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  1. I'm not saying anything about LO. i think they doin good with only having the game a short time and having Fallen Earth.
  2. Ohh yeah totally. You're the one that made no sense. You are the one that quoted me about the promise comment and went a total different way with it like my comment wasn't reasonable like really kid
  3. just got invited. Soo hyped haha
  4. How does that have to do with anything about promises? Aren't we stating off what i quote that person about them keeping their promises. That's not a promise. That's just doing their job nothing to do with promises? Before you quote someone make sure you are correct
  5. Umm did they even promise it? they didn't promise it they just said they gonna doo it best they can that's not a promise haha
  6. Past 4-5 Replies. Yeah i feel yea soo true!! I'm only going back to game with at least 3.5 of unreal engine. 4.19 version would be heck alot better if they can get it to that version idk? Also When they doo these important changes and the last resort is content to keep players. They should try to advertise the game best they can. They need to put money into advertisement for sure. Like for example World of Tanks they called there whole new game revamp Version 1.0 for a new beginning you kno?
  7. Right haha. i can actually picture it but can't picture it with 3rd person APB Style
  8. You referring to me cause i see ur signature and thats my dogs cousin or something idk haha Edited Seconds later. i thought that was a signature haha. idk that show haa
  9. I Know many of you gonna say Battlefield has not been the same since BF3 or BC2 or that you dont trust EA cause of lootboxes and Star Wars battlefront 2 being poop in beginning. But idk bout you guys but ive been dieing for a WW2 game with the frostbite engine so bad. Can you imagine Shermans, Tigers, Panthers, STUKAs, P51s, BF109s, Thompsons, Mp40s, STG44s on the frostbite engine. I Can already see myself being super good on BF5 with a good K.D and score! If you not excited about BF5. Give me 5mins of your time and tell me what is wrong with BF5 in this amazing video presentation of gameplay!?
  10. Haha nice i play oldies on my stream actually when i play WW2 games like World of Warships which is my main game on twitch. Will Smiths Son doin Work. Lil Jaden haha. i dont like new school that much but this is
  11. For real i would love to see such a huge patch notes like that for APB. i would pay to see that haha. Also Will APB looks like Squad Graphics since Squad is on Unreal Engine 4.19 and APB will be close to that version in the future. This is what i would love to see APB look like haha!
  12. Damn if that's the case then i'm sorry. i actually have high hopes for APB when teams bigger than a number of 4-5! Would love to see patch notes this big but for APB haha https://forums.daybreakgames.com/ps2/index.php?threads/pc-game-update-6-8.246155/
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