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  1. Well 1 USD Costs 17.88 not 20 , and yeah it sucks but what can you tell the Egyptian economy to get up on it's feet but you can't i don't think this is a problem related to the game, it is an economical problem i am afraid , i used to buy G1C for 660 EGP which wasn't expensive at the time now if i need any G1C i just get 10 $ at a time 178.8 EGP each week ain't that bad
  2. Thank you everyone that responded ! This has been really helpful !
  3. Yeah i would expect that but this will be temporary until i get a decent GPU but the vega 8 integrated graphics should be enough right ?
  4. Sorry for not stating which APU i have in mind i have the Ryzen 3 2200G in mind 100 USD and can run pubg at 40 ish FPS on low 1080p
  5. Well i am considering a new computer because i have been playing on my laptop for the past year or so ! But i have a really tight budget if i get an APU will it run APB in good frame rates ? Anyone is doing the same ? Thanks in advance
  6. Is the game really up and running ? how even?
  7. Hahaha weak ! be at my level and take the owning like a boss bro and go back to silver where you truly belong and let a R10 bronze kill you without even knowing you were an enemy xD
  8. I think nothing will change most of the veterans that play know everything about the game they are really comfortable with their guns and setup so they just kick patootie me on the other hand is a veteran but am silver but i know when someone is hacking or not its shown i just wish 2 or 3 people would get banned already in citadel tho
  9. Yeah same do you mean whispers or mail in general or what exactly ?! @Lixil
  10. Still thank you for your amazing advice you are such a genius please leave the amazing advice to yourself.
  11. Well i am not a child however because my amazing country has an amazing currency 15 USDs would cost alot and i am not willing to pay that much now And i do have a job but paying for the game isn't a priority atm thank you for your amazing advice tho
  12. I want To buy premium so i need premium for the discount k?
  13. I see that You guys (Little Orbit) should give us a premium code because we are all celebrating your arrival
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