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  1. But after 10 years of empty promises and not a whole lot changing, no matter who owns the game then you can see why people lose the faith. I don't know where you got the 5 to 6 years thing from but they've had 10 of them already....and nothing. And I'm not just talking about the new engine but things in general. Let them leave, enough have already. You can scorn them but the numbers are only getting lower. I keep coming back every so often, I'm still attached to the game despite knowing it won't change or get better. Guess I'm just seeing it till the end. The game as had 3 owners now and it's still largely a mess of a game, Little Orbit aren't changing that. If they do I'll be pleasantly surprised, but I'm not expecting it. Also in regards to earlier posts about a Chinese company? Since when?
  2. Haha yeah. They are making it for Unreal 3.5 I think, which is already old now. Been "waiting" for so long now, I don't expect it anymore, I haven't for years. I still occasionally come by to look at the forums though.
  3. Bit late, but I had the idea that instead of just being criminal vs enforcer it would be nice if in missions they were less one side is shooting at the other while someone breaks a window and you were doing more....variety of things. I was thinking they could maybe include options, maybe and enforcer clan could betray the others and the mission changes for it. Like, there's a corruption system for each of the enforcer clans, and each clan can raise or lower it depending on their choices. And when an opponent comes up against them they see it and have to be on guard if paired up with them...they might not betray you. And then it could give enforcer vs enforcer missions. Less corrupt ones against the most and the most corrupt being opposed, as if it were criminal vs criminal. The criminals could have a similar system, instead it's more like each clan has a rep bar. Which decides how often they get paired up with or against other criminals or enforcers. My idea needs a lot of work, and the lack of players and actual clans isn't ideal but I like the idea of it being more than enforcers and criminals with clans swapping sides as it were and intermingling more. With missions that offer up more choices. Maybe even a single player who readies up, gets called to rob/retrieve something and be a meet contact for someone else and then it ends for them. Or you commit a crime and there is a small chance it gets picked up by the game and incorporated into a larger on going mission, like if you steal and abandon a car the enforcers get tasked to retrieve it without the criminal ever knowing. It wouldn't happen with all cars of course. Or you break stuff, and the game alerts the enforcers and they have to investigate and as they follow along your trail of destruction they might end up meeting you and if you're in a mission they get involved into it. Probabily doesn't need to happen to crimes commit IN a mission but as you do it in free roam and you get caught up with. Of course the investigators get to choose if they keep following along or join your mission. My idea is a bit rough I know. I dunno, it kinda just feels a bit so so, can't see it happening in this game, but maybe in another some time. Like an actual crime simulator.
  4. I wouldn't like all bots. Although maybe they could be included in with real players to bulk out the missions.
  5. I just wanted a crime simulator of sorts. Instead we have just a shooter, sure I have had my fun with it though.
  6. Been saying this for nearly 10 years. It's not so bad when you don't pay attention to it for months on end though. I always pop back in occasionally to see.
  7. Xegethra

    Melee Weapons?

    It's already been gone over. I like the idea, but the feasibility has to trump the cool aspect of it.
  8. Ack, late to the party. I had no idea I could have migrated my character....not for this whole time. And I learn that I could have done just after the ability has been stopped. That's....a bit sad. It should be easy to remake though, my old character never had much progress on them anyway. But still.
  9. I think a practise death match arena could work. Cops and criminals can deathmatch together with no scores, nothing to win, no changes to their kill deaths, drop in and drop out at any time, no time limit, it's just for getting used to the weapons. You can only use the weapons within the arena, as soon as you walk into the sidelines you get your weapon selection up and you can run around a mock city street to practise. There could be a handful of arenas with different layouts. It could replace that useless convention centre.
  10. Xegethra

    Melee Weapons?

    Melee might not work too well in normal districts, but if there was like a melee only fight club room it might. If people want them in mission districts, then all I can think of is melee only district rooms. As said, can't see them working with weapons. So a whole district dedicated to melee? Perhaps if that district is tweaked to resemble a beat em up and has altered missions to accommodate.
  11. One change I would like to see in ram raiding is the enforcers not being able to see your dirty money and witness you on it, it kinda takes the detective work out of the game. I think there should be a window of opportunity to witness criminals actually in the act of raiding or dropping off and that's the only time they can witness. They still do not see how much dirty money the criminal has on them, so they are taking a gamble on how much money they are going to chase down, just like how the criminal is taking a gamble in being spotted. Maybe a side objective for the enforcers can be to take the stolen goods not dropped off as evidence and get a little extra from the station along with the dirty money. Otherwise they leave it alone for the criminals to come back to or ignore. Because it does suck a little bit when you've done some jobs and they just witness you driving having seen no crime or done any evidence searching.
  12. It could be rewards for events....that would be nice.
  13. I do sometimes, aside from the having more stuff thing, I have had dreams where the financial district was totally different and I am replaying some missions but everything is going wrong and I can't fix it and it is playing out as if it were real. Yeah a realistic feeling dream about a video game, the mind has a way of tricking itself.
  14. 2 or 3 contacts is nice for now. But if we do get another district there will need to be more, maybe some members of the other gangs that get mentioned. Not sure how many enforcer factions there are though but I'm O.K. with more members from the current sides all the same. But yeah, I hope they pull through and they can expand the game further.
  15. They won't have to spread out anything. Actual game development would be needed. They would have to make new contacts, and to make them worthwhile they would need to make new vehicles, mods, clothing and other stuff to unlock. It could all tap into the lore that hasn't been explored yet. Basically develop like a game should do. Other online games are getting new stuff, APB should too. If it doesn't, it won't go anywhere. However yeah, population is low so maybe not as many people will experience it should it happen, but then there's advertising. They have to try at least.
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