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  1. I agree with this aswell. But if there is to make the guns different the csg would need a buff of some other type to justify the loss of firerate. The obvious buff is then to increase the damage of the Csg accordingly which would make it more forgiving by the fact that not completly on target shots would deal more damage giving it a advantage on longer ranges. Anyway this is my opinion. Im sure others will have different ones. The best thing is revert it to how it was in the last prototype district from my standing point. But great to see you are doing your best to listen to the community!
  2. Hey, i have been testing the Shotguns and Ntec changes in the prototype districts since they were released and have a few comments -Shotguns feels great. The only thing i could point out is that there could have been alitlle more damage on the CSG shotguns. Nfas could have had alitlle less damage and less spread. Else than that i have no complaints what so ever. -The Ntec i have mixed feelings about i think it would feel alot more balanced if the bloom modifier was set to alitlle more. And the shot modifier cap to be alitlle less. Else than that it feels better and the CQC abilities has been decreased a bit and the gun overall feels alot more balanced. Which is what was needed from the start. -The next gun i would like to be looked at is the misery. That gun is alot of fun to use but it just dosn't compete with the guns of it's class and should have had an improved TTK. Everything else on the gun is fine could have lowered the bloom modifier a bit to be able to keep alitlle more up with a faster TTK aswell. Thanks for taking the time, SarRzer
  3. I think with the joker store selling weapons that can't be unlocked by only playing it's a pretty good time to add the VBR to the joker store! Since it's now an unatainable gun thats fully functional. I think alot of players would appriciate "new" guns to try out.
  4. You would maybe want a helper that makes sure noone is leaving the spawn too early and to help you count points ETC. Good luck with the event tho! Looks like fun to me
  5. SaRzer

    What car is better?

    The nova is a really cool car and can easily be modified so thats pretty cool
  6. Yes it is a reskin but can have different mods which will again change how the gun is to use!
  7. I agree with Ketog, Even tho i think the Joker tas looks better plus it has 3PS.
  8. SaRzer

    What car is better?

    Well it dosn’t have to drift or go fast it’s about what car you think is nice looking and especially what you like driving. And sounds like you enjoy the Skoda, and thats all that matters!
  9. SaRzer

    What car is better?

    I think the old Nissan/datsun 260 Fairlady is just beautiful!
  10. Event is now over! Thank you to everyone that participated!
  11. I just wanted to know what kind of In real life car brands/makes people like
  12. 909-Eden and everything by Eden is good really
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