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  1. Depends which pack you want to buy, most of them are Character life time. But some are account life time, for example: Juggernaut Strike Pack
  2. Got this every week , atleast once
  3. Wait what.. There is a free Stac? *Starting apb*
  4. So true. Carspawn block is griefing, this.. this is nothing..
  5. Well, good luck with the restart. Was always fun to play against you guys. Greetings, Always Evolving
  6. Hello guys and girls, Here is our playlist with our youtube video's (Montages & funny moments). Feel free to watch, comment, like, subscribe or tell us what you want to see the next time. Nade montage:
  7. For the past weeks I've noticed a seemingly huge increase in the amount of cheaters. I agree
  8. I don't know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing
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