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  1. Thank you for your answer pal (it was fast haha), I appreciate it.
  2. why does not exist a section ''appeal to players'' where players can report players for cheating and similiar things with evidence on forum and then APB team solve it? sry for bad english. @MattScott
  3. I think would be cool. I play SAMP on balkan server and we got furniture sistem in script and we can change interior like the sims 4, but difference is that GTA has samp objects (chairs, tables, and a lot a lot of stuff, maybe five thousand objects maybe ten). So if in future we see it in APB, that would be freakin awesome because APB got best customizations, so imagine the furniture sistem in this game.
  4. Maybe in future? What you think about it?
  5. DomPa


    Hello everyone, i'm Dompa and I0m coming from Croatia. I played this game few years ago and don't know why this game stay in my head, so i deicide register on the forum.As we know, it's suprised me that we got new devs. I'm starting You Tube Carrer next year and maybe I will stream this game, but not before may. I will wait more updates on this game, and hopefully this game promising after long long disaster. I got huge hope in new dev's. How is the game working today? It's a bit laggy like a before or? Cheers to all and have a good day. Sorry for bad english.
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