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  1. So 74% said yes on the survey. Thats quite a clear result. Would be nice if thats gonna happen as soon as possible when the new engine is around.
  2. Okay so we needs to wait a bit more? Thats okay with me.. I just thought I don't get any ^^ Are you giving away premium per hand? I guess using a script wouldnt be so time consuming...
  3. Which question? Do you mean the question "advanced launcher"?
  4. When a hardware piece is broken they need to get a new piece.. how is that so hard to understand? Everyone cries because the game isnt availible for 3 days... 3 days
  5. Ist wahrscheinlich zu spät, aber... Instinct (englisch) nimmt euch bestimmt gerne auf. Da sind auch ein paar Deutsche dabei (ich zum Beispiel ). Ansonsten TUC spielt letzter Zeit auch wieder vermehrt, ist aber Crim.
  6. Also laut Überwachungskamera warst du es, der das Reagenzglas mit dem neuen Virus raus geschmuggelt hat
  7. I guess he means the kill count and dmg count etc. I also miss that! Was nice to see the clan stats too.
  8. RFP is a pocket Obir as you know. Would you change it? If yes how? I would make bloom stronger with every shot in burst so its not that strong on range.
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