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  1. nope and i never said he did. just wanted to say that the bann wave mist a few.
  2. it mist a few. there r atleast 3-4 aimboters in bronze right now. there all gold and or mac rank golds
  3. if cookie is telling the truth then i'll take the L but as of right now it just sucks.
  4. thats where your wrong there is a way and its something G1 did for 2 weeks. LOCK PLAYERS TO THERE THREAT LVL SERVER.... i.e. BRONZE LOCK TO BRONZE, SILVER LOCKED TO SILVER, AND GOLDS LOCKED TO GOLD. G1 did this for 2 weeks. it was the best to week i ever had in this game. NO CHEATERS AT ALL!
  5. why hasnt there been a auto-kicking put in plave that kicks golds/max ranks out of bronze yet? its geting really old fast having golds feeding on low skilled players like me cuz there crap in there own server.. at the very least has a GM in the damn server to kick someone once they hit gold/maxrank....
  6. For not added a cancer BR mode to APB: Reloaded. BR is a boring game type and APB does NOT need it. so thx again for not adding it. Ray Tay.
  7. to bad me being a weeb has NOTHING to do with this thread of mine.
  8. wow how wrong can u be in one post? if u watched the video u would see that APB does run on the laptop, u dont need 60+FPS to play this game. if u watched it in full u'll see Win10 would green screen when i tried to run APB. its not the laptop its the OS thats trash
  9. maybe i didnt buy the laptop to play APB. maybe i just wanted to see if it could play APB (and it does) maybe i made this video cuz i hate Win10 and i could show why Win10 sucks so much as shown in the video. this post was never about the laptop in the first place u tard. it was about 2 OS. one OS being Win7 and the other being Win10.
  10. GTA is even more shit on this laptop when it comes to Win10.
  11. u call me a cheater and yet u cant post a link to a vide of me cheat. close your damn trap and stop diging yourself deeper into the hole of fail.
  12. if anyone is wasting time here is u, i just rewatched the video and no i wasnt cheating. but if i was by all means give me a time stape to go to. if i uploaded a cheat on me cheating by all means post it. it u cant do this simple task then do reply to me its that damn simple. your looking like kraut and tea (hit kraut is a failure)
  13. idk if this ok to post mods so if not plz lock it but i wanted to clear a something they alot of ppl just post in all my topic i post saying im cheating... so i've noiced in the last post i did ppl r post this old video i uploaded to my crap YT channel about some ppl that i thought where cheaters i marked what they think is me cheating in APB. its not a cheat its the way ACTION! will record gameplay. that grey box i highlighted is the mouse curser. its invisible in-game but action still sees the curser and records it like that. now im using a older ver. of ACTION! in this upload that was uploaded MAY 23, 2018! thats one thing ALOT of u keep failed to look at is how old the upload is. the ppl that made ACTION! may have patched out this bug so idk if u can replicated it anymore. but if u can find a older ver. of ACTION that was released around the time i uploaded this video u should be able to replicated it yourself. with that aid do your damn research before post a old upload i did think im cheating. lol i was missing all over the place in this vid. in the end u guys like VEE, SoyGoy, donga, and Sh!trat with all the fail
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