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  1. i hope that doesnt mean that you guys only optimized for intel/nvidia hardware but you will also optimize for amd graphics cards and especially the new cpus. because that sounds like intel/nvidia is running better with the new engine (its unreal engine which is optimized heavily for nvidia) because my ryzen 2700x + vega 56 runs really fine right now in apb would be shit if it would run worse after the engine upgrade....
  2. i get this but i never crashed ever yet i always just x the window of battleye
  3. the little group of people supporting isnt even an argument if you got 5 people to spend like 500 dollars each you have basically 1 months of salary for 1 employee... good job!
  4. Movement in combat situations At the moment we just can run, jump and hide, switch arm, look around corners. I thought it could give fights a bit more action if we can do more like dodge rolls/jumps, wall-walk-shooting, 3-Point-Landing, laying down. I was kidding with the two things in the middle... nothing too edgy or straight out of anime looking moves. Something possible you can do in a fight. If shot you can jump or roll into cover or use it to avoid bullets. That could probably open the wae for new character upgrades or a new stamina system for those moves but somehow it can be confusing because stabba reduces stamina and adding another system besides that could burst someones brain. At some point it is boring just being able to walk in a fight or crouch. There is more to make a fight nice and spicy i think. NO GAMEPLAY CHANGES FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE
  5. yeah but the 4hours it goes down is for steam maintenance and should not affect the servers itself right steam games are not usually down at that time atleast i cant remember them being
  6. how is it possible to put so much dumb shit in 1 sentence?
  7. so you basically contradict everything that steam is saying?? i dont believe that Relaying your game traffic over our network gives you several benefits. First, relaying traffic anonymizes it, protecting both gameservers and clients from denial-of-service attacks. Furthermore, because routing decisions are made dynamically by the client, if a relay becomes unavailable, clients can switch to a different relay within seconds, perhaps at a different point-of-presence if necessary. For an attacker to disrupt gameplay, they must mount an attack large enough to overwhelm multiple data centers. Second, clients can select a route that gets off of the public Internet and onto our dedicated links as early as possible. On our backbone we can ensure that the routing is optimal, since we have peered with over 2,500 ISPs. We also prioritize the latency-sensitive game traffic over HTTP content downloads, which we can afford to do because game traffic makes up a relatively small percentage of our overall bandwidth utilization. And on our backbone, a sudden surge of traffic unrelated to gaming won’t degrade the experience. Finally, by relaying the traffic in software, we can often improve the ping time! How can a relayed route be faster than a direct route? The Internet is a packet-switched network; there is no such thing as a “direct” route. When a packet is sent “directly” to the remote host's IP address, it takes the route determined by standard IP routing protocols. This route is often not optimal! Our protocol puts the client in charge of routing decisions. The client considers each relay point-of-presence, and determines the end-to-end latency along this route. It then selects the route with the lowest latency. Giving clients their choice of route makes a difference surprisingly often. Based on a sample of 16M connections from unique client IP addresses to dedicated servers in our data centers: 43% of players experienced an improvement in their ping time. 25% of players experienced an improvement of 10ms or more 10% of players experienced an improvement of 40ms or more.
  8. i mean if you are integrated into steams network you are basically invulnerable because you need a massive attack to get that network under fire maybe they could implement it with the engine upgrade or something
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/groups/steamworks#announcements/detail/1791775741704351698 Today steam released a new api to give devs the ability to use steams DDos protection and other network features. Could this possibly be integrated to fix the ddos issues the has to deal with on a regular basis?
  10. you have 2 choices lose the items or stay on your dead server... choose wisely
  11. you said event items how should i actually know which items you are talking about if the item doesnt do anything statwise or gives you an advantage its fine
  12. your takes are literally the dumbest takes on this matter i have ever seen if the game goes down you lose the items anyway when you spend money on a game you know that you will 100% lose it someday because the game goes offline so if you really want to keep your items in your 20-30 players online game that is beyond dumb because why wouldnt you trade the items you have for a new better version of the game with a fresh start and a fresh community to make the new thing work they cant give old players an advantage in anyway or it would instantly backfire from new community members that hear about it. it makes no sense. you should be happy that littleorbit actually tries to revive this game instead of just shutting that whole thing down because you know they make 0 money out of this or apb right now (atleast apb has some community left)
  13. the playerbase is almost non existent if you really want a community and players back you really shouldnt care if you lose your progress if the game goes down for good its gone anyway so i dont see how you can expect that now
  14. it would be very very stupid to use all advertising money for the engine upgrade itself we need content badly with that and there wont be any new content at the beginning of the engine upgrade probably so content after engine upgrade first and then you can start promoting also fix bugs first
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