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  1. Serro


    999 g1c = 5 dollars? where NEED!!
  2. Serro


    Yes, please. I don't why this is was even a benefit towards premium. Remove it.
  3. Hey guys, fun suggestions: 1] max out the roles so i can buy mods 2] max out my progression; 255 3] give everyone infinite premium so i can customize
  4. Yes, please hurry and give these two players something to do EDIT: my server now.
  5. i agree u p[ls put up
  6. I might have to disagree here; I do think the constant rush of what goes on in FC does help to make your more aware of your surroundings in general because of the sheer amounts of chaos that happens in certain locations. That general knowledge can be applied to missions really well if you're any bit decent at the game. As for unlocks, you're right for the most part but I've gotten my roles leveled up which is needed for the higher mods and slotted weapons 1000x faster than if i were to be grinding missions averaging like 10 kills a mission (take into account waiting for opposition as well) as opposed to getting 30-50 kills in a 15 minutes time period
  7. That's what I like to hear - get rid of OC.
  8. Agreed, nobody actually uses OC unless its being abused to farm levels. After having 3 max ranks I dont ever see a reason to play missions because of there being no progression for almost X amount of years - thus why i only ever pull the game up for fight club. Removing them is silly imo
  9. Yikes, Fight club is all I have ever played in this game for the past 6 years.
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