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  1. RFP is a pocket Obir as you know. Would you change it? If yes how? I would make bloom stronger with every shot in burst so its not that strong on range.
  2. Okay so I was right... Don't get why so many are using Reflex Sight in it than.
  3. Does Reflex Sight affect shotguns? Does it make the spread tighter? I couldn't see any difference to be honest..
  4. Other servers like nekrova are online but citadel is dead.. Now my last day premim left is going to get wasted
  5. Is Citadel down at the moment? Can play with every char except the ones on Citadel... It even shows 0$ and 0 JT on the char select
  6. DonBlack

    APB in higher resolutions

    Am I really that dumb.. I was in video basic the whole time and didn't see it
  7. DonBlack

    APB in higher resolutions

    Ye but where can I change it? ._.
  8. Is it possible to play apb in UHD? I can't find an options for setting the resolution ._.
  9. same arena aas last time?
  10. 3m, 6m, 9m was fine I even wouldn't mind a bit more because the - firerate is a heavy negativ.
  11. Won't play APB again till shredder is somehow nerfed or normalized... I can't take getting a full team of shredder every second mission anymore -.-
  12. DonBlack

    DPI and ingame mouse settings

    damn.. I have like 10cm between my keyboard and the wall for my mouse ._.