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  1. At least part of it is owed to how small the community is and the fact that everyone knows each other to some degree. Much easier to build grudges facing each other on a regular basis than if you were matched with a bigger pool of players.
  2. Nevv

    Strip Weapon Mods

    Would like a button to remove or "clear all" mods on a gun for efficiency's sake. Pls and thx
  3. Just wear a hoodie + baseball cap like everyone else to hide lack of creativity
  4. Nevv

    Ballistic [Enforcer]

    Ballistic Is a clan composed of both casual & experienced players from throughout Jericho server. Our focus is style, fun and building a relaxed/welcoming community. As the name implies, we primarily use firearms to win our fights, instead of relying heavily on explosives, vehicles or unsavory tactics. red/white/black Rules Are generally quite relaxed, but there are some things we will not tolerate: Scamming Harassing Begging Excessive raging Your game-play will consist primarily of the usage of firearms (hopefully no surprises there), and less of cheesy strategies such as running, kevlar 3, RD spam and so on. Requirements Character > rank 150 Gold (we may make an exception in favor of the other 3 requirements) Chill (can take a joke) Friendly How to Join Message Nevv or Namira through forum messaging, or contact us or any available officers in-game to join.
  5. Browsing new forums be like


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