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  1. thesamscout24

    New player matches

    With matchmaking being the way it is, your best option would be to stick to the bronze districts or group up with someone that is willing to show you the ropes rather than facing these matches solo.
  2. I must have some more malware cookies. From memory this used to be a thing. Pretty sure all the providers either shut down or there were just no more surveys you could use.
  3. thesamscout24

    Of HUDs (as well as high resolutions and HUD customization)

    Agreed, Customising the HUD elements would be nice, but I feel the Chroma support is quite niche and will only apply to a fraction of the playerbase. But allowing players to customise the HUD their way is a good idea. Perhaps editing the borders of the HUD to modify the "blockiness" could be an option.
  4. thesamscout24

    House and furniture sistem for clans?

    You should be able to choose mansion/house style buildings or compound style police HQs/Precincts and Criminal warehouses / stash houses.
  5. thesamscout24

    Clothing Customisation

    Yes, this would save me so much guessing when adding shoulder patches to my characters!
  6. thesamscout24

    back itch

    Web MD is in... It's Cancer.
  7. thesamscout24

    How to CQC better?

    I second what Kewlin is saying. A lower sensitivity does help in CQC. If you can, try to get a gaming mouse that has a DPI Shift function or DPI profiles so that you can have the best of both worlds.
  8. thesamscout24

    Zone restriction in event

    If the barrier mechanic from the Halloween event could be reused and the boundaries were defined a bit more, I think that would resolve this issue. I've been experiencing this too.
  9. Agreed, If there were separate channels in a district for languages, it would be convenient. Implementing a sort of translator in the game would be a decent solution, but that would just be frankly impossible due to the sheer amount of data that would have to be translated and then returned to the game. But if we are talking of merging districts here, this is something that should be looked at. It's not necessarily a problem, but it would perhaps help in the retention of newer players and the convenience of current players.
  10. thesamscout24

    GM can bite me.

    They tend to become more noticeable around the events so that they can get the rewards for winning. Needless to say, but wherever there is a way to exploit/cheat, some people will always do it. APB is no exception to this.
  11. thesamscout24

    De-threating, rewards and not much else.

  12. thesamscout24

    Autumn Event Flawed

    Not entirely sure if it's already been mentioned but some of the spawns need work. All too often people are spawned in the zone and insta-killed. If the spawns were moved a good 100 or so metres away I think it would be better. An incentive to play the OTW (If it wasn't closed for internal testing) would be good.
  13. thesamscout24

    So many cheaters

    I've seen the same as well. My team of 3 (R140 - R250 players) against 2 Crims (R50 - R75). The top player on my team was on about 8 kills while both crims were on 30+ kills. I err on the side of leaving them be, but this was happening match after match. It's most likely due to the fact that I'm just plain awful at the game, but some of the shots they were landing seemed quite questionable.
  14. thesamscout24

    [Game] Clan Progression

    I agree with this, it would bring a sense of unity to existing clan members. Besides, it would promote the clan mechanic. APB should be a purely F2P game with regards to social functions. What use are clan titles in names if only those with premium can use them?
  15. thesamscout24

    Customisable Ambulance for Players

    Agreed. Fire trucks would be great and I'm sure people could have some interesting uses for busses.