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  1. Lol what? You are buffing the RFP??? You should change the accuracy only...
  2. I think the first point is a bug and they will fix it
  3. I think many people don't like the hazmat suits current state. What would you change?
  4. WAY to far.. it's not possible because you can't even use the hazmats you find because of the cool down...
  5. Ye I guess you are right... The problem is: When you spawn you are most likely not to get out of the contaminated zones with the time you get with your suit. I spawn -> I have the automatically equipped suit -> I find another suit -> I get a 1min cooldown -> equipped suit runs out -> I die
  6. The map design is great. The idea is great. It's a good alternative. BUT it has some flaws: Hazmat suits have a unnecessary cool down. Buying your own guns make it too easy. There is no good tutorial so new players to this mode don't have any idea what to do...
  7. It just doesn't make any sense... EDIT: Okay it makes sense but it is way too long.. it should be 30secs
  8. problem isn't that other guns are bad (well maybe in the case of snubnose) but RFP is better in most scenarios.
  9. This may be true in some way... but there are a lot of games which show some kind of skillrank and don't have a problem with dethreating. Most of those games offer some kind of reward for being a higher rank. In APB skillranks just don't matter and you don't have a motivation to get to a higher rank.
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