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  1. @WeaboosI had my dream of apb around 2011-2012 it felt so real when i was just standing there in san paro park. When the game was alive, even hanging in game was a reason to log on
  2. I find in most competitive games, SILVER is the sweet spot. Not too good, not too bad. You can still play with newer players which is often the case when you introduce people to a game. Gold should never be so easy to get imo in any game.@Zuey
  3. I was gold for a while but found it boring to keep shitting on randoms. The only people that gave me trouble were clans. Does any1 else feel they had more fun in apb when they were bad like bronze, silver? IMO i had the most fun when I was silver. im too good now ;(
  4. reality setting in after a nice dream. rip. I once dreamed I was in the san paro park running over enemy hvr user
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