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  1. Hello, It so happened that I accidentally broke the showcases in the second stage of mission "R. O. A. R." and my opponent could not fulfill the objective of the task. That is, he could not inflict damage already on the broken windows. Thanks, Livkinson.
  2. Hey guys, I finally reinstalled Windows and I understood what the problem is. The problem is on my motherboard or processor. I'm preparing to upgrade the PC. Sorry for the misinformation.
  3. Hello everyone. On the 14th I decided to update the drivers of my AMD video card to version 18.9.1. By evening, I found a drawdown in the frame rate. The next day (today) I started to understand what the problem is. Rearranged RAM modules, reinstalled drivers for the video card (tried versions 18.9.1 and 18.5.1). Nothing helped. But then I began to measure the FPS with the help of Steam and saw with FPS all right. I tried to run /fps. And I had a frame rate drop to 50% of all FPS. Previously, this problem did not arise. My potato PC: CPU: Intel Q6600; RAM: 6 GB GPU: Sapphire HD7770 GHz Edition. OS: Windows 10 Pro. I understand perfectly that the computer is old, but as I described above, in past were no problems with the drawdown. In the screenshots in the upper left corner you can see the Steam frame counter. Also recorded a small video comparison.
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