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  1. Well, you see, I didn't make this thread, so you have the wrong person pointed out for that. As I have stated Trash talking is fine, its when it goes overboard and people get too "into" themselves that they start being toxic. There is a difference believe it or not, and I'm not stranger to trash talking, I have done my fair share.
  2. A game doesn't need to be labeled as competitive for people to be competitive with it, thats purely a mindset thing. With how low pop the game is right now you might as well be listening to the same 10 people for hours on end, and with the way LO is going its only going to get smaller, especially if their plan for an unfinished riot mode gets released.
  3. If the veterans vanish at this point the game flops. I'm here trying to give constructive criticism for LO so that they see their current path isn't good. That it won't pan out like they want it to. Does APB need new content? Yes. Does that content need to be unfinished and broken? No. But they are aiming for that. They can't keep enough interest as is in the base game with new players, therefore if the veterans leave, the new people leave quicker, and the game dies.
  4. I wasn't saying you have to force the system to be standardized over everyone, I'd be perfectly fine with making it an option. I still have to say, you can get over the skilled players and dethreaters with hard work and dedication if you are willing to do so. I acknowledge that not everyone learns the hard way in the game. Which is why I've suggested adding and actual learning curve into the game to allow new people an easier time getting into the game. As for the problem with toxicity, there is a point where it becomes tasteless and outright unattractive for the game. APB has reached that point. It should be reigned in more. As I've said there is a difference between trash talking and Toxicity. With Trash Talking you are spurring the competitive aspect of the game which is great! With Toxicity you are attacking someone or a group of people which in moderation is OK and workable, however in APB's case its past that line, it is way too abundant. Its basically if Thanos snapped to double the toxicity.
  5. Precisely, this game needs to run well before anything is added so that way the main issues that are left are bugs or glitches, so you can finish ironing out everything. As it stands APB is much like the highway in Financial district: Largely incomplete and needs repairs.
  6. The hope is always that LO will keep the game going, if for nothing else than Nostalgia purposes for most. I have my own issues with the game in regards to community or lack of progress on performance enhancement. I still play it for nostalgia reasons myself, it can be quite enjoyable despite the glaring issues that it has, namely the server performance. You are right, there is no game like APB and thats precisely why I love it and want to see it do better than ever under LO, sadly my hopes have typically been dashed by business decisions on their end. But nonetheless, the game is enjoyable. I do hope you continue to have fun in the game alongside everyone else for as long as the game may survive. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.
  7. That depends on how much you understand I suppose. Or how hard you swing the stop sign.
  8. I don't think that reporting is enough personally, it doesn't work well given how far behind LO is with customer support. But again, this is just my opinion.
  9. That post has me concerned and worried for you. But can I get a translation anyway? lol
  10. Thats because generally games aren't handling it properly. The /ignore only goes so far and the ignore list is only so big, it'd be much easier to properly set something up to deal with it. Even if it means changing the toxic statements into something funny/witty. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trash talking as that spurs the competitive nature of games. Toxicity is worse than that 10x over. That is why I am so against it, its way too over the top in this game, if it was more sporadic I wouldn't have much of an issue as all. Its not whats being said, but the frequency with which it is said. The game won't start growing enough any time soon, and I don't think is necessarily what is being said as most people in this community have thick skin, as much as it is the frequency in which these things are said. As I have stated previously there is a difference between trash talking and toxicity. Trash talking is for the competitive and has its limits to the frequency. Toxicity is overabundant in this game and is just over the top, even if there was lets say a spam prevention system in place to prevent the toxic statements from happening as quickly I'd be happy with that. I am not fully sure if the OP meant what is being said or the frequency in which it is said, but my personal issue is how often.
  11. There is a clear difference in trash talking for sport and overall toxicity. Trash talking is occasional and more controlled by the person doing it, as well as more reasonable. Toxicity is outright tasteless and it negatively impacts the community because it is rampant. if it were minor cases it could be overlooked but its happening all day every day. It needs to be at the very least mitigated.
  12. Perhaps not where the focus should be, but still be considered nonetheless.
  13. Everyone wanted it, no one was saying it. I know I've avoided the forums since I started playing APB back in 2015, and only recently have I created my forum account. I have my reasons for creating it but I believe I waited too long to say something. I have to thank Matt Scott and LO for taking over APB, I am grateful that they wish to make the game better. I just don't want them to keep messing up, which is why I created this thread, to give them constructive feedback at the same time speaking amongst the community so that everyone can put their own tidbits of wants or what they'd like to see. This forum needed a place where toxic-free feedback could be given, and I hope to accomplish that with this thread.
  14. I get it, old players aren't the money cows. But they still matter. Without them this game wouldn't even be making it this far. I refuse to believe any or much good will come out of Riot mode, and the current view on what old players mean to the game. They are just as important as new players. They should be valued as mentors of sorts, to help new players in at the very least. But with the current community's toxicity and neglect, that won't happen.
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