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  1. it would be very very stupid to use all advertising money for the engine upgrade itself we need content badly with that and there wont be any new content at the beginning of the engine upgrade probably so content after engine upgrade first and then you can start promoting also fix bugs first
  2. i actually really like the fog i would like to let it stay it makes the atmosphere better and it fits the infecting with gas and chemicals more realistic
  3. HardStyler3

    This event to you

    if you would have a brain you would understand it literally after some minutes of playing and watching other people do stuff also when you join the event look at the loading screen there are tips there already
  4. HardStyler3

    This event to you

    retaking will actually be getting easier with todays patch because they will lower the zone dmg (i hope alot)
  5. HardStyler3

    Another bug in epidemic

    its not useless you get respawns closer to the endzone and your % goes up way faster
  6. HardStyler3

    Another bug in epidemic

    the problem itself is that if the team that doesnt have 100% yet puts a barrel inside the end zone nothing should happen their timer shouldnt start to run at all
  7. The bug happens in the last stage when for example 2 teams have 100% already and the other team has like 90% if both of the 100% teams have no barrel inside and the 90% team puts one barrel in their timer actually starts running (without showing up) and if they get a 100% while the timer is going down they have like 15 seconds on the timer left and the other 2 teams are losing if they dont find it in 15 seconds happened 3 times already now everyone goes nuts asking how the worst team won everytime
  8. how is it not working besides disconnects because of ddos which would happen anyway
  9. HardStyler3

    Epidemic - walk through

    ive played since over and hour now and i cant understand the feedback here at all i didnt see any griefing because you have no friendly fire anyway i have no lags at all but maybe thats because i am in germany where the servers are hosted but since we are getting ddosd i dont think we can blame 50v50 or the event for it the event is so fucking easy to understand you literally have 2 things to do attack or defend its just people not even trying to understand or even reading anything about patch notes its not because the event ist "difficult" its because people are too stupid when half the people that ask "what do we have to do here i dont understand" ask 2 minutes later why the weapons feel different they didnt even read anything about the ir changes again. so its their own fault ive played with scout ive played with shotgun and ive played with ntec and everything is easily playable without dying instantly all the time if you have 2-3 people with you that you can drive around with and fuck shit up its a really nice event the only thing i would change is the dmg you get when you are inside the enemy zone it makes it a little bit too easy to defend since you have no regeneration.
  10. HardStyler3

    Dear Little Orbit

    i really like this change i can purchase premium without buying g1c everytime now its nice
  11. the playerbase isnt big enough for them to lower the prices that much they still need to make money and by selling accountwide weapons for 10-20$ they wont with the amount of players
  12. the only thing we know is that the major cheat sellers did indeed update their hack and claim battleye bypass already so we will see how it goes the next weeks
  13. HardStyler3

    How is the patch doing for you?

    delete battleye from the other game you installed and try again
  14. HardStyler3

    Shini's spawn...

    can you stop trolling? you just wanna provoke without any evidence at all
  15. just please please dont change the gunplay and carplay like every socalled Game "jounalist" says its fine and just because they are too bad to play more than like 5 minutes and instantly blaming dying by nades on cheaters its just madness