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  1. It seems like I didn't express my point clearly. I think that dressing as a terrorist (wearing a black suite, mask etc.) is ok because this way you are clearly role-playing. But if you also use arabic music as your jingle you implicitly place an equal sign between terrorism and arabic culture, which is not good. The guys I complained to the support were not wearing terrorist clothes they just had terrorist and nazi symbols as their avatars and on their cars. I think it makes a difference. Equating or comparing communism, terrorism and fascism is incorrect. I wont provide arguments, just check any dictionary. I've finally received a reply from the support team regarding my ticket. According to the forum rules I cant provide details of their reply but I am satisfied with it and suggest everybody concerned with this problem make screenshots and issue support tickets.
  2. Thx again everyone for your opinions. I'd especially note the posts of @Fenton and @MrM0dZ cuz they express the two polar views: "lets have strict rules and obey them" and "everything is allowed". I believe the way to go is somewhere in-between but I dont have a recipe. Role-playing is nice, even though it's not a significant component of APB imho, but having real terrorism advocates in game is not good for sure. If you dress as a terrorist you'll only do a favor to antiterrorism cuz you'll make it into a joke. But if you also use arab music as your jingle... well, that's not a great idea really cuz, you know, not every arab is a terrorist. Btw do you think it's a good idea calling a person you dont know a "bro"? Not only boys play apb bro XD
  3. Thx everybody for your opinions. I'm actually glad my original post have so far received only 11 dislikes which indicates there are probably not so many extremist supporters in our game. Still it's a pity some of you seem to not recognize this is a problem. Putting legal questions aside, when you are an adult and have strong knowledge of what's good and bad you can regard this stuff as a roleplay. But you all know there are lots of teens in the game, even though they are formally not allowed, and they can easily take in evil ideas.
  4. I agree it'd be difficult to imagine a game about WW2 not featuring nazi symbols. In this case it would be part of the game plot and I think it's ok for NPCs to wear swastika, have it in interiors and so on. But it's a different story when such symbols are worn by players, exposed on their cars, avatars, etc. in an open-world game totally unrelated to that stuff. While it could be just trolling, it still leads to popularization of the unwanted ideas. And even more so for the more recent stuff like ISIL/ISIS. Yea, it's indeed a pity that the swastika symbol was so much discredited in the western world. I submitted a support ticket and will let u know of the result. Putting a phrase into quotes doesnt yet make it a quotation Would be nice if you gave a reference cuz it's a really interesting info.
  5. ISIS/ISIL is a terrorist organization recognized as such by UN and the majority of countries. By exposing its symbols you popularize it, which is against EULA afaik. Thanks to the moderator and admin, I'll issue a support ticket. Of course it'd be much more easy if you just handled the in-game reports but I understand you are probably overwhelmed by false cheat reports.
  6. Hi APB players and admins, I'd like to attract your attention to the problem of terrorism and fascism propaganda in APB. A few weeks ago I played against a char called Name and Shame removed ~@mayii who's got a swastika symbol on his/her avatar. I reported that person for an offensive symbol but a few days ago I played against him/her again and the symbol was still there. Seems like the administrators did not pay attention. Yesterday I played against a char called Name and Shame removed ~@mayii who's got the ISIL/ISIS flag on his/her avatar. As you can see from the screenshot, he/she is a member of the clan called Name and Shame removed ~@mayii. The name suggests that all the members of this clan are likely terrorism supporters. I urge everyone to stay alerted and do not let those guys spread their words and symbols in APB. And I also urge administrators to take action. Name and Shame image removed ~@mayii Cheers, Wynn
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