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  1. Alternate version of nitro that starts at 0 and fills up the more you drift? Bonus points if you actually guess which game I'm referencing
  2. The guy with the pistol had a dog
  3. Campaigns are still pretty great tho
  4. Which is fine, but you're also presenting to an audience.
  5. Pretty sure it's medium at best, but prob advanced launcher so it's hard to tell. Not potato, but not great either. If you're recording your gameplay, 16:9 is really a common courtesy.
  6. I for one would like it to be the .45 instead
  7. Unfortunately, most of them aren't very well put together and just get trashed by... certain people... when they post onto Breakwater
  8. At least part of it is owed to how small the community is and the fact that everyone knows each other to some degree. Much easier to build grudges facing each other on a regular basis than if you were matched with a bigger pool of players.
  9. Nevv

    Strip Weapon Mods

    Would like a button to remove or "clear all" mods on a gun for efficiency's sake. Pls and thx
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