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  1. Routing via VPN will only do so much. You may get to the server in less hops than your normal route, which could help with packets and some latency- but overall it's the distance that will always be the culprit.
  2. Dropped into social to a bunch of names I never seen before...got spooked but quickly equipped my LCR PR2 and deaded that feeling. Jumped into an Asylum match, killed a few baddies while realizing how much lack of gamesense and keybind knowledge I had hopped in with- to be saved by the match ending. Good frames and latency...things felt tight and responsive. If only I could recall my old mouse sensitivity x.x So I saw SKay's highlight reel with Matt. Well done, both of you! @SKay SKay your hosting and interviewing were amicable, and @MattScott Matt appreciate the patience, thoroughness, and time you set aside to have the interview. The level of transparency and honesty were beyond refreshing. For sake of continuing honesty, I shed a tear when you guys started talking about the garbage collection, physics, and issues that were ailing the backend of things both client and server alike. There were a lot of us that pushed very hard to pinpoint issues (through traces, debugs, and other tools) for Reloaded to tackle, and really it was just nice to finally hear the discoveries we made are the topic of things being tackled and smoothed out for 2.1. It's very hard to iterate to the average customer/computer user what the back-end of this game truly entails, and what it takes to overhaul the framework of your applications while maintaining a live environment. It's taken a long time, and it's had to pass through a bunch of hands; but after watching the interview I firmly believe if APB had a chance to continue on, LO were the right hands to see it through. To learn and understand the intricacies and layers of "webbed" code that comprise APB is equivalent to taking a 2 year course in another teams philosophies and API- without their direct tutelage. As an end-user/player; the first thing you will look for in a video or images, is exactly what is being presented to you- a visual perception & aid to give you an idea of progress. The problem here, is about 70-80% or more of this teams progress in 2 years will be hard to show in a picture, or explain in a timed interview with video samples. They can show you graphical progression of course- but there is a lot going on in the background of both the server and client that has been "touched", or completely changed to make the transition they are making with 2.1- while still being able to import/convert legacy data. It's quite a feat, and LO should without a doubt be proud of what they have accomplished. I see the pride Matt takes when he was able to watch as a third person other people seeing the updated character & vehicle creators; The funny thing is as nice as the lighting and tweaks have made the legacy assets look- I was really taken back by how smooth/quick loading things were in comparison to the live I knew. What I'm trying to say here is...if you love this game, keep playing, keep the faith, and continue to show the patience/understanding deep down you have; even if you troll to hide it. The graphics, the new content; that will all roll out in time. They gotta get the core right, and personally I love the idea of a staggered/phased release of beta to open the faucet of feedback. It means a lot to be at this stage, for everyone involved. Front-end polish is always last in development; but even at this point things are looking up! Stay positive! -z00t/Mahoney
  3. Yeah, think it was mumble at the time- 5 years ago cant remember
  4. It's trash in comparison to a dedicated CPU and discrete GPU in a majority of situations. He's basically going a step above console; Quasi-PC lol. You'll benefit from the fastest ram your mobo/APU can support, it gets costly. But hey, you'll have great RAM.
  5. Accurate. The Vega-Architectured IGP on the current gen AMD APUs is -decent-, but lets be real and acknowledge they are just slapping a brand sticker on it to give the technology a refreshed presence vs their Gen 1 APUs (which as Dan has stated, was even more trash than the trash that is "Vega IGP"). I'm usually much more objective about these things- but trust me (and the others telling you), have fun playing Solitaire with an integrated chip. https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-3-2200g-vega-8-overclocked-1600mhz-performance/ If you really can't afford the alternative, the above will show you how to milk the Vega iGP for it's worth. The only thing that conflicts in that guide when in regards to APB is APB -does- need CPU processor cycles (the higher your single-core "Ghzs" the better) in order to render the software physics at the core of the game (which is what make players lag in smoke/fire). I actually have a PhysX card in one of my storage bins, but I haven't gotten it to work in ages, and never worked for me in Reloaded. Anyway yeah- good luck. With aftermarket cooling you may be able to hold 60fps @1080p with the classic stutter most encounter. Addendum: If I were in this position- I would probably leave the IGP at stock clock, push the CPU end to its highest stable OC, then if theres any room push the IGP end. It comes down to voltages, cooling, and the production quality of the chip you manage to get
  6. I don't think lowering the numbers is the resolution, but there is a glaring issue when the FC districts are stacked 2:1 in favor of either side. It just becomes a roll tide and begins to alienate people. Proposition: Fight Club should be "Full" to a faction when they have more players than the other faction. Eg. If it's 17 Enforcers to 16 criminals, another Enforcer shouldn't be able to join until its 17 to 17. The actual numbers to the proposition are arbitrary, but the point is made.
  7. The game is really unplayable tonight- Waterfront 2 had 15-20 PL...ghost shots everywhere...everyone switching to dive bomb tactics with high rate weapons just to fight it
  8. This. People are actually willing to have discussions on these forums- but when you approach without facts and data to back your claims, you will quickly lose their attention. The truth is, there is no single LTL gun that 1 shot stuns (grenade excluded). There are fast combinations, but the fastest LTL stun comes at the highest risk. The counter option for crims is the ability to generate loads of cash through ram-raiding, which enforcers can only bank on if they both witness and come out of it victorious. The ability to initiate ram-raids is criminal exclusive, and in many cases preferred over unlocking LTL. As for the cars, can you provide examples?
  9. -When- games actually start using proper multi-core distribution, I agreed wholeheartedly AMD will shine. I'm an AMD user just as much as I'm an Intel user.
  10. I'm just gonna leave this analogy here, and put this thread behind me: Whether you crouch-toggle-sprint, add crosshairs, macro/automate, change game files, etc.- The severity of the action you're committing is irrelevant. They all cross the same line, and actively choosing to do anything outside what the game already provides falls under the guise of a "cheat"; invasive & non-invasive alike. All games have cheaters, all games are capable of being cheated. I'm in the mutual stance with others in this thread that I/We don't care what you do or about your choices, but just own up to it and realize in hindsight that you are impacting the game in a way that inevitably penalizes everyone, including yourself in the long run. Committing to any of the above is no different that starting a game of Monopoly with a house in your pocket. Monopoly is a game known to destroy friendships & relationships. To pull a house out of your pocket in Monopoly would sentence you to be known as a d-bag for the rest of your gaming days, and probably get you tossed out of game night for awhile. Sound familiar? If you'd do it in Monopoly, I have no doubt you'd do it here...but that's kind of sad; and truthfully shows you'd take a consolation prize over the real thing just to get some illusion of satisfaction. I didn't post this to make people feel like crap for who they choose to be, but maybe just open 1 pair of eyes to the reality of their nature & situation. If one person understands this analogy, then it was worth the time. Be you, but know you can always do & be better than who you are today.
  11. Hey hey, it's only some of the time tho- cut him some slack lmao
  12. Point, BXN. One of the outright differences between BF3 and BF3 Hardcore is the removal of the crosshair (along with other UI components). Yes monitors have crosshair overlays, but by utilizing an exterior tool to cancel out the challenges of Hardcore mode defeat the purpose of playing it, and artificially invokes a pretty serious advantage in your favor vs those who play the game the way it's meant to be played. APB's implementation also has it's reasons, like BXN said...regardless of that poor design choice its there with the intent to balance gunplay. TL;DR - It's cheating bruh, no matter how globally/easily accessible it is.
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