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  1. recent problem, everytime you launch the game you get 2 more of these processes open up. every single time. i was closing them off manually but that soon got annoying so i replaced catcher with a blank file. hopefully its not really needed for it to be running. *edit* anyone know what this file actually does? if anything. *edit2* put the file back to the original, same problem. game just doesnt close it on shutdown and leaves it running.
  2. i swear i have developed by far the best technique ever! and that's to not actually give a shit either way. win/lose whatever. by not caring and not letting things bother you the "zero fucks given" approach was born.
  3. i play on both factions, i have good friends on both factions, people talk you know? who'da thought it eh? my opinion is pretty much void anyway though since i thought a "config" was what AL can do, nothing more.
  4. Just for the record i was under the impression that "a config" is pretty much what AL does, anything outside of that im not interested in, shaders, outlines, fog, muzzle flash etc... thats a different ballgame entirely.
  5. ^^This pretty much. i do use a config myself too but that's simply to try and level the playing field, "when in rome do as the romans do" though id much prefer it if i didnt feel the need to use one.
  6. 4-5 dumptruck is pretty simple to achieve. Even people stacking was a thing once upon a time. good job though, it can be pretty fun just to do something different/random at times.
  7. Sooo much this ^^ i dont care too much for FC but i don't think this mechanic belongs there either. it's just not APB
  8. Never liked the idea from the start but decided to load it up anyway.... spawned in with fbw > got insta killed in the first 10s by a guy with an AR who was about 20m away > respawned > same again > exits game conclusion? it's not for me and i will not be playing it again.... period.
  9. came for the clickbait title, was disappointed!
  10. Are you logging in with steam? if so launching the game without steam and logging in manually may help:
  11. i really hope this is not a perminent thing, ive only just started getting into this. thankfully i did pick up an RTW disc from amazon but that's not going to help when i was planning to rip a few friends soon for a group render
  12. "Work in progress" rigging is driving me nuts but i think im getting there: The legs are fine, still trying to work out better joint placement for the shoulders. just trial and alot of error at the moment.
  13. Yep sound is broken. wonderfing if this has been acknowledged by staff yet? @Androvald @MattScott
  14. Looks like you have a problem with your shift key or a possible intermittent caps lock.
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