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  1. DonBlack

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    same arena aas last time?
  2. 3m, 6m, 9m was fine I even wouldn't mind a bit more because the - firerate is a heavy negativ.
  3. Won't play APB again till shredder is somehow nerfed or normalized... I can't take getting a full team of shredder every second mission anymore -.-
  4. DonBlack

    DPI and ingame mouse settings

    damn.. I have like 10cm between my keyboard and the wall for my mouse ._.
  5. DonBlack

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    Toxic and me should battle for the 3. place.
  6. Hey guys, I recently bought a new mouse (G502) and having troubles with finding the right settings.. I am currently using 2400 dpi with a switch to 1200 dpi. Which would you use? What settings are you playing on and are you recommending? Thanks
  7. DonBlack

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    we propably will find 3 more in social so we can fill up to 16
  8. DonBlack

    The USC: Ultimate Shooting Championship (Citadel)

    Sounds good! Have no plans for saturday so far. Sign me up. EDIT: Just got an invite for a party but since UK time is german time -1h I could make it.. Possibly drunk but who cares ^^
  9. I need more outfitslots.. would even consider to pay for it!
  10. DonBlack

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    yukon being .45?
  11. Definitly one of the most cancerous missions in APB. Also cancerous: That securityvan mission.
  12. DonBlack

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    Hm I thought the ttk of most guns is 0.7s and for shaw/AMG 0.55s which has the quickest ttk as I know. btw I have 2 chars with coprole 15 so I obviously know how stunning works. I am not complaining about LTL I am just complaining about the very lame PIG + perc tactic but you guys seem not to get it.
  13. DonBlack

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    I don't think LTL is op and I would really like new LTL guns released too. I am saying that PIG + perc is broken.
  14. DonBlack

    Nerf Perc +PIG

    sorry I am german.. I don't have humor