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Found 1 result

  1. Leveling contacts in Waterfront can be troublesome, even on peak hours, not even considering that some players have different times and schedules. Some important modifications, weapons, etc etc, are locked behind these contacts. Because you have to level both Financial and Waterfront contacts to even progress towards +195 modifications, weapons, etc etc, a lot of stuff from Waterfront and indirectly Financial is gated like this. Pre-making enforcer & criminal level boosting groups are currently a valid tactic for Waterfront, which isn't fun or possible for just all, or even in the spirit of the game, it's just a player made solution. To be quite honest even for Financial contacts or an APB with overflowing districts the suggestion following below wouldn't be an offensive or counter-productive thing to do; people will still have roles, achievements, farming, threat, designing, etc, as designations to play the game. Premium would still be preferred to progress what isn't skipped (XP), earn APB$ money, customization boosts and extras, activated abilities cooldown, the Armas discount and even Armas trials. In fact being able to skip some of the contacts might make people who want to spend money on your game play and spend more. Play how you like, make more alt re-roll characters, etc. And all of it would just be optional to purchase for customers. So here it is; Please consider adding contact level boosters / contact skippers to Armas. And duh you don't have to introduce these ridiculously cheap, I'd say just make them competitive with buying premium time. Heck, you could even limit the amount you can buy per account. It would be pay to progress contacts, not pay to win and could be a valid new source of income for Armas. Please consider adding something like this. Thanks.
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