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  1. Lets just face the fact that it's a "Battle Royale" "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet" - William Shakespeare or in this case: "A pile of poop by any other name would smell just as shit" - Reality
  2. No doubt it's just gonna get dominated by all the sweaty tryhard fightclubbers. so yeah expect it to be short lived i guess.
  3. Trial weapons are susceptible to abuse by reroll's... and rerolls don't normally have premium. just sayin.
  4. i get this bug pretty often, normally takes a restart of the game to fix it. you can still see the objectives on the map screen but this is far from ideal.
  5. all outfits were displaying fine before the update but now they are all pixelated as if they are in ultra low resolution. anyone else?
  6. it seems they do not auto assign, you need to select it from the contact in the district.
  7. Judging by you're other thread's about fps maybe you should spend some money on your pc. just an observation.
  8. i did not even bother joining a district, let alone try playing it. and from the comments about it im glad i didnt. i dont care tbh.
  9. I had to log in just to like this post. 10/10 it could not be more true.
  10. one thing that was changed around the time of hard segregation being lifted was that gold now starts at what was silver 6, making it far easier to obtain gold threat.
  11. can log in fine but not getting passed over to the district server.
  12. Pretty much title ^^ Im just wondering about the possibility of making joker tickets tradable, obviously this would have pro's and con's attached and whether or not it's even possible i have no idea. It would be nice to get other peoples opinions on this subject whether it be for or against and please include your reasons why? Thank you.
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