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  1. Never mind, it was an issue with the thermal paste in my GPU. Applied a fresh coat and everything's perfect now.
  2. Exactly what the title says. Whenever big explosions occur (Volcano blowing up my car) or a heavy dose of nade spam occurs; half the time my computer crashes and my fan's rpm increases to 100%. Only thing I can do is hit the power and restart. This has never happened half a year prior. CPU: Intel 4690k GPU: RX 480 (updated drivers) RAM: 8GB
  3. I don't know why, but your voice trying to do Ahoy sounds super sarcastic and is making me giggle a lot trying to watch this (especially during the narration on the changes made from ursus -> new glory)
  4. Nevv

    Drift, Shootout Show!

    The title played out much differently in my head than the actual event I thought it was gonna be a drift race with passengers leaning out trying to kill each other lol
  5. So it's intended or happened before?
  6. After purchasing the new Golden OSMAW and experimenting with different mods, I found out that Magpull doesn't work with the gun. Modding the OSMAW with any form of mag pull reduces chambered ammo to 0 and prevents reloading altogether.
  7. What if they insult my mother?
  8. Again, if you're streaming or recording for an external audience, you should ideally be running decent graphical settings. If you're just playing by yourself, it doesn't really matter unless manipulating the settings gives you a significant advantage.
  9. Alternate version of nitro that starts at 0 and fills up the more you drift? Bonus points if you actually guess which game I'm referencing
  10. The guy with the pistol had a dog
  11. Campaigns are still pretty great tho
  12. Which is fine, but you're also presenting to an audience.
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