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  1. I'm playing with 180-200. I think that's why i kinda suck Ghostshots? what is that? And for cars, yeah. even steering have a bit delay when i played
  2. Just curious if there's anyone here playing with major latency. I always wonder if there's a major impact playing with high ping caused by the latency.
  3. So it's pretty much a bot then. Is it harder to detect that kind of players if compared to straight hackers?
  4. I heard NA server only active at a very specific time, so one my friend tells me. So i decide to create my characters on EU and it does have more ppl, even tho just a bit.
  5. When i played i always heard those macro thingy in district chat accusing someone here and there. What are those actually? and is it a bannable offense?
  6. Is APB cheaters really that many you called it normal? I wonder if this game will actually last, i'm starting to lose hope lmao
  7. Diargoa

    Random crash?

    I don't even know how to explain, it's just too random. Sometimes i don't sometimes i crashed just like that. Is this what many ppl call "stutter"? tho i never actually experience any.
  8. I once saw Enforcer using Mikro as their vehicle and i heard you can only get it through Armas. But which one to buy?
  9. Diargoa


    Somehow i think i actually encountered one of such player He's literally a new character (Rank 40) and using the first STAR AR but somehow it deals very high damage even at a very long range and once i killed him, he whispered me to "enjoy ban" like lol wut?
  10. Buying premium is disabled currently anyway, you can't even subscribe even if you want to
  11. many ppl say NTEC is a good AR, but some ppl said it is hard to use?
  12. But I'm not even premium ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Or are there more free premium in the next month?
  13. Hey, when i tried to subscribe premium i only received this message: "There was a problem updating your subscription. Please try again." Is this because of the free premium thingy?
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