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  1. As I have posted in a different thread, the halloween update made my launcher not work at all. However, I managed to get it to work by reinstalling the game. Sadly, now the login menu is lagging heavily and the visuals are distorted. In game its pretty normal except the visuals looks off and I get FPS lag spikes often.
  2. So I had a significant amout of AFK time today and managed to let the PC reinstall APB during that time. Good news is that it works. Bad news is that not only all of my settings are gone, but also the login menu stutters a lot, doesnt load the background image properly and the game doesnt even remember my account when I check it. In game the FPS are normal, its just the menu. The graphics in game are super weird, but thats probably because of the graphics settings, got my usual graphics on for a short time after fiddling with the advanced options.
  3. "just uninstalling" as if it meant something different than deleting the whole game and then redownloading and reinstalling it again. No I havent tried it. Why? Because I had this problem a month or so ago, and it got fixed. Although it could have been something else in the past. The launcher gave me this error because the servers were down, so then when they got up again, it started working. I might have to reinstall sooner or later, but I wonder, is the game even worth playing when you need to reinstall it after every update? When I have time for this again Ill post my progress if any. In the meantime, keep posting solutions if you find any guys. Reinstall is the last option for me. Too many times have I reinstalled for nothing.
  4. Yeah Im getting the same thing as the other guy. Repair doesnt do anything (it results in the same error). Cant find any clientfiles.xml. Only some zip archives.
  5. As soon as the Halloween update hit APB, it stopped working for me. At 90% of downloading the new files theres just this "error" button instead of play and an empty crash report. Repairing the game through launcher yields the same results but at even lower % done.
  6. Alright. Things like that keep changing so one can never be sure.
  7. This question has been on my mind for so long. Can you get threat from unopposed missions? Like if you do 9999999999999999999 of them and win them you will still not get higher threat?
  8. I think NPCs do make sense and should be added in the long run. But Ill be happy for any kind of PVE, which a person can do solo or in coop and grind rank/money/standing without other players. Especially enforcers need this badly because they have literally no way to farm money properly. They have to create crim chars and go steal. Ridiculous. Same goes for solo grinding rank. Crims can just mug civilians. Neither enfs nor crims can grind standing solo/coop tho. Of course PVE should give you less rewards than PVP, but it should still be a good enough reward for your time and effort put into it. As soon as people know their time in game wont be wasted by constantly waiting for something, they will stay in the game, populating it. Why would anyone play outside prime time when there is literall ynobody to play with and they can tprogress in gam ewithout other players?
  9. We need to get them in game sooner or later. This game cant survive on living players alone. And if its too hard to make NPCs right now, why not just increase unopposed mission rewards so people dont spend half a day waiting for enemies or doing missions for 1$? Its unacceptable not to be able to progress in the game without other players playing. Not to mention when other players actually exist, they just rek you cause they have been gold for like a million years and have all weapons and stuff.
  10. The population is very low as always, even seems to be dropping slightly (as always), which is making the game more and more difficult to play (and making more people quit). An MMO PVP game always needs a lot of players to make sure any matchmaking the developers put into it works perfectly. Since the population is currently so low, matchmaking doesnt exist and top players get matched against mediocre players and newbies (and vice versa). I'm sure the population will increase as soon as the game itself improve significantly (after the engine update and whatnot). But what can we do to make the game playable no matter how many players are in, so it is enjoyable even if it's dead? Well, we can do the very same thing all other games do - add enemy NPCs. Instead of having a completely useless unopposed mission, why not add enemy bots into the mission and remove them as soon as real opponents join? Or maybe there can be a whole PVE gamemode/set of missions players can do solo/coop against enemies including bosses or whatnot? Every MMO that has enemy NPCs lives no matter how many or few players play the game. The fun is always there, you don't need full servers to have fun. You can have it with a small group of players or even solo. If NPCs are too hard to get into the game right now, then singleplayer/coop missions should be added into the game, which will trigger when matchmaker cant find you anyone to play against. These missions will give decent rewards allowing you to progress at a reasonable rate, but they will give less rewards than PVP missions, making it everyone's priority to go into PVP whenever possible.
  11. Tunner

    Melee Weapons?

    What do you mean? In all "gun" games Ive played (even where melee is a 0.00000001% thing), melee weapons have worked alright. I see no reason to not allow melee in normal districts.
  12. Tunner

    Melee Weapons?

    Haha, good point. "more" melee weapons means that there are already some in the game, in which case nothing needs to be added extra to what is in game right now. If someone from the team can clarify that, that would be nice. Otherwise please lock.
  13. Tunner

    Melee Weapons?

    Alright, thanks for letting me know. We will see what the future brings.
  14. Tunner

    Melee Weapons?

    Interesting point about the blowtorch, worth thinking about. I'm not proposing any game mechanic at this moment. Im just asking the devs whether they would like melee weapons in the game or not and Im explaining how many things you could do with them. Damage, range, attack speed, slot, price etc. are more a question of "how to make them" rather than "whether to make them". Id first like to know whether melee yes or melee no (depending on the devs vision/concept of the game), and then if its a yes we can figure out the details so it doesnt break the game balance.
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