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  1. Clearly you've not done enough witness missions. If you bust someone with $22k and a 1.5x multiplier, you get $33k. It's pretty simple. I just would like little orbit to admit that there is a hard cap for witness missions at about $65k because there is. I've busted hundreds of crims and am very aware how the system works.
  2. 2 things here. 1 is there seems to be a soft cap at around $65k for witness missions. this is about the fifth time now ive busted someone with over 50k and a 1.8 multiplier and the mission gave me like $65343 and this has been happening for years now. another thing thats recently new for me is im unable to witness while in my car which is extremely frustrating. ive even tried changing the keybinding and using an alternate keybinding. the only thing that works is i get out of my car to witness which obviously gives the crim an advantage
  3. So this is not the first time this has happened to me but I just busted 2 n5 crims. One had ~$38k and the other ~$22k which brought my total to about $61k. I turn in, the mission completes and it only rewards me $65k with a 1.8 multiplier but I should have gotten about $110k. This is very very annoying as a cop. Why am I being punished but crims can rack up $100k and turn in with a 2.0 multiplier no problem. Please fix
  4. Since I've never had this happen to me how exactly does it work? It's obviously random but is it the daily for one of the 5 high level contacts or could it be any contact?
  5. It's a daily thing Little Orbit. You can't just spend all your time programming and roadmapping the future of the game while letting the current go to shit. This is fucking aggravating. Restart the damn servers. DAILY. Signed, Everyone.
  6. Just happened again. Same exact scenario. I dont ever recall this happening in my 1500 hours. Kind of annoying.
  7. I just joined an open conflict waterfront on my enfo with about 4.1 prestige to bust some ram raiders. No such luck so I go back to a mission server and i load into the server with 2.5 prestige as if it were my first log in of the day. Bug or has open conflict always reset your notoriety/prestige?
  8. I am blown away at how regularly this game gets DDoS'd and yet no other games seem to have any problems. I know twitch streamers used to have a problem with that as well but it seems they have a fair grasp on how to protect themselves against it. Does this mean that there have been ZERO competent network admins for the life of this game that understand how to protect against DDoS? Seems that way.
  9. Well if you're not using an automatic weapon, then you're not playing apb. The vast majority of people use ntec, atac, or oca and it actually makes the game quite boring. I'm sure weapon balancing will come with time though especially considering they're clearly putting 0 effort toward server upkeep and all efforts on updates. These servers are an embarrassment.
  10. thefazetwo

    In game music.

    I think there should be an option to look at someone's car and mute it. I'm aware there's an option to turn off all in game music but i dont want all or none because some people have good music and some people have atrocious music. I would like to look at a car and press CTRL or something to mute it.
  11. is there supposed to be a hacker in this video somewhere?
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