated battleye (new version) and better battleye support. MattScott has also stated they are looking at additional approaches to keep the game more clean. But again the game engine update might be needed first. Keep reporting them though. I'll do the same.
  14. The population of APB is now soooo low. The number of cheaters in this game, the continuing development of cheats for this game, the active rmt market, that's those players. Nobody else. As always, even our newest officials downplay this, prefer to closet it. Just like in the past, the same volunteers get 'elected' as community representatives. Toxic behavior, cheat denying, even verbally attacking people who talk about the community problems which always have been present here. The only constant this game has always seen is this rotten part of the community. They are still here. Cheating, cheat development, exploiting, selling, all still a problem. There is almost nobody else left. And the few which raise their voice? Well, as a stirred pack of dogs they get encountered on the forum or in the game. The pop is so low. The active people so limited. One could would almost become inclined to believe that the people who are still doing this are just allowed to do this, the past repeating with the old famously notorious g1 clans we had, which were leftovers of the old problematic clans RTW fought with. Still trying covert tactics which a minimal population. Absolutely genius.
  15. Yeah man, P2W isn't found in Joker boxes, it's such a huge mistake these people keep making. Joker guns are always worse than similar white weapons, but, because they can be traded and are collectables, while sometimes perky or funny to play, they are worth in-game money. Collector items. People see them being sold for millions of APB$, those MUST be pay-2-win. Right? The only legendary that comes a bit close is the Vulcano, but, you'd always need to be a maximum distance from the target for that to count. Because of this. the Osmaw is absolutely still the stronger and better launcher. Again, a Vulcano could be considered more funny to play though... and that's it. We debunked all Joker legendaries. White guns are better. Let's just say it; "and some legendary guns are not just worse, they simply are utter crap". Is there no P2W though? Well, you see, we can buy all the meta guns, fully unlocked, pre-modded, from Armas. Is this pay-to-progress or pay-2-win? I think pay-2-progress is stretching it a bit with some of the 3-slot guns. Even though you can unlock them in-game, sure, but like because, with the current pop it it s going to take a bloody long while to unlock them all. You can just pay to have the best of the best stuff from the get-go, on all your alts. And then we have the more rare Armas guns like the LCR and what not. But hey almost nobody thinks this private non-tradable non-legendary market is pay-2-win. How do people even know you paid for them? Maybe if you are rank 1 with all 3 slots available. Or maybe people know that one weapon you are holding isn't always up for sale. No man, the under-powered Joker collectables .... people see them for millions of APB$, those MUST be pay-2-win. Right? It's almost as if these are a distraction of what could be considered P2W.
  16. Most people who I know got everything.... they just grouped-up with someone on the other faction (random or a friend), not really playing the game anymore, but, just farming the rewards / dailies as quickly as possible together. Might be wise to be careful with pushing event-requirements that encourage this trend.
  17. Well you gotta give it to the old G1; it is sort of curious, when the ddos-updates used to attack your game outpace the years-ongoing update of the game itself. Always sounded personal before, same for the ongoing cheat-development, and it sure does now. But man it is sort of curious if you really think about what these incels are attacking.
  18. LO is not captured G1 , G1 gladly sold , tired of fighting with you . you talk about the technical aspects . Dude Yoo'd must be smoking some strong stuff.
  19. Nah RTW has mentioned the extra district a couple of times. Isn't there even a question / mention in of the old video's they did (mostly the old developer team). Those videos could still be on YouTube. Not that it really matters, because as said; RTW wanted to a lót more with APB and like MattScott states there is nothing for 'Midtown' so why not start from scratch if you'd ever start with anything? What other option is there? There is none. Same goes for racing. Or it might be a conspiracy against you. You can't possible be wrong so. That should be it. Maybe the government being in on it and all, even the Russians. If I had a downvote left today you'd get one as well. Take a chil-pilll, APB was meant to be more. Enjoy the celebration evening. (possibly? whatever. too much drinks)
  20. So true, they had a barrel full of idea's.... that map isn't wrong, the racing district was real intent.... but the hosting company got killed by exploiters, cheaters and trolls. Some of which, a few, are still here exploiting, cheating. trolling... today. Imagine that. How queer can a game or forum history be, right?
  21. Ofc, ofc, why didn't I notice before?! We should, right? :) Well I already posted about the holidays before so here's a happy hanukkah to you as well. And this explains quite a lot :> You busy bee! :>
  22. oh look, a post about banning, and the cheater troll account brigade is having a circlejerk over it again... you guys truly are dense if you think people don't understand your trolling and then calling yourselves names like neo-phobia hahaha you guys truly are exactly what all legit playesr imagine you to be dumb 3p trolls
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