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  1. Roadmap is easy when it only has to go downhill. sorry but it is what it is im afraid.
  2. Myself and all my friends stopped playing weeks before segregation was lifted so unsure really. i do know i prefered to have no segregation before it was first added but then again the game had a healthy playerbase back then which is not the case now. yeah i lost all hope.
  3. Just delete all guns from the game apart from n-tec and .45, problem solved! everyone happy now? /s
  4. as i said "adapt to the situation" to put it simply change gun/tactic unless of coarse you are intent on putting yourself at a disadvantage.
  5. if you cannot counter people using said weapons then im afraid it's you that needs to adapt to the situation and change up your playstyle.
  6. It gives you a massive advantage over those that do not use such things, it's pretty simple really. not refering to autosprint though, i dont see a problem with that one.
  7. people talk, those who play talk, those who visit the forum talk, those in social talk, the % outside that area i would call insignificant or dont care. next?
  8. im with you on that one but ingame broadcasts are not gonna help spread word of mouth my friend.
  9. indeed you are right, but..... anyone who cares enough will already know and spread "the word" how much further does it need to reach at this point though?
  10. i guess that will work for people that actually login in the first place i suppose (in which case they will be fine), but what about all the rest? sorry bud but someone had to pull you up on that one
  11. recent problem, everytime you launch the game you get 2 more of these processes open up. every single time. i was closing them off manually but that soon got annoying so i replaced catcher with a blank file. hopefully its not really needed for it to be running. *edit* anyone know what this file actually does? if anything. *edit2* put the file back to the original, same problem. game just doesnt close it on shutdown and leaves it running.
  12. i swear i have developed by far the best technique ever! and that's to not actually give a shit either way. win/lose whatever. by not caring and not letting things bother you the "zero fucks given" approach was born.
  13. i play on both factions, i have good friends on both factions, people talk you know? who'da thought it eh? my opinion is pretty much void anyway though since i thought a "config" was what AL can do, nothing more.
  14. Just for the record i was under the impression that "a config" is pretty much what AL does, anything outside of that im not interested in, shaders, outlines, fog, muzzle flash etc... thats a different ballgame entirely.
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