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  1. And now, the embarrassing finale to this pointless little mystery. It was Windows 10 the whole time. I had an app that bugged out and kept running in the background, sucking up half my bandwidth. Nothing showed up on speedtest because the connection was working at peak levels. *sighs* (Thanks, microsoft.) So I manually shut it down. Game went back to playable as if by magic. Back to 230-250ms latency. The End.
  2. Then I'm a piece of shit. Note: any bronze scrub with a Star has a better than 50% chance against any of my played load-outs, in either ROF or Range. If I play silver district or higher, it's because my friends are there, but they understand that this means I'm dead vs anyone who's Gold or Silver. Just dead. I play Bronze missions to give myself a near to even chance, as I get older I know my reflexes are not going to improve. I'm as "good" as I'm going to get. Not even disappointed about that: it's a fact of life. (Sucks to get old, can't reccomend it.) As I've stated on other threads like this, I'm one of the dudes who is happy to answer new player's questions and takes the time to do so. If there were No Experienced Players on Bronze district the only place that could happen is Social District, logically. Sure the tutorial could be better or whatever. But sometimes you just want the answer to your question and it's easier to ask if anyone knows, right then and there. Yes, I'm being specific in response to a broad general statement. I can only speak from my perspective, and I don't neccesarily play apb the same way as others. True. But I play within the guidelines and the rules, always. And I play for the fun of it, to relax. Winning a close match or losing a close match are equally exciting to me. A Tie means both sides deserved the win. Excitement Plus! Sustained annihilation of New Players is the polar opposite; people have been known to quit when that happens to them, as Cookie pointed out. Worse, it's both boring and lame. I've never been good enough to even consider de-threating, and play every mission as hard as I can. Because suck or not, I love the game and want to encourage others to stick with it by helping where I can: Bronze District. That's my five cents, anyway. Jed. PoS
  3. Boring? Perhaps. Repetitive? Certainly. There's a reason it's called grinding. If you want Car Thief, you just do it and hang the time it takes. Both my crims have it, by the way....glutton for punishment? Likely. Good luck! ps I found waterfront to be the best for it, between Baylan Shipping and the place near Green Planet.
  4. Hawken? I used to love Hawken, probably too much. They shut down the pc servers after breaking the pc build. It still lives on console...but I lost my maxed out fleet of mechs, and don't own a console anyway. Funnily enough they still haven't added any more maps, just a whole new tier of mechs. All the same; great game, good times.
  5. I have put a support ticket in, I know there's a backlog. That's okay, this is more of an update on the issue after some rudimentary testing. Basically, since the recent server move my base latency here in Australia on Jericho server was 300-330ms. That's a 1/3 second handicap right there. After RIOT went live, my base latency is up to 450-480ms, which is barely playable. At the high end of that scale it's impossible to be even remotely competitive in a Bronze v Bronze mission. Throw a silver or gold player on the opposing side and I don't stand a chance; too far behind the action. At worst levels I get latency spikes of over 500ms. At 525ms I can't enter / control a vehicle and randomly teleport to prior positions when on foot ... which makes even Open World impossible. Nothing has changed at my end for 3 years; same IP, same pc, same router, same ether-net cable. When Han server merged with Jericho I had 250ms at base. While not ideal, it was close enough to the 175ms I had been used to on (final iteration) Han server that it was not all that different. I just did a fresh G1 install in case it was Steam overlay causing the issue. But running without Steam in the background gave the same result. 480-515ms. I'm out of ideas... Can anyone help?
  6. My bad, GhosT. It was wishful thinking on my part. A plain skin-able RSA would suffice. Running with a six shot long barrel .44 fits my "Dirty Harry" self imposed role-play. Doesn't need a mod slot, though I have dropped a crim and the crim standing behind them with 5 shots of the Commander's fixed AP mod. Got lucky, they'd taken fall damage. There's a free trial option on Armas, Fortune. Or around $2 for 30 days. https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/product_details.php?storetype=g1c&gameID=20&catID=63&subcatID=202&productId=2616
  7. I'm a former Han server player from Australia, on Jericho, still (as of yesterday) experiencing latency spikes from a baseline 450ms up past 500. Over 500ms and I lose vehicle control while driving, or am locked out of vehicles if I'm on foot. Things are rough for players on the far side of the Pacific from the NA server, currently. I'm grinding JT to unlock a Coywolf on one of my characters, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever be able to drive it when I do. All I know to do is log in and see how it is, day to day. It's been a week of hell, so far. Doing my best to keep the faith, all the same. Am I wasting my time? 9275/10000 JT
  8. Do they still make those? I'm so there, man! Mmm, Calippo!
  9. Personally, I'd prefer a single open slot RSA that was skin-able. The high mag scope and naff safari skin on the Hunter made me go for the Commander, which is a bit too Old West for my taste; but there is no other option if you don't want to lease an RSA every 10 days. Go ahead, Armas, make my day!
  10. Fingers crossed that it does the job! Regular baseline latency across the Pacific makes life hard enough, without a DDoSer stacking more on. All I can do is give it a go and see what happens tonight. Thanks from Australia, Matt!
  11. I've put in a support ticket asking about the wildly fluctuating latency on Jericho. Once it passes 500ms I can't even get into a car to grind my daily JT, if it's over 400 there's no point even attempting missions, 300+ is average since the new servers came online... I know there's a backlog in Support, that's fine. Not complaining about that. Yesterday was Monday (in Australia) and I had over 500ms in an empty action district, relaunched and had it drop to 450-460ms. At least I was able to do one of my Dailies. But there's no way to avoid being utterly demolished and humiliated PvP with more than the 250ms average latency that hit with the Han migration to NA. I was bad enough at the 190-200 I had before the move. 250 is pretty much the limit for any kind of effective play, for me. At least now I know that it's definitely on the Server end and that they're doing work to fix it, thanks Matt.
  12. I'm in Australia, used to playing on Han server with 125-150ms latency due to 3rd World Aussie internet. When we migrated to Jericho that got bumped up to 200-250. Just recently post server move it's been an unplayable 320-400+ms. No hardware changes at my end, same IP. And yet last night it was back to the 200-250 difficult but playable latency. While that's not the best, at least I can drive again. There were times up over 400 where I couldn't even get in a car, or if I did the controls would stick (full lock, full throttle). But like I said, it suddenly came good of its own accord before I'd gotten all the material for a Support Ticket. No idea why... Oh. Hadn't seen it. Maybe it was that. Thanks, Mina!
  13. [waves] There could be more than one. (At 3000+ I know enough to realize I'm not getting any better.) I did hit silver threat on Han server before it moved out of Singapore, but with middle-aged reflexes and steadily higher ping with each server move it was never going to last. I play where my friends are playing, if they're on. Any Gold player will automatically hand me my patootie* regardless of district, that's a given. At my current 330ms latency I need to be lucky more than good to get a kill against anyone bronze or higher. It does make me feel bad to end up grouped with silver threat strangers, because there's no time for explaining "why are you bronze" every time a random mission starts. Much prefer running in a group of friends who are aware of my "handicap". But I'll always take the time to answer a new player's question, if I know the answer. * did not say patootie
  14. Already played it: Postal 2. Pretty much the same thing except they were used as shotgun suppressors, from memory. You could grab a passing cat, jam a shotgun in its... never mind. That game was pretty screwed up to begin with.
  15. Glad to know it's back up and running. Thanks Matt! And thanks to the L.O team, too.
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