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  1. I fully agree. It is easily seen who is really bad player and who is faking it just to stomp bronzes and newcomers at bronze servers.
  2. Dude i play APB for 8 loong years. I have witnessed Shini's creation of char and his first youtube videos. I played along his side and against his side when his char was below 100 rank. I was in 4 out of 5 most famous clans in APB, and i have NEVER EVER heard or saw ANYONE named a friggin "famous" James kii. I never ever seen you or your name either, you who "didnt" live under a rock or in a cave. I will mock who i want, when i want how i want. I will especially mock unknown creatures like that jameskii dude, and dudes like you "fortunerunner". I watched video, that dude played apb for full 1 year. What is "famous" about him? Aside using that information of 100 million budget we all knew and followed when it was happening 8 years ago + . There are 10 more videos from different people explaining this same things.
  3. thats all great , but i am afraid that long waited engine upgrade wont bring any life ground breaking change. You will get more levels...once you maxed contacts out, again same old repetitive thing regarding gameplay. What i do hope so, tho is that with new engine next update to engine 4 gonna be x1000 times easier than this jump. When that happen i sincerely hope LO will use the fact they can buy models, clothes, cars, from engine auction house from free lancer programmers around the world, being the fact infiltration of those into engine is merely click of a mouse, if you got finished model. Only that, can save APB. With new models, new content, you can buy new lore, or add new stuff, new maps, new vehicles, etc. Lets hope that is finished product. Stay positive indeed
  4. if "edgy" is celebrating world's most notorious darkest modern part in history, then yeah. We are edgy to look at teenagers trying to get attention by pasting swastikas on their charachters. APB customization offers countless and limitless options, you can be astronaut, peter pan, spiderman, weaboo anime cartoon girl, furry animals, characters from other games or movies, like the Ring, etc. If your creativity stops at creating SS officers and arguing with people that you are using "india" swastika because its turned other way around, then i deeply feel sorry for you and all rest who share opinion of this being good. Doubt any of them are adults.
  5. Dude this guy is making video whose sole purpose is not to PROMOTE apb game but to point out all flaws and all wasted 100 million bucks on it. His first "argument" is graphics looking like crap, him zooming mail boxes in the game, which are such because HE choose to play apb at LOWEST settings. I dont know if you are realizing this, but credibility of such person commenting any further is immediately lost. Nobody says you CANT choose lowest settings. Why is that an issue? Its personal choice. BUT it becomes an issue when you DELIBERATELY choose LOWEST settings and then you make a video pointing out how settings in apb looks like crap !! I dont know how can you so badly misunderstand this simplicity!? Nobody said anything about him being "forced" or not, to use lowest settings. Neither you nor i know why. Point is, you cant trash the game graphics, while you yourself ( REGARDLESS REASONS) choose it to be lowest. If you still cant see it, i cant help you. I am done with you too, you successfully misunderstood one simple true statement. Also please quote me where did i say "i played hundred of matches in this game and you should expect that"???? I got only FOUR posts in this topic, its not hard to see there is no such thing I ever said. Nice try of imputing YOUR words into MY mouth which were not spoken out by me. Nice "credibility" mate.
  6. That is why we are expecting engine upgrade to solve that init? But this situation is here for past 10 years, i dont understand what is point of this sudden topic? This is not ground breaking news.... I still dont understand your point? You are pointing out the flaws of APB system usages, which are here past entire DECADE... you didnt discover America... So if you dont mind, tell us please what is your point. Thanks.
  7. Dude i play at maxed out settings ever since i started to play apb. Sacrifice for that is 70 fps instead of 120. Guess what? I win 7/10 matches average, i am permanent gold, and my game stats are so high that i am opposed vs hackers constantly who go 10/10 wins. Whats your point? What resources? It barely takes 2 up to 3gb RAM. If you got 8gb you can play flawlessly and there is not a single person who doesnt have 8gb RAM nowadays. Again what is your point?
  8. And that suppose to mean something to me? "james kii" Lmfao ! Who dafuq is that?! And where is this kid last 10 years in APB like me? Dude set up settings at lowest then recorded a video of how "sh1tty" graphics look for 100 million game! Your point???????? His point?!?!?!?! Are you for real??
  9. dude, you set your graphic settings at lowest possible, then you zoom the pixels you yourself chosen? What is this kid point? I dont even care what is rest of video after minute 2:0 making such cataclysmic flaw.
  10. If anything ATAC got nerfed silently not buffed, because ursus got nerfed. I noticed clearly change in recoil when going full atac, compared to previous. Anyways yea, first nerf nfas, now nerf atac, how about you nerf all weapons and leave just 10 day oca, PMG, JG, and 10 day ntec. So that you "veterans" would be finally happy. Lets make all people use those 3 weapons, because all rest is "no skill". When you are at that point you can imo simply delete all other weapons, because we dont need another nerf of a weapon that doesnt need nerf. In case you "intelligent" veterans didnt notice, after crying for nfas, is that now everybody uses PMG. Good job.
  11. I got same issue today with what i had issue with around 15 days ago when i made the topic on forum as well : So basically i got issue of having permanently locked character and character being in use error msg even tho its not. I played APB yesterday, normally. Because of some reason it happened twice in 1 month now, and i play over 6 years and never had similar issue bug, until this month. Only thing changed this month aka recently were new servers. So it has to be servers. I was inboxed by another user having exact same problem. So yea...
  12. ITS FIXED!!! Support did it Thanks you Matt, thank to the guy tagging Matt here, thank you all guys for support. You can close this topic, but dont delete, so that if someone got this same issue, only solution is report ticket. No provider change phew
  13. Oh cmon that is so radical solution. I didnt change my provider ever. I got it 10+ years. I dont think such a random crash which i had tones of in APB would result in never being able to connect again. It is bug in their system, they just have to solve it, thats all. Still tnx for info, i will keep you guys posted. I sent ticket to support now i can only hope it wont take 10 months to reply or do something my fix. Since i am afraid due to this virus that they wont be so fast This couldnt have happened in worse timing. Now that i dont work and am home, from all times in past 5 years it happened now -_- what a "luck"
  14. Nice try to rise a value of corsair, but sadly for you it wont work lol Gun is utter trash, its a shotgun tryharding to pretend to be rifle as if anyone use shotgun over 30m+ You got 9 bullets, while ntec gives u 30 and it kills at 30m+ and everybody figured that out. Totally missed move, which is proven by corsair barely stopping its fall at 4m value. Never before any legendary dropped in value so fast since its release date. First day it dropped from 7m to 6m, second day 5.5m, third day people were literally spamming 5m just to get rid of trash. Fourth day it was already sold for 4.5m by several players. Bought it for ursus first day, used it, sold it, couldnt get 1:1 i had to add apb $ to get ursus back. Tnx no tnx
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