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  1. Are you logging in with steam? if so launching the game without steam and logging in manually may help:
  2. i really hope this is not a perminent thing, ive only just started getting into this. thankfully i did pick up an RTW disc from amazon but that's not going to help when i was planning to rip a few friends soon for a group render
  3. "Work in progress" rigging is driving me nuts but i think im getting there: The legs are fine, still trying to work out better joint placement for the shoulders. just trial and alot of error at the moment.
  4. Yep sound is broken. wonderfing if this has been acknowledged by staff yet? @Androvald @MattScott
  5. Looks like you have a problem with your shift key or a possible intermittent caps lock.
  6. The lagg i can handle i mean its nothing im not used to. it's being DC'd several times per evening that's getting annoying.
  7. Been playing on citadel tonight (from uk) for quite a while and it's been pretty smooth in all fairness, geographical routing issue maybe?
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