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  1. Xegethra

    Waterfront Contacts

    Too bad they won't just remake the district altogether, keep the same contacts but have a whole new road system and building locations. It's just too flat of a map to be that interesting, plus it's not a very good shape, just a narrow set of roads. If people like it then there's nothing stopping them, I just think it's bland.
  2. Xegethra

    Waterfront Contacts

    Citadel, so there's some population. But I just don't like the place. We're not always on when everyone else is, but that's not really the games fault though.
  3. Xegethra

    Waterfront Contacts

    I'm just a bit sick of it. My friend more so, hasn't had a contact in financial for a while now, the new one he unlocks also happens to be in waterfront. I'm currently levelling up Birth, I know that once I do the next guy will be there too. I just unlocked Gumball. It's O.K. being there but I find I'm there more often and I think the district is really quite bland honestly....it's just boring white everywhere.
  4. Yeah, it's either that or they dethreat to go back in. It's a bit of a bugger. I still think we should all play in the same room together, raise the chances of finding matched skill players. But this would mean increase the maximum population in the districts. But that might not be so stable for people.
  5. Xegethra

    demolition derby

    It would be cool as an official mode. They could have different car classes to compete in.
  6. Xegethra

    Lock gold to gold

    In theory it would be nice, lots of ideals exist in theory. One idea I had was to lock them in their own district, and all their characters also get locked to it. If they have lower threat friends then their districts are open to everyone, but not every district is open to them. It's kinda like that now but dethreating sort of makes it unworkable. And you have fake golds who get gold, but can never hold onto it, would be a bit of a shame to lock them out like that. The best idea, even though the playerbase is low....is to just have no threat districts, at all. So everyone gets to play together and their is a bigger range of skill in a room to match up with. Dethreating will be a thing still, but it's better than nothing. Just get rid of threat and put players against each other based on numbers instead maybe?
  7. Yeah not everyone's a cheater, but they do exist. Some just don't hide it. I've been beaten by both really good players and cheaters, it gets suspicious when they don't make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes it's only human.
  8. Xegethra

    I Just Want To Say Thx

    I don't really care for the playstyle, but if an additional game mode can get new people in who might come over and play the normal game then I won't mind. But I'm not so sure it is something they want or will happen. People have had so many ideas for this game.
  9. The old ideas for social were kinda neat. But whatever they do with it now if anything, it just feels a bit bland. So many people stand there and do nothing, maybe they wouldn't so much if they had something to do.
  10. Xegethra

    Happy New Year!

    Yes, happy new year to all!
  11. Xegethra

    We have melee weps?

    It would be annoying to have a bat or something only to get shot cus you had the wrong weapon. However, as a novelty they could make throwable knives that act much like the 8 ball and half brick. Melee weapons could be used if fight club ever gets a melee rules mode. But in action districts they don't really seem feasible.
  12. Yeah it's just background lore and likely always will be. But they can always change lore to make it less like it describes financial, but as we know, unlikely. Speaking of maps, I tried my hand at making a mapped out San Paro...well, O.K. it's already mapped out but I used an image that looks like the ones on the ticket machines and bulletin boards and placed where I think the districts might be, after looking into the lore of it all. I know none of it is official, I literally made it up. But as the lore does mention those areas I just thought I'd plop them down for fun.
  13. If they made a Midtown there is nothing stopping them from making whatever they want. It's just a name, they could bring the name back and make it nothing like a financial district.
  14. Xegethra

    Car Play Balancing

    I also never said I agreed with any banning. Just the car mechanics are lacking at the moment.
  15. It would be nice, but then most people's vision for the game is much more than it currently is so either way.