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  1. So what you mean to say is that you have more ways for us to give you money, more recycled, monotonous mini-games and little appreciation for loyal fans through this absolute calamity
  2. Iosono

    How to save APB

    Shut down these forums
  3. This is very mild speak for APB. This is hardly even a personal attack. You must see all the obscenities and racism that go on in district chat. That should be actionable. This is just trash talk. Are you a gamer? If you’re a gamer you should be used to trash talk.
  4. One huge problem here... dethreaters are rather rare, or at least not near as prevalent as so many would like to believe
  5. This is no kind of solution. One solution would be to improve the game and attract more players. Which will take more than some updated graphics
  6. lol there's really no mods in this thread? Anarchy!
  7. I think you got that editing itch. i think its alright
  8. I really appreciate this comment all things considered and not my first rodeo blah blah blah Thanks :)) No kidding... It really wasn't so terrible before the compression i totally believe you and respect your opinions
  9. Oops i forgot to check the criteria for making APB videos. I made this ages ago, but thought id share seeing that it's never really been out there. Have to say there's hardly a difference in demeanor between the game and the forums. You guys just wanna watch this game burn. You unbelievable sociopaths
  10. Oh my bad i forgot i was on /p/ and wrong forum selection? Well why dont you become moderator and start regulating? Oh, i frogot... youre too irate
  11. This is me b**ches (as if anyone was wondering ) Back when APB was a little more forgiving. Quality is poo and frame rate is a bit... odd, but... meh
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