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  1. HardStyler3

    Dear Little Orbit

    i really like this change i can purchase premium without buying g1c everytime now its nice
  2. the playerbase isnt big enough for them to lower the prices that much they still need to make money and by selling accountwide weapons for 10-20$ they wont with the amount of players
  3. the only thing we know is that the major cheat sellers did indeed update their hack and claim battleye bypass already so we will see how it goes the next weeks
  4. HardStyler3

    How is the patch doing for you?

    delete battleye from the other game you installed and try again
  5. HardStyler3

    Shini's spawn...

    can you stop trolling? you just wanna provoke without any evidence at all
  6. just please please dont change the gunplay and carplay like every socalled Game "jounalist" says its fine and just because they are too bad to play more than like 5 minutes and instantly blaming dying by nades on cheaters its just madness
  7. HardStyler3

    The Spanish Community(For LO)

    just learn english is such a dumb argument there are still many many parts of the world where english is not part of school just because we got in contact with english in like 3rd grade with like 8-9 years old doesnt mean all people do so please stop being so toxic there are alot of hispanics, russians, south americans, that never had contact with english in school so the first contact they had was probably with 14-15 or even later because they got a pc or got access to the internet they cant "just learn english" we took years for that too so dont blame it on them and dont insult them for it its just gross to read all you smug people here that have no idea what they are talking about
  8. HardStyler3

    Welcome to the new forums

    is there no way to sign in with the normal forum account i had i only can login with my apb account?