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  1. I don’t feel like I’m facing cheaters often at all, but to say there isn’t any cheaters I think is pretty silly. This game is mostly very cynical people and trolls. of course there are cheaters
  2. It’s free money for the veteran enforcers that come in and wreck someone’s day. ram-raiding all day is tedious work. i think you’re stretching a bit calling out ram-raiders in empty district
  3. It’s been a while since I’ve ram-raided, but you’ll want premium and I believe i used to go to 50k before drop off with n5. youll just have to keep checking the map for enforcers or just battle it out with them
  4. Iosono


    I was drunk and being real cynical. Sorry if I came off like an a hole
  5. Ya know, I find this thread odd coming from you. its just the current state of the game. yea, generally I feel disgusting in bronze district... but when I need to level a contact and/or that’s the only district with players... what am I to do? id like to note that I have never dethreated once. Sometimes I’m good and sometimes I’m trash, so, I’ll end up being silver. without the population, sometimes were left with little choice. and of course the issue of being fully geared out the higher your rank is just...asinine. the game is geared to make new players miserable. we all know that
  6. I’m pretty sure G1 took alot of these things mentioned and actually threw them in the recycle bin. they had big plans... they didn’t need any of that old junk
  7. Don’t fall for this malarchy. anything over 60 is not going to make you play better. at any rate, you prolly have smooth frame rate on. Turn it off to get over 60 FPS, but I wouldn’t recommend that because that may look messy
  8. Iosono


    Oh, I’m sorry. Perhaps you mistook my @ as some sort of ploy to initiate conversation... or a sign of respect... or something like that. Which would be quite inaccurate
  9. Iosono


    Lol if this thread or any of the content herein is bannable, then I have no business here
  10. Iosono


    i like turtles
  11. I don’t even know what you’re trying to say here... starter pistol... what are the qualifications of a starter pistol and why does it even matter?
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