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  1. I use K3 on one of my characters, and I don't think it needs a buff.
  2. Windows puts bug up my date, that's for sure.
  3. Judging by looks alone, I thought the new (whatever it's called) shotgun was a Legendary LTL and am disappointed it's not ... I hate leasing weapons.
  4. Without the server segregation on NA, western Pacific players like myself were at an extreme disadvantage. Ping upwards of 300ms with spikes as high as 1080. It was unplayable. I don't get the assertion that 4Fun=dethreater, either. I've been Bronze average since late 2015, and I still am. Have I been Silver? Sure, for about 2 weeks at a time, maximum. It never lasts and I never modify my play style to either earn or lose that threat rating. I simply don't care about it because being Bronze I can relax and play. If it's Mission Time, I play as hard as I can no matter what threat I am currently, grouped or not. I play for fun, not prestige. And when I'm on a West Coast server running 117ms ping I can on occasion pose a threat to Gold players. If I get the drop on them by surprise, that is. Frankly, if I'm playing missions all I care about is whether or not it was a good mission. Team wins or Opp wins, who cares so long as it was close to call by the end? I'll never be Gold Threat, though. Not unless every other player suddenly develops Cerebral Palsy...then I might be in with a chance. (Bleak Humor) Not interested in Stomp or Be Stomped. Not at all. I play to relax.
  5. Don't know about anyone else, but either I'm addicted or a glutton for punishment. All jokes and petty complaints aside, I love this game. That's why I stick around. Real happy the server segregation is up, I had under 140ms latency from East Coast Australia for the first time since Han server 2016, tonight. Can't describe how happy it made me to be able to really drive again, just by itself. It was real late (3:30am my time), and I was on empty West Coast Jericho maps, admittedly. But it felt good. APB is not an Instant Gratification Friendly game and never was. Back when you could complete the tutorial it didn't really prepare you fully to play. A degree of determination is required, I'd say. It takes a while to get attached to your character and unlock the outfits/options/mods etc, you might want, viewed apart from cops & robbers / missions; that IS the game. And it's tied to the Progression. I think most Start and Quit new players might not have the attention span, perserverence or sheer bloody-mindedness to play without a constant reward stream. I'm not suggesting in any way that such a thing should exist in game, however. You really have to earn stuff by mission/JT grind or throw some cash at Armas, if what you want is on there. And in some cases, no, it's not even available for real world cash. Only by Progression. Older players accept this out of hand, whereas newer or possibly younger players may not understand the concept. Or am I jaded? ( Definitely Old. )
  6. First up, no. I was using that as an example. Right now I have 3 characters between r223 and r150. I'm concentrating on grinding JT for perma-weapons at the moment, but I'm much more of a RP freak really. I like playing my characters. When I max em out I'll buy more slots! Yes, playing is fun; but a certain level of playability is required for that. Right now it's not there for me and that's a shame, because it was about as good as it has ever been (since Singapore Han server under G1) between Halloween and Xmas. However, it is not fair of me to hit K and drop into a random team when hits aren't registering and I can't drive because the car controls lock for up to 5 seconds at random. Not remotely fair on other players, so I don't K up. Team work and strategy are supposed to be part of the fun too. I miss it. Don't get me wrong, I love this game to death. I wouldn't be concerned otherwise.
  7. Since the latest server shuffle before Xmas I haven't really been able to run missions. We need both NY and LA servers it seems. I'm in Australia. I average 220ms in a low population Financial server, most of the time. High latency is when it hits 250-300+. Swapping districts won't help you progress a contact in the district you just left due to high latency. That's my take on it.
  8. Only just saw your post, or I would have replied much sooner. My crim characters are trying to keep their gang alive on Jericho server.
  9. In Australia I've been seeing latency spikes that run for about 5 seconds after which my character or vehicle teleports to where is should be according to control input. The Highest spike from my base latency of 220ms was up to 1000ms, two nights back. I have never seen packet loss. 220ms has been my average since the Han-Jericho merge, 120-150 on Han server prior to that. Makes it near impossible to run missions without dragging the team down, when shots aren't landing and cars are teleporting at random. I can't wait until all the servers are back and bring the districts with them. Well...I can wait. But I don't have to be happy about waiting.
  10. Sorry, but that's incorrect. There's been no threat based district instances since before xmas, but they are coming back. What that means is that everyone; trainees, green, bronze, silver and gold threat players are all lumped together in the one district. In my case, if the district population is over 40 I basically can't do a mission. So I've been unable to do missions since then. With a bit of luck the new systems are online and it'll be back to normal tonight. About to log on, so I guess I'll find out.
  11. It's been a struggle over the holidays, but apparently the new server config is being rolled out sequentially starting today. I'm about to log on, so I guess we'll see what happens.
  12. There is a chat box; I'm bronze average and approaching high rank. But this is about the no segregation issue. The truest thing I've seen about it on live chat was from a max rank gold player and his gold teammate who'd just been matched vs a pair of trainees. They wanted to know in what way that was considered Fair. I'm sure the trainees would have wondered the same thing if they'd known what was happening... or how to use Chat. Once threat matching is back it'll create less server strain by reducing district instances, and that'd be cool if it works. Hopefully it will. Matchmaking has never been ideal, but team T versus solid Gold is just cruel.
  13. Yeah, but even then it's in a hidden spot on the forum. I found it there by accident once, thanks for reminding me. I meant on the game log-in screen specifically, but in the header for the forums would be nice. I play well after midnight and sometimes don't even log on until 3-4am, stuff needs to be simple to the point of blatantly obvious for me to catch it by then most days. XD Perhaps I'm still not looking at it right... if there was a live status indicator on the log-in or the Launch Box (?) I wouldn't have as many reasons to hit the forums. Thanks again, Kevkof!
  14. Thank you, Matt and LO team. Go hard! Can't wait to see what a reduced server load on West Coast Jericho plays like. Will wait, obviously. But thanks!
  15. It was up Saturday night for me...didn't play last night and looks like I'll be playing something else tonight... [sighs] At least we know what it is if not how long. I should check the forums more. A real simple Server Status light (red/green) on the log in screen would be handy in situations like this. Random thought.
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