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  1. But they do increase fire rate, accuracy etc. so with a higher fire rate and a higher base damage weapon he destroyed me.
  2. That makes sense. BUT on the other hand here's an example. 1 v 1. I see him he doesn't he has bought mods etc. we are same threat level. I shoot him 5 times he shoots me 3 I'm dead. HEADDESK
  3. Sometimes I wonder if the APB community is the only game community that doesn't understand the term P2W.
  4. Apparently it's wrong to say that this is P2W material. That I have to grind my patootie off for weeks to get this starter gun to this point, when someone can just go and buy a stock legendary that's better. LMAO at patootie
  5. I mean that kinda makes sense. But there's really no way to fix matchmaking and make the game appealing to F2P players if that's the case. As it is right now. People with max Gear can simply keep losing on purpose to drop Threat level and join lower threat servers. (Even if they fix that) Gold should be play with gold for sure. But that's not the only way of fixing matchmaking.
  6. Here's an idea for Matchmaking. Make a gearscore system. I'm silver ATM but can't do shit against other silvers who are decked out on mods on OP weapons such as Medusa and ogre.
  7. Yeah because everyone has bulletproof glass in San Paro apparently.
  8. Stop Patronizing me. No reason to keep posting trying to justify your position. Do you have anything else to add regarding the topic. We've gone really off topic with this 1v1 back and forth dude. Now as a token of good faith I'll say this: Sorry if I misinterpreted what you wanted to convey. water under the bridge and all that.
  9. THIS^ I actually Have no idea why someone would think that I want to shit on a game I've played for 15 hours the last 2 days. To ease your mind, reason I STOPPED playing back in 2012 or something (not sure) was because the game WAS REALLY BAD. Good idea. SUPER BAD execution. People I joined with stopped playing. I was too bored to play alone a game I didn't actually enjoy. AND the reason I have an account created in 2019 was because I didn't create a FORUM account back then. So all in all top notch observations Detective. Sadly you are mistaken and you've 100% misjudged me. Also Fuck the headshots. Sure I got 2 answers explaining why it would suck and it actually makes sense. I also had other points but you didn't care to answer. It was more important to you to analyze your statement like it would make any difference. You are just sort of backpedaling because you realized that you basically indirectly called games witch count headshots no skill games. But that's besides the point. I got bored of your glosology lessons really quick. Regarding the name. I couldn't bother to think of a good name. I'm weird like that. You should see my ingame name. It sucks.
  10. First of all. No. Never banned. Secondly TLDR. Thirdly expressing different opinions than those of people who have actually paid for ingame items is not sowing discord. Ease up on the lectures maybe then people can actually stand you and read your whole posts. All this actually makes sense. Thanks!
  11. You said 2 sentences. 1) No headshots help promote ACTUAL skill. Which makes me believe that you think that having headshots in a game doesn't promote ACTUAL skill. 2) the maps are designed in a way that also promotes MORE skill than a CHEAP one shot thrill. Am I misreading this? Are you trolling? Or what?
  12. Are you implying that games that have more than 1 hitbox. Take less skill? This is an actual good point about it. Still there's a way to do this that's optimal for sure. It's not like you can make your character 1 foot tall or something.
  13. Ok. So now I played a bit again like 10h or so. My P2W attitude stands. Buying an ARMAS weapon with full slotted top tier mods vs grinding to get "close to that" is P2W. I can even justify premium "subscription". You know what would be better? If premium was tradeable, no weapons or mods, or cars were purchasable, only skins. It's funny how everyone who has ever bough weapons for real money in this game says "it's not P2W, git gud and you can win". It's simply not enjoyable for anyone who wants to play without giving in the to the BUY YOUR WAY TO THE TOP mentality. I'm not even butthurt since I won alot of missions etc. Regarding cheaters. This time around I didn't notice any so that point is now moot. Bugs. Meh I can live with the existing bugs I encountered. Matchmaking is still bad. I got in a mission with bronze guys when I was silver and matched against 200 R gold and silver etc. Honestly the game needs alot more than an engine update from UE 3 to 3.5. At this point I would be way happier if they worked on APB 2 or something. Ideally for me with no particular order: 1) No buying any type of upgrades that gives you an advantage over other players. ib4 "you can get the same items by grinding"... I need to be playing for weeks+ to get something that someone buys from the store and gives him an advantage even if we started playing the same day. 2) Focus a bit on lore. Voice act some stuff and make people connect with the NPC and "the cause" 3) Update Graphics along with the Engine 4) MAYBE add a bit of PVE. 5) Fix matchmaking 6) Add more hitboxes for more damage and generally rework combat. I got used to it while playing but Shooting someone with a sniper to the head should get me a kill. not 2 shots on the pinky from a sniper = a kill. I know most people are going to be like. NO. GTFO etc. and I'm fine with that. It's not that the game would change even if everyone agreed. I'm just basically concluding my own thread and thoughts on the game. There IS something here. But if the current state of APB doesn't change the game will remain low activity.
  14. Well it's obvious you've invested alot of time in the game so I'm not going to question you on the fact that there were alot of people that might have been plainly better than me. But I'm talking aimbot level aim and reactions. I've played my fair share of FPS as well. I'm no global elite in CSGO by any means, but I can differentiate a person who's blatantly cheating from someone who's REALLY good and/or lucky in 1 play. Anyway I might be talking out my behind right now, since it's been 5 years. But the important thing is that I had a BAD experience with cheaters in this game. Take it with a grain of salt but it is how I remember the game. Oh one more thing that came to mind. Was a hitbox issue. Either there was 1 hit box for the whole player model or hit box tracking was trash. This is what I'm kind of talking about. I remember people who have actually spent money on the game at that time, that "reskins" were actually better.
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