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  1. Playing with a high latency isn't really that bad TBH, it's just annoying that everytime I encounter a close call combat, my mind keeps telling me "If I had low latency, I could've win this fight easily"
  2. It's a great thing then, they would expect you to play like a bronze, so show them the skills of a gold
  3. Thanks for all the answer guys, I've tried all your suggestion Vpn: doesn't notice any change Changing district to west: this one did work but west district are full of goldies so I keep getting raged and go back to bronze east Anyways guys really appreciated the help!
  4. Hey, I'm from Asia, currently experiencing 260ms in Jericho and 330ms in Citadel. I'm wondering if there are ways to improve latency(even slightly) while waiting for world consolidation? -Thanks
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