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Found 3 results

  1. After purchasing the new Golden OSMAW and experimenting with different mods, I found out that Magpull doesn't work with the gun. Modding the OSMAW with any form of mag pull reduces chambered ammo to 0 and prevents reloading altogether.
  2. Hey, hello and welcome to my personal feedback about RIOT Beta. Colors meaning: GREEN > POSITIVE RED > NEGATIVE (RIOT and Beta texts not included) YELLOW > INTERESTING Since the announcement and all leaks about a new APB permanent mode i was so much interested and excited, because finally i was able to have fun again with my main character, i am not the type of person who like Fight Club, this is why all the times i logged in was just for joining Social or other districts, having fun, jumping around, chatting with my clan mates and friends. I've learned a lot since Stress Tests and now i have the opportunity to share my thoughts. The mode itself is fun, unique, different from any other BR's out there, there are issues, there are unbalanced things, and more. Let's give Little Orbit a bit of trust, patience, each game have different aspects and their difficulties, this company alredy done an incredible work. With the right time i am more than sure that they are going to release a complete version of it which i can't wait for and this last will be absolutely amazing. Things i wish to see 1. Can play solo or group up as 2 and 4 players; 2. Auto kick from the RIOT instance after 3/4 minutes of being AFK (became annoying to watching AFK team mates); 3. Self activation for lasts 2/3 RIOT Devices if not made by the player (players camping avoiding the truck to spawn); 4. Possibility to unlock granades (without resupply them if in match); 5. Possibility to drive your own vehicles when in lobby, before the RIOT match starts; 6. Possibility to find abandoned vehicles around with random damage and use them to run away from the green gas (for example) + all characters into that vehicle will in anyway take damage if in contaminated zones; 7. Possibility to join friends when they are in a RIOT lobby not yet started; 8. Possibility to see how many kills / assists you made (before the end of the match); 9. Possibility to see safe and green zones also on the radar; 10. Can find blowtorches around to repair an abandoned vehicle and try to keep going with it (limited and random avaiability of that to be used, temporarly, after that your character will drop it, like for giftbox guns when you are out of ammo and you drop them, disappear); 11. More variety and type of destroyed objects around; 12. Better and different UI style; 13. Special events happening on the district during the match. Things i don't want 1. Can unlock your own primary and secondary (since i've started playing RIOT, never taken my own ones, just to have a bit more fun playing around in different styles and tactics). Bugs, Glitches, Crashes and things to be adjusted 1. Sometimes you don't see RIOT Tutorial Video when loading into the district but the default one APB uses or it ends early and you see a building loading with assets > https://imgur.com/a/JjDZQlX 2. You often spawn to much far away from the safe zone and you can't stay alive because when the hazmat suit goes off you can't use it for 60 seconds; 3. You can't join your friends during a RIOT lobby not yet started, you will get disconnected like the instance goes offline; 4. Sometimes the game crashes completely when starting to load into RIOT and you need to wait because it needs to verify all game files > https://imgur.com/a/xbTcIK3 5. Hazmat suit not usable for 60 seconds, to much (explained above in the 2nd point); 6. Sometimes you respawn behind a player not in your team or vice versa ( you see a player that spawn in your same location); 7. Icons for orange and yellow character modifications not always being displayed correctly (often invisible) > 8. Sometimes happens that after i respawn and i move away from the point where i was before, see my own name marker with group arrows included (that also happen during normal missions, but more rarely) > https://imgur.com/a/Rfa7vSv 9. Able to activate a RIOT Device when not close to it > https://imgur.com/a/S2V1NzE 10. Some weapons spawn locations are glitched / broken > https://imgur.com/a/6tcMfU0 11. Floating, extreme low quality, missing and badly placed objects > https://imgur.com/a/dvcAneA 12. Floating and badly placed vehicles > https://imgur.com/a/qVMIlwN 13. Terrain geometry issues (that happens also on all others districts) > https://imgur.com/a/eMO2MES (fixed, thanks to Roxl) 14. Lack of number and variety of weapons to be found in the map; 15. Enemy nicknames not always being displayed on your screen; 16. Make the match to start within 60 seconds instead of 3 minutes; 17. Noted those huge and small satellite's together concrete separators, are them MidTown objects? > https://imgur.com/a/NWLnZlR 18. Macchina Calabria Cabrio? > https://imgur.com/a/cFth4yK After that pretty long list i've decided to not end my topic but wanted to talk about the last point, why is there only 1 burned Calabria Cabrio around? Since this morning i've been running around an empty RIOT instance, crossed all streets, everything for 3 times, and there is literally only 1 Calabria Cabrio. Options for this are: 1. Who placed down all vehicles and objects made an error putting a burned Calabria Cabrio; 2. Little Orbit wanted to see who was that crazy to check all burned vechiels, 1 by 1 and wait for their reactions; 3. Little Orbit is trying to let us speculate and talking about it? (maybe a kit for the calabria or the entire cabrio model included all new sounds and stuff like that on the ARMAS). I don't know but if that means something i really hope the Cabrio model/kit will be present in San Paro (maybe in a near future, who knows). Going forward and reaching the end, i need to say that i really like RIOT, i know it's still in Beta and this is why Little Orbit need more feedback than ever from us, because in that way, can be only better. Of course im going to share my own feedback when a complete version will come out. I was also able to know many more fun and new players, it's fun playing it, a different style to feel APB. While an Official Feedback Thread is not yet opened i felt to do my own one, be sure to comment below what you think about RIOT Beta, your impressions, opinions and thoughts. I do appreciate so much Little orbit because they are really trying to make this game great and fun again. I will see you in the streets of San Paro, enjoy! Good luck Little Orbit Stay Strong, Stay Together! by Alisha
  3. I'm starting this thread because people have made good points on both sides of the argument involving RIOT mode and the engine upgrade. Is it good to get new content in the game? Yes. Absolutely. Is it time for the new content? No. Absolutely not. The time for the content isn't going to be soon. We NEED the engine upgrade before any content expansion. I'm saying this to have ease of introducing new content. If you wait on content and upgrade the Engine, however long that may take, then you'll know the code necessary for changes and be able to properly organize things on the backlines. We need you, LO, we do. We need you to follow your heart and consult your mind when it comes to these decisions. RIOT mode won't bring as much as you hope, not in the game's current state. Regardless of the server you are on, anyone can tell there are issues with the game that needs to be fixed, and content expansions on an already broken engine is just going to make things worse. I know that people are going to disagree, and thats fine. Something needs to be said though, and it feels like (from my end) that any advice from the playerbase, when talking about criticisms that are constructive, seem to not be getting through, not being looked at. I want to see APB thrive just as much as the next guy, I want to see APB return to the popularity that it could be, its just in this state.. Thats not going to happen. As for the community of APB, those who are still playing, and those who have left, please I want you to give feedback, let me know your thoughts and please, lets keep this as professional as can be. And lets keep a neutral tone in this and be as unbiased as possible. @MattScott
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