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  1. Yes...Trade lock. At least it was over by the time I figured out why it had happened.
  2. I haven't had to manually end process on APB_Catcher since the last Windows update, whereas I did have it stacking before. No idea why, it's just been closing cleanly when I exit the game after the Update.
  3. Happened to me with the last Windows update, but only for 3 days. Beats a week...I guess. Maybe it is a Registry sensitive issue. Don't know. But whatever; it's not 100% fixed yet.
  4. Hang on...what Fog? Like "Fog of War" fog, that obscures the map in turn based strategy games like Warcraft? (Showing my age.) Never seen it in APB, or I simply don't understand.
  5. I'm just glad someone noticed and had a way of replicating the problem to be sure about it. I've been wondering if the shotgun problem was a pc, router or IP issue for a while. Thanks for your work!
  6. I'm not up to speed, obviously. For some reason NA Jericho was offline last night for the Nekrova-Citadel merge, which I accepted but still don't understand. And now the game won't load for me. I simply don't know what is going on. And the message makes little sense. Can anyone clarify what the PC servers being Partially Online means? Merged. Well, I guess it means "kinda"... cause I've kinda been in-game for 40 minutes. It just threw me I guess, after last night. Had no idea there were 3 server states. But there we have it: Offline, Partially Online, and Online. If a moderator wants to close or remove this thread, go for it.
  7. Oh, that's bad... real bad news. When Han merged with Jericho, I didn't lose a thing. My mail is full of timed use guns (9 pages), and every piece of clothing I own has been customized. I have no idea what caused the problem, but I'm sad to hear that it happened. I hope they can fix it for you.
  8. Servers due to come back on at 3am, my time. That's another couple of hours from when I replied. If it's gotta be done, it's gotta be done; that's all there is to it. (p.s. Good luck with the Migration, hope it all goes to plan!)
  9. Anyone else remember when PunkBuster shat itself and blanket banned Han Server? Not all bans are Legit.
  10. If I'm making a coffee and drinking it, I'll head to social so I don't get kicked from action district for idling. Any reason that will make me afk for more than 5 minutes: Social. Because I don't want to have to re-log. Can't speak for anyone else.
  11. And now, the embarrassing finale to this pointless little mystery. It was Windows 10 the whole time. I had an app that bugged out and kept running in the background, sucking up half my bandwidth. Nothing showed up on speedtest because the connection was working at peak levels. *sighs* (Thanks, microsoft.) So I manually shut it down. Game went back to playable as if by magic. Back to 230-250ms latency. The End.
  12. Then I'm a piece of shit. Note: any bronze scrub with a Star has a better than 50% chance against any of my played load-outs, in either ROF or Range. If I play silver district or higher, it's because my friends are there, but they understand that this means I'm dead vs anyone who's Gold or Silver. Just dead. I play Bronze missions to give myself a near to even chance, as I get older I know my reflexes are not going to improve. I'm as "good" as I'm going to get. Not even disappointed about that: it's a fact of life. (Sucks to get old, can't reccomend it.) As I've stated on other threads like this, I'm one of the dudes who is happy to answer new player's questions and takes the time to do so. If there were No Experienced Players on Bronze district the only place that could happen is Social District, logically. Sure the tutorial could be better or whatever. But sometimes you just want the answer to your question and it's easier to ask if anyone knows, right then and there. Yes, I'm being specific in response to a broad general statement. I can only speak from my perspective, and I don't neccesarily play apb the same way as others. True. But I play within the guidelines and the rules, always. And I play for the fun of it, to relax. Winning a close match or losing a close match are equally exciting to me. A Tie means both sides deserved the win. Excitement Plus! Sustained annihilation of New Players is the polar opposite; people have been known to quit when that happens to them, as Cookie pointed out. Worse, it's both boring and lame. I've never been good enough to even consider de-threating, and play every mission as hard as I can. Because suck or not, I love the game and want to encourage others to stick with it by helping where I can: Bronze District. That's my five cents, anyway. Jed. PoS
  13. Boring? Perhaps. Repetitive? Certainly. There's a reason it's called grinding. If you want Car Thief, you just do it and hang the time it takes. Both my crims have it, by the way....glutton for punishment? Likely. Good luck! ps I found waterfront to be the best for it, between Baylan Shipping and the place near Green Planet.
  14. Hawken? I used to love Hawken, probably too much. They shut down the pc servers after breaking the pc build. It still lives on console...but I lost my maxed out fleet of mechs, and don't own a console anyway. Funnily enough they still haven't added any more maps, just a whole new tier of mechs. All the same; great game, good times.
  15. I have put a support ticket in, I know there's a backlog. That's okay, this is more of an update on the issue after some rudimentary testing. Basically, since the recent server move my base latency here in Australia on Jericho server was 300-330ms. That's a 1/3 second handicap right there. After RIOT went live, my base latency is up to 450-480ms, which is barely playable. At the high end of that scale it's impossible to be even remotely competitive in a Bronze v Bronze mission. Throw a silver or gold player on the opposing side and I don't stand a chance; too far behind the action. At worst levels I get latency spikes of over 500ms. At 525ms I can't enter / control a vehicle and randomly teleport to prior positions when on foot ... which makes even Open World impossible. Nothing has changed at my end for 3 years; same IP, same pc, same router, same ether-net cable. When Han server merged with Jericho I had 250ms at base. While not ideal, it was close enough to the 175ms I had been used to on (final iteration) Han server that it was not all that different. I just did a fresh G1 install in case it was Steam overlay causing the issue. But running without Steam in the background gave the same result. 480-515ms. I'm out of ideas... Can anyone help?
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