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  1. Why is it that game developers, whose primary responsibility is to take care of the game and the community, continuously neglect it? How dare they even call this work? On what basis do they ask for any money when the community is toxic, player count equals zero, the development of a new game engine not only makes no progress but the game keeps getting worse? Even in populated districts, the game fails to provide missions, and when it does, it's impossible to call for backup because it ends after 1-2 seconds. The gameplay is filled with bugs that didn't even exist before. Not to mention the atrocious unresponsive vehicle handling, the ridiculous hitboxes (whether it's for players or nonexistent walls where cars get stuck, etc.). It's sad to see a game with such potential being neglected by its owners, gradually dismantling the community. I ask, what's the plan? What goes through the head of the project manager at Little Orbit at times like this? With the amount of money, time, and energy they've spent on the nonexistent new engine, a Pakistani indie team could have already developed a completely new game with identical gameplay and a million times fewer flaws. The game has given me more than 10 happy years, and is this what I have to see? Is this what we, as players, have to see? I ask, where is the sense of responsibility on the part of the developers? If they don't want or can't deal with it, then why don't they pass it on? Or make it open source, with every element included, and I'm sure the community will find a way to revive it.
  2. For God's sake stop this madness now and forever. Stop messing with weapon stats. You did in in the past, and this was your worst idea ever. I do not forget what you did with IR3 then... You had to reverse all, because 98% of the player base hated it and it ruined all of the weapons with preset ir3... Does'nt matter what excuse you said to us. So stop changing values... Every weapon is good as it is. There won't be any ULTIMATE BALANCE as solution. Never. Nothing is perfect for everybody. For example i hate percussion nade, but I'm not crying to nerf it and remove it... Even if I'll be happy if it turned out... Do not forget that the main part of APB players doesn't use forum... So if 2 people complaining about weapons that are "OP", that doesn't mean you have to take action and mess everything and nerf all weapon stat's from HIT to SHIT. So stop it, concentrate your time and energy to other, more important tasks.
  3. Cheaters are a big problem, But this game is absoulute NOT P2W. G1 and Lo messed with some things, but they do it right with the ARMAS weapons. Neither is ower powered. Some weapons are extreme powerfull in some situations, but overall, they are well balanced. For example, True ogre can kill up to 3 people in very close range with one mag, but in distance, just useless.
  4. The funny thing is, that I get almost the same FOV with a 21:9 monitor I stay with that. Less distortion, but still see everything.
  5. If It is true, I apologize for that. To be honest, I don't remember that situation. Maybe I had a bad day to. My bad. Fight club is the number one place, where we can see these lifeless humanoids. And I can't understand how these people play blatantly for months. So yeah, my patiance can be lost very quickly, sorry. They just be like : Hey, look everybody ! I'm cheating, and nobody gives a f***k about it. And some people say "it's not a speedhack, just ephirine and Fraggile". I bet everybody can make a difference between being fast and teleporting all over the map with extreme speed. No, It's not lag, lag is random. But this speed teleporting is controlled. Some people have too much free time, really. GM's power questions: Look guys, in many games, GM's have the power to ban a player. In a normal case, GMs would only ban If they make sure if someone is not a legit player. Their power is responsibility, but they are responsible of their decision. If the developer team gives them the opportunity to monitor their actions, and MAYBE a feature like CSGO's overwatch, it would be easier. Speedhack and blatant snapping, etc can recognizable by other players, but there are cheat types that is hard. Like smooth aim, varriable delay triggerbot, etc. Monitoring maybe solve this. Some genius with 70-80 IQ, upload videos on youtube, and smooth aim is also recognizable.
  6. GMs should be get more power ingame. I think if somebody is worthy to be a GM, then they should get the right to investigate who is cheating and BAN if obvious and neccesary. The whole baning process is really slow, sadly.
  7. So as I opened a topic long ago, There are blatant cheater CLANS, not just individuals, who cheats 0-24 very blatantly and LO does nothing. Report system is nothing. I bet reports are going directly to trash bin. So the story is : Well known cheater clan : [name removed. -Spuzva]. Aimbot + Wh + trigger + SPEEDHACK (!!!) every time u see them. There are video proof of their cheats. I shared a video wich was uploaded to youtube, about [name removed. -Spuzva] member(s) use speedhack. now I recorded one too in asylum. We talk about the same guy now, dont ask me to write his name. The guy is 195+ so cheating for months... As I SHARED the video, I got a warning for "naming and shaming". Excuse me, what ?! We upload you the 10000% proof that someone is cheating and u didn't do anything, but warn me instead, because i shared the video. Maybe say thanks next time... Is this really so hard ? Ingame GMs, full time employes and still 195+ cheaters with speedhack etc on this game ? Come on LO. We are trusted you. But I ask the question: You want a game with less than 100 people playing and want to make Citadell server to a HVH server ? Because if not, then you should really take care of the remaining loyal player base. I don't belive that you have no time to ban these people if you see a proof video. Now some people say: If you have a video, send to the support. Khm.. For that support that answered my ticket in 4 MONTHS ?! WE are not asking for new weapons, WE are not asking for new clothes, events, gamemodes. WE want APB to be a playable game. I play since 2013 and i didn't expect new content. I prefer FAIR gameplay, matchmaking. I bet the most of the players still can wait to the new engine, if the servers are almost clear of this blatant cheaters. Yes, there are always be cheaters, but come on, this situation is ruin the company and the game's image. stopping ban broadcast was a big mistake. Those messages give players satisfaction that the system is working, and a Compensation for ruining their game. Come on LO, you are better than this, we are belive in you guys.
  8. “No cheaters in APB” ”Cheater clans don’t exist, only individual persons cheat” ”It’s only Ephirine Injector, not speedhack” U Still keep saying these lies to yourselves ? U are blind, sry. here is your video proof, I found it on YouTube. Thy for upload :
  9. Come on, We are talking about a speehack, not a smooth aimbot. Unusual player movement like extreme speed or teleporting all around cause of speedhack is very obvious. The game can ban or at least kick it. Like the server does when ur internet connection is crap or your ping is too high
  10. Dear developers ! How the hell is it possible, that people still cheats after BattlEye and Fairfight ? Where are the GMs ?! Fight clubs usually wrecked, now I met the 3rd speedhacker in this month. Guess the clan : loli boys. Obviously cheater clan, but LittleOrbit does nothing, FairFight and BattlEye can't detect a f*cking SPEEDHACK, wich is the easiest to detect by the game and all of the GMs are nowhere. Tell me how is it possible ? How are we supposed to play your game like this negligence that U, the owner of the game does. This is a game handling process that doesn't require ANY MONEY.Don't need to pay a huge amount of money for expert programmers, designers etc. It's all about ATTENTION. But no, you are unable to do that. /report system is also removed from the game. I think, u should rethink ur roadmap of developing this game. Need help ? Open GM recruitment again, because I bet there are players, who can be volunteers, and can help you. If nothing else, but at least watching the matches. What do you think ? Discuss this. *EDIT* For those people who still belive that apb has anticheat :
  11. Hello there, I would like to ask your opinion: What do you think about making Fight Clubs factionless/no faction ? There is a common problem, when one of the two team won by simple outnumber the other. I think this is not enjoyable for either team. By making these districts factionless, the server will make two teams, mixing criminals and enforcers jsut like in the event district(s). This methood works fine now, and worked fine back in time, when there was the Anarchy event too. If this will happen, there will be two team with close numbers and almost equal chances to win. I think it will be more enjoyable. Oh and a + thing : Weapon drop systeam also should be used in fight clubs. What do you think ? Tell me please !
  12. Take you long enough, but thank you for redo this madness. Maybe IR3 isn't perfect, but the game is only playable with the old version, because of the preset armas weapons.
  13. Oh and the other, back in time, Mission districts were laggy as hell. Now fight club too ! So network part is dead too.. unplayable
  14. Little Orbit had pottential. But what is this huh ? Your task would be to upgrade this game to be playable, not ruining the remain parts. Improved rifling 3 is now dead. And so many weapons with this update.. Useless !! Just look at the patroller for example. It was one of the best weapons, now its a useless shit. You are just like gamersfirst !!!! Doing idiot and useless updates instead of usefull work... Why ??? Why u ruined this mod ?! I hardly recommend to remove this idiot bullsh*** update and bring back the old modification or you have to refund everyone who ever purchased a weapon wth IR3 preset mod... I requested my own refund..
  15. This is the worst update ever... You just ruined all of the assault rifle players game. When you will refund for those players who bought armas weapon with preset improved rifling 3 ?! Improved rifling 3 is worst than ever. Why did u do this ?! Nobody caomplained about the mod. It was good, but u wrecked it. Now every armas weapon with preset improved 3 is useless. And by the way, impro 3 is now usless in other cases too. Thanks little orbit, just kill the remain of the game. GG.... You should focus on important stuff not this shit
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