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  1. At least he told you exactly what you were getting into ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. They all have the same music and editing style too lmao
  3. Besides that, the newsletter was great and the constant feed of information much appreciated.
  4. What criteria did you use to choose the first featured video? Very curious
  5. While I agree that positioning is crucial, it can be applied to a lot of other guns besides the ntec. If I were to guess, it'd be the rate of tap fire that's going to be the deciding factor. Ntec users need to learn when it's best to slow/fast tap fire and when to just full auto. Best way to learn is through experience, and i think it'll just take time for Kigdron.
  6. But a montage is a bunch of clips edited together with music
  7. Low graphics are fine if you're just playing w/o recording. If you have the intention of making a video, the least you can do is turn up the settings to something decent.
  8. Nevv

    Wasp Rejects

    Conversely, I do hope you were inebriated when writing this
  9. Nevv

    Wasp Rejects

    How did you even-
  10. Similar feedback: Trim the fat: especially in the opening, where you want to grab the audience's attention with something interesting Would prefer if you included gunshots to sync with the music instead of those random voices that come on that aren't significant Never include 1-kill clips unless they're very interesting Maybe try adding some cinematic shots? And this is my opinion, but it always helps me when I base a video off of a certain theme (funny/fails, a certain style, etc)
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