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  1. you can send one to a friend, but they won't be able to customize it, and you'll get a vehicle for a low price (got a growl with pack of revelations, a 4 slot growl costs 1500 for me) but the problem with the cheap one is that you can't send it, to prevent you from sendign 4 slot cars to everyone. But you can buy it for the normal prices, usually around 15k 30k or 40k, not sure. those you can send to other people, with the customization packs you get.
  2. So you are willing to sacrifice about half of the current players, just so the other half can have a better experience? that'd make a lot of old players who love to play apb adn have been here trough the years to leave aswell, and i don't think that's what they want to do with the game.
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