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  1. I recently purchased a new PC (Ryzen 7 3700X/Powercolor Red Dragon 5700 XT) and now whenever I alt-tab back into APB, FPS frequently drops to 20-30 (from 160). Windowed mode prevents this from happening, but also makes the game feel like its running 30-60 fps instead of the constant 160 displayed. Is there any way to prevent this from happening?
  2. Made this a day or two ago, might as well slap it on Fr though, don't really care if you play minimal settings and stretched on your own, but why on earth would you stream/record with those settings? Might as well show off Kovaaks or something instead if you really don't care at all about looks
  3. Not deleting the NFAS might be a thing. The comment was a fine example of how irritated people are about certain weapons, and I simply gave a nudge towards objectivity.
  4. I find this idea quite intriguing as it makes the gun even more of a counter against kevlar users, but still requires a degree of aim. Not entirely sure how this will pan out in actual gameplay though... As for the document: Scout doesn't need a nerf Hesitant on the LTL nerfs, since they don't see much use anyways. Skimming through the document, I get a slight feeling that some weapons were over-nerfed based on how overpowered or irritating they previously were. Just a reminder to use an objective mindset when dealing with such weapons. That said, a number of the changes were rather agreeable.
  5. They're just scared of the 25% chance I'll ttk them when I actually click properly
  6. <---- Major issues with this video for me were: The abrupt ending (at least do a fade out or something that doesn't make it seem like you forgot to complete the video) It's pretty hard to make a montage with repetitive songs, and especially with a song someone dug up from the 90's There's no cohesive style - everything was pretty random and didn't match. If you did something retro with your outfits or with the editing style, at least it would have matched with the music Just the effort and editing, as covered by zombie. Makes me feel like you put in an hour of work, tops. Visualize and plan out the video. Add some personality into it! Don't be like the X amount of APB players who do lowest graphics/stretched resolution/no sync/no sound and just send it off
  7. Hold up, I didn't say that In fact, I'd say the opposite.
  8. Never mind, it was an issue with the thermal paste in my GPU. Applied a fresh coat and everything's perfect now.
  9. Exactly what the title says. Whenever big explosions occur (Volcano blowing up my car) or a heavy dose of nade spam occurs; half the time my computer crashes and my fan's rpm increases to 100%. Only thing I can do is hit the power and restart. This has never happened half a year prior. CPU: Intel 4690k GPU: RX 480 (updated drivers) RAM: 8GB
  10. I don't know why, but your voice trying to do Ahoy sounds super sarcastic and is making me giggle a lot trying to watch this (especially during the narration on the changes made from ursus -> new glory)
  11. Nevv

    Drift, Shootout Show!

    The title played out much differently in my head than the actual event I thought it was gonna be a drift race with passengers leaning out trying to kill each other lol
  12. So it's intended or happened before?
  13. After purchasing the new Golden OSMAW and experimenting with different mods, I found out that Magpull doesn't work with the gun. Modding the OSMAW with any form of mag pull reduces chambered ammo to 0 and prevents reloading altogether.
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