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  1. his gpu is fine he will only get higher frames with a cpu upgrade
  2. gtx 980 is fine you need a better cpu. you could go ryzen 5 3600x with good ram 16gb 3200mhz cl14 is nice. or you could go i7 8700k also 3200mhz ram but latency is not that important. i have a ryzen 7 3700x and cap at 135-145 fps all the time with good ram
  3. you accuse me of assuming alot about you but you do exactly the same in your post
  4. rip to you when you start crying the moment the game goes offline because they dont make enough money to keep it alive. people who invest into this keep the game alive for you
  5. HardStyler3

    How to save APB

    actually unironically trueeeeeeeeeeeee
  6. because prices of pc hardware vary really really hard from country to country. you could easily build a decent pc with 300€ in many eu countries but since you dont tell i cant look it up
  7. what country do you live and how much do you want to spend
  8. all of these topics dont sound like stuff to discuss about with support but something you report and they say they are going to investigate and its done after that
  9. CODEX is recruiting Codex is an Enforcerclan wanting to recruit decent Players Rank 200+. I am trying to build up a decent amount of players so nobody has to go solo if he or she doesnt want to. Because together we are more competitive against Veteran Premade groups. I have a teamspeak with enough slots for some groups to be able to play together. If you are interested write me or friendadd me ingame xHardyx i am online alot.
  10. its literally using 1mb or ram if you have 20 instances you have 20mb of ram do you really have that shit of a pc?
  11. was never fixed for me yet
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